[Recap] Legend of Fuyao Episode 31-36

TitleLegend of Fuyao (扶摇)

# of episodes: 66

Release date: June 18, 2018

Starring: Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan, Vengo Gao

Broadcast schedule: 2 episodes every Monday – Thursday

Where to watchViki (subbed); Youtube (raw)

Episode 31

Fo Lian falls sick due to the disease and reveals to Fuyao that she is actually the second princess of Xuanji and betrothed to the crown prince of Tianquan. She gives Fuyao her pendant and asks that she goes and meet the king in her stead. Fuyao accepts and arrives at the capital of Tianquan. She sees a poor lady being bullied and stepped in to help. The guard and the first prince gangs up on her until an advisor show up to inform the prince, mistakenly, that Fuyao is the princess of Xuanji. The prince pretends to be all courteous afterward but Fuyao chooses to ignore him and leave.

Xuanji kingdom is very rich therefore everyone wants to be on the princess good side. Fuyao sneaks into a garden to collect herbs. She hears music and rounds to corner out of curiosity. She finds the person playing is Wuji. He hugs her out of happiness but she pushes him again. He lies and tells her that he’s the prince’s aide. They go out for a drink.

The power struggle in Tianquan continues behind the scene. Elder Prince wants to pull Prince De over to his side while Wuji shies away from the struggle in the meantime.

Episode 32

Wuji and his mom spend some time talking. She tells him that it’s time for him to marry the princess of Xuanji. He hesitates and avoids the question. Elder prince gets news that Wuji and Fo Lian princess had met up. Even though Wuji doesn’t know that his meet up with Fuyao is being perceived as so. Wuji continues to meet up with Fuyao and they spent the day in the forest.

Wuji’s mom also got news that Fo Lian is in the capital and that elder prince is making his move. As expected, elder prince arrives at where Fuyao is to escort her into the palace. Fo Lian’s personal maid shows up. Right before they enter the palace, the empress stops them and had her people escort Fuyao instead.

At the core of the meet up between the kingdom’s advisor, it was revealed that there have been weird circumstances happening at every kingdom. A rare and ancient phenomenon that is slowly destroying the landscape of every kingdom. Fuyao meets up with the empress to talk about her marriage with the crown prince. Her strong and independent mindset stands out and causes some tension. But she realizes that she’s Fo Lian now and doesn’t want to ruin the marriage that Fo Lian wants, therefore she pretends to be more submissive.

Wuji goes to look for Mr. Zong to find him in a very dangerous state. He helps him recover. Mr. Zong tells him that in order to learn from his teacher, Fei Yan, back then, he gave him 40 years of his life in exchange. (Meaning he’s going to die early…=(

Episode 33

Fuyao wakes up in the middle of the night from some noise. She follows the noise to find the empress sneaking around. She trails her and is shocked to see her and Prince De’s affair. Shock but doesn’t want to get in trouble, she returns to her chamber.

The next day, all ambassadors of the 5 kingdoms meet up to and present their kingdom’s item to the sacrifice. Fuyao arrives later than the rest. She voices out that she wants to present the map of xuanji to the king instead. In addition, she defended Zhang Beiye in front of all the ambassador. However, everyone is against her, including the elder prince.

Flashbacks show that the Empress and Prince De know about Fo Lian seeing them together that night. At the same time, the night before, the real Fo Lian also snuck into town to meet up with the elder prince. Fuyao presents the map but the map is fake. Then all of a sudden, the real Fo Lian shows up, pretending that she doesn’t know Fuyao at all. Now Fuyao is accused of being a fake. No one stands up to defend her.

Before the guards take her away, the king summons her. He reveals to her that the person Fuyao has been seeing is the crown prince, Zhangsun Wuji. He tells that even though Wuji loves her, he is also the crown prince. He has his duties. His marriage cannot be for himself. Fuyao sees everything through the screen and shatters at the deception. The king tells her that Wuji will always pick his duty over love.

Episode 34

The king lets Fuyao leave safely but outside the door is the elder prince and his guards waiting to kill her. The elder prince is lead to Fo Lian to believe that if he follows her plan, she will marry him and make him the crown prince of Tianquan. Fuyao fights back but the prince sends a poisonous centipede her way and renders her unconscious. The empress from Taiyuan tells Wuji that the fake Fo Lian is actually Fuyao. He rushes to beg his father to spare her. When he said he did, Wuji learns that Fuyao has been captured by the elder prince. He makes up his mind to go rescue her even if it means conflict.

During Fuyao’s coma stage, the elder prince wanted to take advantage of her. She sees him inching closer and wills herself to fight back. She forces the poison needle out and smashes him with a vase. He injured her severely but she, more so. Wuji barges into the prince’s manor to find the two of them severely injured. He caresses Fuyao gently and covers her up. Out of anger, he picks up his sword to kill his brother. Unfortunately, his guard was there to stop. The king summons the elder brother and takes him away.

Wuji carries Fuyao back to his own manor and asks Mr. Zong to look over her. But the poison in her is too severely. Without a cure, she might die soon. The whole court is in chaos because of the scandal. Wuji begs his father to spare Fuyao. But he tells him that it’s too late already. Wuji rushes out of the palace, fighting all the guards that his father has placed around, and rushes back to his manor to save Fuyao. He carries her out and leaves as they travel to find a cure for her poison.

Episode 35

Wuji and Fuyao travel alongside Mr. Zong to find a cure for Fuyao. Wuji knows that they will be able to save her but the problem is the king right now. His dad will kill her. He goes back to beg for forgiveness while Mr. Zong and them settles in a small town that is threatened by a group of thieves.

Wuji returns to the palace and begs his father to let Fuyao live. He tells him that she the first person he loves and makes him feel alive. He’s willing to give up the title crown prince for her. In the meantime, he vows revenge on the people that harmed Fuyao. He captures Fo Lian and locks her up in a basement, forcing her to reflect on what she did. Wuji wants to kill his brother but his father intervened. Wuji tells his father that his brother has been betraying the country by selling out to thieves. The angry king allows Wuji to investigate the matter.

Fuyao finally wakes up. She sees the state that the village is in an helps out. She learns that the official in the village is a scaredy-cat and does nothing to protect the people. She goes to find the official. He was arrogant only he learns that they are Wuji’s people. He hands over all authority to them and Fuyao decides that she will protect the people of the village if no one else will.

Episode 36

Fuyao takes over the city as their official. Wuji continues to hold Fo Lian captive, trying to force her to cancel their marriage. He brings the elder prince to confront Fo Lian but she keeps up her facade as the innocent princess without a shame.

The thieves send an invitation to Fuyao to visit their hideout. She playfully agrees despite everyone’s protest. But instead of abiding to the time, she sneaks into their hideout in the middle of the night. She pretends to be friendly with them while Mr. Zong leaves to investigate their weapons. They pretend to be working for the elder prince and convince the leader that they are on the same team.

Fuyao drinks the night away, feeling lonely that Wuji is not around. While in her stupor, Wuji actually shows up. She thinks that it was all an illusion. She wakes up the morning thinking it was all a dream. But during her court duty, Wuji shows up and accuses a Ms. Fu of stealing his heart. Fuyao ignores him and tries to dismiss him but he’s too persistent.

Chexmix: I’m far behind on this series. This drama will end in a couple of days I think so feel free to talk about the later episodes. Curious. Who else is watching? Or have people given up already? hahaha. Either way, I really like Fuyao the character. She falls in love but she doesn’t lose herself in the name of love like a lot of the main characters in c-dramas. Even with a broken heart, she still cares for the justice of the people. (This is kinda the character I imagined Chu Qiao from PA to be like.)  Anticipating the ending a lot!



2 thoughts on “[Recap] Legend of Fuyao Episode 31-36

  1. I agree that there is a lot of focus on Wuji (much more than anyone anticipated) but I feel like the second half also increased the focus on Fuyao as well. In a way, I don’t mind because it is WuFu that really made this drama special. One without the other and it wouldnt have worked.I am also waiting for subs for the last two episodes and yep, roller coaster of a ride!! I will def rewatch later in one go.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m waiting for last two episodes to be translated and I’m so depressed drama is over ha ha. It was emotional roller-coaster especial last 20 episodes. Interesting thing,I’ve seen many people call it Legend of Wuji and I’m kind of agree with it. It’s sad they put much attention on Wuji than on female lead. I feel like even Fuyao’s story sort of reflects through Wu Ji rather that on herself. I like main couple’s dynamics, story is breathtaking and Fuyao’s character is well developed but I feel like she often being out of main spot. Is director man?


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