Entertainment Update: Secret of Three Kingdom, Lost Love in Time, Legend of Fuyao, King of Blaze

Drama News

Drama Secret of the Three Kingdom starring Ma Tian Yu, Elvis Han Dong Jun, and Wan Qian celebrated the completion of the filming. Ma Tian Yu posted on Weibo “See you in jianghu” and a teasing picture with Darren Wang Da Lu  saying “I treat you as a friend but you want to eat me!?”

Bromance of Ma Tianyu and Elvis Han.


Legend of Fuyao starring Yang Mi and Ethan Juan officially started filming.

Behind the scenes from The King of Blaze.

New trailer for ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay”, Starring Chen Xiao and Sun Li


Opening song for ‘Lost Love in Time‘, starring Liu ShiShi and William Chan. The drama will premiere July 16th.


Season 3 of ‘Noble Aspirations‘ started filming on the 2nd of July, the main leads have yet to be announced.

Trailer for Hu Ge’s upcoming business-themed drama, ‘Game of Hunting‘.


Celebrity News

Zhao Liying celebrated on Weibo for reaching 50 million fans/followers with a selfie and a “freestyle” hand sign . Kris Wu Yi Fan commented “Do you have “freestyle”? [ I don’t really get the joke with the “freestyle” so all I can say it the two seems to get along really well. =D ]


Filming of the latest episode of 72 Floors of Mystery. Liying is such a boss lady. XD

The whole team seems to get along really well and is having a lot of fun filming. You can see that Liying is also less reserve here with her jabs toward Wu Lei and Kris Wu.

Lin Gengxin teased on Weibo with an update: “My new favorite, Yue Ba”. The actor that played Yue Qi in Princess Agents responded “Where did the Yue Ba came from?”


Li Chen and Fan Bing Bing power couple appears as guests on variety show Day Day Up (天天向上). Cute interactions from the two and Li Chen said that Bing Bing is his fashion stylist.

Zhang DaDa posted funny and pretty pictures of him with Yang Mi and Angelababy.  


10 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Secret of Three Kingdom, Lost Love in Time, Legend of Fuyao, King of Blaze

  1. I liked the diversity of both Ma Tian Yu in Yi Zhi Mei/Detective Dee and Elvis Han in Wuxin/CP5 so definitely gonna catch the drama – Wan Qian really annoyed me in GOTD so will have to watch this to erase my perception of her!

    Yeah – ZLY is definitely comfortable in 72 Floors – she is not blur (like she is in HC sometimes), quite realistically competitive and not a miss shy. It’s good that there are no rumors with Kris Wu so it can be just plain ole fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha! Love LY and the Wu bros. She’s probably comfortable around them bc of no romantic rumors.

    Sun Li and Chen Xiao don’t look compatible physically.

    LSS’s costumes are very flare at the bottom. Reminds me of a ball gown.


  3. lol LGX
    I will miss 72 Floors, it has been such a fun show. Leo, Kris, and ZLY are so funny together. I also like Huo Minghao who is often a guest.
    The freestyle comment is from Kris’ variety show. He is doing Rap of China and that is his catchphrase.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Ohhh Ma Tian Yu and Elvis Han? I wanna watch.

    That “Do you have a freestyle?” line is from the rap contest show that Kris is a judge on. It totally blew up and is getting popular not just on the mainland, but other Chinese speaking countries. There are probably hundreds of parodies.


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