Esquire China‘s 14th ‘Man At His Best’ Awards

Esquire China‘s 14th ‘Man At His Best’ Awards (MAHB) is an star-studded award ceremony that was held in Beijing on November 22nd 2017. Although it mostly awards males, there were also females who won as well 🙂

Ceremony Attendees (Lineup)

Yang Yang

Zhang Yi Xing (Lay)

Huang Xuan

Chen Bolin

Zhang Ruo Yun

Timmy Xu (Xu Wei Zhou)

Li Chen

Chen Xiao

Liu Hao Ran

Jackson Wang (Wang Jia Er)

Song Wei Long

Cheney Chen

Zhou Dong Yu

Ady An

Xi Meng Yao

Lin Yun

Some red carpet pics (of the guy attendees):

Awards Winners

Huang Xuan won the “Favorite Male Artiste” award. In his speech he said that the love of the audience for an actor is very vital and with this honor, his aim will be higher. He desires to be a good actor.

Yang Yang won two awards: “Man of the Year” and “Artist of the Year“. In his speech he was thanking everyone and said he will work harder with good projects.

Jackson Wang/Wang Jia Er won the “Fashionable Musician of the Year“. He started thanking his parents, team, fans, and also did an impromptu beatboxing.

Xu Wei Zhou nabbed the “Favorite Idol” award. He said that his fans are the reasons why he got his award. He will strive to bring good projects and be a man with attitude.

Vengo Gao/Gao Wei Guang won “Crossover Artiste of the Year” since he transitioned from model to an actor. For his speech he said this was a confirmation for him as the road ahead is long and he wants to act even better for his goal.

Chen Xiao wore a Tom Ford outfit at the award ceremony with new haircut and shaven face. He won the “Outstanding Male Artiste of the Year (Mainland China)” award.

He accepted his award alongside actress Ma Su who won the “Outstanding Female Artiste of the Year“.

Chen Bolin won “Outstanding Male Artiste of the Year (Hong Kong / Taiwan)” award.

Actress Ady An and actor Elvis Han both won “Fashionable Artiste of the Year” awards.

Liu Hao Ran nabbed the “Most Commercially Valuable Actor of the Year” award.

Zhang Ruo Yun got the “Most Watched Actor” award.

Lin Yun received the “Movie Actress of the Year” award alongside Wang Qian Yuan who won the “Movie Actor of the Year” award.

Deng Lun won the “Most Promising Performer” award.

Zhang Yi Xing (Lay) won “Man of the Year” award.

Wei Da Xun and Henry Lau both won the “New Power of the Year” awards!

Congratulations to all the wonderful winners!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Everyone dressed pretty well for this award show lol.

5 thoughts on “Esquire China‘s 14th ‘Man At His Best’ Awards

  1. Everyone looks gorgeous but Ady An outfit and everything was my fav 😍 also the “impromptu beatboxing” 😂😂 I need to see that. Think this year was a good year/start for Deng Lun, hope 2018 will be even better🙌🙌 sidenote: I know 3 lives was months ago but am I the only one who still gets shocked when I see Vengo with “normal hair” lol

    Liked by 1 person

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