Esquire China‘s 14th ‘Man At His Best’ Awards

Esquire China‘s 14th ‘Man At His Best’ Awards (MAHB) is an star-studded award ceremony that was held in Beijing on November 22nd 2017. Although it mostly awards males, there were also females who won as well 🙂

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[Discussion] Rush to the Summer Dead (夏至未至) – 2017

Another hot drama this summer is Rush to the Dead Summer or Love Till the End of Summer with Zheng Shuang and Cheney Chen.  Here you can leave your first impressions on Rush to the Dead Summer. How do you like the drama so far? What do you think of the chemistry between the OTP, how’s the quality? What do you like/dislike about the drama? This post will be pinned to the Drama and Movie Thread for ease of access.

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[Movie review] L.O.R.D



This movie needs little introduction for those who have been following C-ent news.  Basically the director Guo Jingming adapted one of his books into a movie with a star-studded cast.  Here is the twist, instead of putting the actors into make up and costumes, they filmed in motion capture suits, making them needing their imagination as resource while they film their characters.  For those unfamiliar with the term motion capture, a few good Hollywood references would be Avatar, Beowulf and Davy Jones’ crew in Pirates of the Caribbean.
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