[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 50-52

Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 67 (for the TV version).

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 50

On top of the city watch tower, A Chu sits thinking how much longer can they last defending the city from the Wei army. Ping An recites a poem while A Chu plays the flute. She asks him about the poem and he tells her that his mother and father escapes to Yan Bei from Da Liang for freedom. On the other side, Yuwen Yue returns to Chang An to report to prince Xiang. With the military seal stolen by Chun Er, they have to defend the city with the few soldiers they have. They plan on assassinating Yan Xun.

Yan Xun finds out that A Chu is still at the city of Hong Chuan. He wants revert his troops to defend her but A Jing convinces him not to. He orders A Jing to order Zhong Yu to bring A Chu out of the city safely. On the other side, Yuan Song arrives at the troop to convince Chun Er to return the military seal and send the troops back. Yan Xun’s troop is already at the city border and without the Wei’s army, Chang An might fall to Yan Xun. Chun Er is still obsessed with killing A Chu and tells her brother to give her one more day. She will kill A Chu then.

A Chu gets the message that Zhong Yu is that the border of the city and want to meet her. Zhong Yu tries to convince her to leave the city but she asks Zhong Yu when will the reinforcement arrive. Zhong Yu reluctantly tells her that there won’t be reinforcement. Yan Xun and all the soldiers have already been led to Chang An. A Chu realizes that Yan Xun had abandoned Yan Bei and the people there. She tells Zhong Yu that the people they abadoned, she will protect them in their stead. If she died in battle, then tell Yan Xun that it is him who killed her.

The next morning, everyone is looking for A Chu thinking that she is gone. Their last hope is gone. They find her on top of the city declaring that Yan Xun’s reinforcement will arrive and for them to fight to defend the city. That night, the Wei army starts to attack the city with fire power and catapults. The troops try hard to defend the city but the Wei troops were out of their firing range.

Yan Xun declares the march into Chang An. But before his troop sets out, an envoy reports that A Chu unbendingly decides to defend in the city of Hong Chuan and tells him that she will wait for him at the city. After hearing that, Yan Xun orders his men to prepare to head back to Yan Bei immediately. General Chen arrives and begs Yan Xun to not waste this opportunity. How can he give up the battle for just a girl? Yan Xun tells him that a city can be reclaimed, an army can be rebuilt but a life cannot be saved once lost. He can give up anything but A Chu. He leads his men and head back to Yan Bei.

Episode 51

The battle at the city of Hong Chuan rages fiercely. Chun Er leads the Wei army to breaks down the wall and their defense. Against the Wei’s forces, Xiu Li army and A Chu battles against them difficultly. A Chu fights against a warrior (twice her size) and kills him in the end but at a high expense. She falls due to exhaustion.

Chun Er slowly walks toward A Chu and tells her that this is her revenge. Her whole life was ruined because of her and Yan Xun and now she will kill her and throw her head at Yan Xun for revenge. Chun Er grabs A Chu’s sword and is about to swing at her when Yuwen Yue (masked) stops her midway. He was about to carry away when it is announced that Yan Xun’s army is here. The Wei army retreats and Yan Xun finds A Chu’s body in the battle ground. Yuwen Yue watches as Yan Xun carries A Chu away.

After the battle, He Xiao finds his dad dead while protecting 2 young kids. Him and his men delivers the ashes of Ge Qi to the wife. A Chu wakes up a day later. While resting, her and Yan Xun did not meet but Yan Xun secretly watches over her. Once she recovers, Zhong Yu visits her. A Chu thanks Zhong Yu for relaying the message to Yan Xun and save Hong Chuan. The two walks around the city and sees the after math of the battle scene. 8000 men died during the battle and left many widows and their children behind. Wei and Yan Bei is at a standstill for now but Zhong Yu and A Chu both agree that they do not want to see the citizen suffers more.

Yuwen Yue returns to Chang An and is resting. Prince Xiang tells him that Chun Er had also returns but is being imprisoned under the king’s order. Wei consort and Yuan Song visit Chun Er in prison. Her mom reassures that she will save her but Chun Er does not care. She feels like at this stage, she rather dies. She tells her mom that old innocent Chun Er is dead. All that is left is a shameful daughter. Chun Er ignores her mom’s and brother’s care completely. Before they left, her mom tells her that she will save her no matter way. She hopes that Chun Er can grow up after this because she won’t be there to protect her forever.

Episode 52

Consort Wei begs the king to spare Chun Er but the king had decided to kill her with poisoned alcohol. Consort Wei decides to accept Chun Er’s punishment on her behalf and drink all the poison. The king rushes to her and in her last breath, she begs the king again to spare Chun Er. Yuan Song rushes to the prison to get Chun Er. The two rushes to the room to see the last of consort Wei. The king faints from anger but he spares Chun Er in the end at the expense of her princess title. He sends Yuan Song to Yan Bei to establish peace.

Over on Yan Bei, Yan Xun summons A Chu and general Chen and the people who were supposed to guard the city of Hong Chuan to clarify what happened. A Chu tells him that they tried to kill her and abandoned the city. The two argues on who’s right and wrong. The guy defends general Chen and admits to all the crime himself. He committed suicide in the end. A Chu question Yan Xun trust in her as  she watches him from behind and then rides off.

Chun Er is feeling low after her mom’s death. She won’t eat anything and or anything. Her maid comes to drop off a real pouch that consort Wei gifted Chun Er before she dies. Chun Er grabs tightly grabs the pouch. In Qing Shan Yuan, Yuwen Yue is preparing to leave for Yan Bei with Yuan Song.

In another location, the old shopkeeper is running for his life with severe injury. Guards are chasing him. The advisor and his guard comes in time to fend off the guards. He questions the shopkeeper on what he’s hiding. Why is he committing so many crimes in these three years? Who is he trying to protect. The advisor guessed that the shopkeeper is trying to protect Chu Qiao, the daughter of Luo He. The shopkeeper tries to hide his intention but when he couldn’t, he tried to guess what the advisor was trying to obtain from this. But before he can reveal the advisor’s past, he was killed.

Chexmix: I was like whyyyyyy when Yuwen Yue left A Chu there after he saved her from the battle field! She will not know that he saved her and think that it’s Yan Xun. =( Also, I can’t believe that the drama is coming to an end and A Chu still haven’t remembered her identity yet! I hope she does soon. On the side note, Princess Agents already surpassed 36 billion views and they haven’t even ended yet!!  =D (to put it in comparison, Three Worlds Three Lives surpassed the 35 billion views when they were airing either 2nd to the last or last episode).


23 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 50-52

  1. I don’t know if the shopkeeper actually died because they showed his fingures are still moving. I was hoping it meant that he is still alive.


  2. Not like he could take her, that’s the enemy. Honestly though, he should have disguised himself better. He sure didn’t do much to hide the fact that he’s Yu Wen Yue, at least wear all black or something. He doesn’t want much, just that she’s happy and safe….sigh


    1. ..Probably he doesn’t have enough time to dress-up like an all black with a mask on his face as he was running out of time while he was still defending Chung-an City at the same time all his mind is with the woman he loves…hats off to YWY with a selfless love!…my heart is sad thinking that XE will think that YX saves her and not YWY…


  3. The ones playing Yx and chun er are such amazing actors i am very much impressed..cq calling for yx using the flute symbolism breaks my heart, thank god he came back..

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    1. Yup! I think so too! They definitely stood out the most in this drama with such drastic changes that both characters went thru. Both Shawn and Li Qin are amazing to be able to deliver the emotions of their character!


  4. Caught up and my thoughts:-

    1. There is a malay saying that when two elephants fight, the ant get trampled. Never more true in the context of war – who should the orphans of widows of Yan blame? The army from Wei or their own Prince who used them as bait or their own soldiers who rushed off to Chang An to avenge their fallen families and as a result causing more broken families? There is nobody truly right or wrong. Idealistic it may have been, I was cheering CQ and her Motley Crue defending the city tirelessly for 5 days despite her knowing what YX’s plans are and hoping against hope that he will return with his soldiers to save the people.

    2. Why doesn’t CQ just leave YX? I see that in many forums that her not leaving YX yet causing much consternation and hair-pulling but I take a different view. Why hasn’t YWY left the Wei King yet? Why hasn’t Zhong Yu left YX yet? She knows that he is taking the wrong path but instead of deserting him, she manipulates the situation as she knows that nothing will change YX’s mind except for the direct threat to CQ and that will be the only hope for the people of Yan. CQ didn’t go to Yan because of YX – she went to Yan because she thought that she and him shared a common dream of a free and equal Yan where they will band together against the Wei. So just because YX is turning out to be a ruthless power-hungry despot, that doesn’t mean she should just go to YWY (just because he loves her) – what about the Xiuli army? The Yan people? The fact that she is still a hunted criminal in Wei? I can understand why she doesn’t feel that she needs to leave – in fact I salute the drama for not making CQ a likeable character but rather a realistic one.

    3. YX – the perfect example of why a man-child should never be bestowed with too much power. Why on earth would you turn back for one woman? And sacrificing your men and your plans? You don’t care about the people of Yan so stick to your guns and conquer Chang An. And if one thinks that YX has not let his conscience desert him because he returned to save CQ, I just cannot agree – that’s like saying Hitler is not evil because he was loyal to his wife. He disregarded the lives of many when he went ahead with his plan and he disregarded even more lives when he turned back at the last minute.

    4. Hell hath no fury of a woman scorned – While I cannot condone CE’s blatant disregard for the lives of Wei’s citizens, I think that she is brave to move forward in her twisted way rather than committing suicide. She, like YX, are people of extremes and essentially entitled brats whose idea of working past their pain is to wreck hell over everyone who has wronged them before. If only Wei Shuye was a stronger man who could have stopped CE….

    5. Yuan Song – whilst arguably losing an arm is not as traumatic as being gang-raped, his and CE’s trajectory shows quite clearly how really different people they are. He takes after his mum (but not as calculated and scheming) while she after their dad (impulsive, obsessive and self-preserving).

    6. Lastly, don’t feel sorry for YWY guys! He doesn’t so we shouldn’t. He knows that his XE has feelings for him but couldn’t deviate from her chosen path once the die was cast. He couldn’t take her with him as she is wanted in Wei and while it would not have been nice to see YX carrying her, I doubt that it affects his character as much as some of the viewers. Unlike YX, he will not sacrifice the lives of his men just to rescue / appease CQ – his life maybe but not the lives of others.

    Can’t wait for the next episodes!

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    1. I dont see cq as having feelings for ywy..she cares more for yx..from the eps so far that i can see..for me its like she knows ywy has feelings for her which is why she stayed to respectfully tell him that she will leave and go to yx..as for her feelings for yx, i dont know if its romantic but at least she cares more for him and is very hurt when she found out he’s left to conquer chang an..yx himself did say to his soldiers that he can lose anything except achu so they know..cq just cant take a break, even in yanbei she is involved in a power struggle with general cheng..the only difference is that yx is not stupid and knows general cheng’s heart and mind but needs him for his ruthlessness


      1. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. In my mind, caring for someone’s wellbeing does not necessarily mean having romantic feelings for them. There are many types of love but only romantic love you would want to share your ovaries with and greate progeny! She may have been loyal to YX initially but more so she is loyal to the concept of Yan being the land without slaves. Similar to her, Zhong Yu is also sad that YX decided to sacrifice Yan to conquer Chang An – does that mean she loves YX – definitely not. Of course YX loves CQ – that much is clear but it is also clear that it’s not recipocral. The love she has is for the ideal which she thought she shared with Yan Xun – he is someone she cares for and now she feels without her, he will commit even more atrocities.

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        1. She chose yx over ywy..that can develop into a great love whixh she is willing to do BUt yx keeps disappointing her esp with the the fate of xiuli and yx doubting her..but i am sad for xiuli..anywhere they go, they are always bullied..amazing acting by chun er in latest ep, finally some1 told the emperor everything is his fault


          1. I don’t think she ever chose YX over YWY – she followed YX to Yanbei initially because she thought YWY used her and after their experience on Jiuyuo platform, she felt that Yanbei was the promised land and they have a common goal to escape Wei and return to Yan to be the leader of the free. And once that die is cast, it is hard to retreat as they were both already seen as enemy of Wei.

            I do think however that you are right – love can be nurtured from a mutually respectful, trusting camaderie especially if in close proximity for a long time. Perhaps if YWY didn’t return after 3 years and they lived in Yan together? I thought where ZLY did a good job was that she never acted like a girl with YX – no feminine traits at all – very different in her interactions with YWY where she literally pouts, throw hissy fits and is massively affected by his mere presence.

            Again I didn’t read the book so my views are purely from the drama only.


      2. i don’t see cq having feelings for yx at all. it feels very much more like love for a friend or family/loyalty to someone similar to you. on the other hand, her reactions to ywy feels very much like something someone in love would experience. unsure whether to accept his feelings etc. unsure of own feelings etc. trying to hold a stand in front of him etc. these are all something someone in love (whether she knows it or not) will experience. and that is I speak with experience XD


  5. I hope PA isn’t pulling a Chusen by ending with a cliffhanger. The difference is PA2 isn’t even in the making yet. 😑

    So glad no involvement of Croton/Hunan in ZLY’s next projects. Project killers right there!


    1. I totally agree – unless its like GOTD where they have shot the scenes but just split it for viewership . I hope not!!!


  6. Meanwhile, general cheng is slowly feeding yx with the idea to use cq to get ywy..yx knows it but is still unwilling as of now to do it..


  7. I have the feeling that the real leader of the afterlife camp is some1 close to ywy without his knowledge..1st clue: when the princess of liang said that the traps in the afterlife camp’s cabe feels familiar, 2nd: ywy creayed some traps of his own which he learned from his family when he was prep chang an for yx invasion, 3rd: tje wooden bird mystery


  8. Happy to be here again..and discuss about ZLY drama again..I just read here and there in the end CQ and YWY get married and have 3 kids but until now (I think only 4 episodes more) they still on their own way not being together yet..arrgghh I really hate the producer team if they just finished the drama with a lot of question then I will stop watch the drama if they make part 2 but with different cast


  9. Why cant the people in yanbei see that xiuli never meant to betray yan household..if only they would give them a chance, they have proven themselves many times where their loyalty lies but still rejected..the army knows yx tolerates them only because of cq, if yx will only forgive them, the people in yan will accept them..if i were cq, i would have seduced yx and everything she wanted : peace and xiuli’s acceptance will come hahahaha


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