Entertainment Update: Princess Agents First Trailer, Stills for Lie Huo Ru Ge and Nothing Gold Can Stay, Aaron Kwok’s Marriage

Princess Agents starring Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, and Shawn Dou finally released the epic first trailer! Zhao Liying will be playing a slave girl turned general while the two male leads are rich lords from prestige families (super duper excited for this drama!). So far, Princess Agent is slated for June 5th airing Monday thru Thursday 2 episodes per day.  broadcast as a weekend drama (meaning it will only be released on the weekend. Hopefully, this will change) 

Drama News

New stills released for drama Lie Huo Ruge starring Vic Zhou, Dilireba, and Vin Zhang. Based upon a novel of the same name, it tells the story of Ruge, the heir to the Lie Huo Shan Zhuang and her fate with the three men in her life – dark, aloof and arrogant Feng, peaceful and gentle Yu, and peerlessly graceful and talented Xue.

More stills release for drama Nothing Gold Can Stay starring Sun Li and Chen Xiao. Zhou Ying is sold to the powerful Shen family by her foster father, yet successfully escapes by sneaking into merchant Wu Ping’s palanquin. The Wu family agreed to take her in after witnessing her remarkable business acumen. Shen Xingyi, the pampered young master of the Shen family will end up falling in love with Zhou Ying.

Regarding this picture, Sun Li posted “I’m extremely sorry. It seems like almost all the male character in the drama got hit by me in this fashion”

Deng Chao (Sun Li’s husband) also posted this picture with his face photoshopped in saying “This is normal for me” (funny couple)

Drama White Deer Plain starring will Zhang Jia Yi was set to air April 16 on Jiang Su and Anhui TV. But, for some unknown reason, it stopped airing after the first episode. Both stations responded that they stopped airing for better results (whatever that means). Replacing it will be Nicky Wu’s drama Star April (which was slated for June 1st) with Qi Wei (good news is that this might mean that The Advisors’ Alliance with Wu Xiu Bo and Liu Tao might get pushed up too! =D)

New drama 香蜜沉沉烬如霜(Xiang Mi Chen Chen Jin Ru Shuang) officially announced Yang Zi as the female lead. After their announcement, Yang Zi teased and asked, “you guys waited this long to announce this, were you waiting for me to go down to 90 pounds?”


Variety News

Zhao Liying was confirmed to join 72 floors of Mystery along with other members who were announced earlier (Kris Wu, William Chan [only a guest for the first episode], Wu Lei, Simon Yam, Wang Xiaoli, and Wowkie Zhang). I think she will be the only female member of an otherwise all-male cast. This will be her second variety show (Up Idol being the first) as a fixed member

Celebrity News

Congratulation to Aaron Kwok who got married recently! There are rumors that the wife may be 3 months pregnant already. The cast of Monkey King 3: Woman’s Kingdom sent in their congratulatory message to the newly wed.

Zhao Liying said: Woman’s Kingdom, a miracle kingdom that let you no longer be single and settle down. Da Sheng [referring to the monkey] is now married! Congratulations.

Feng Shao Feng said: “Under the Buddha, it’s fate. Wu Kong, it’s not wasted to come to Woman’s kingdom. This little monk congratulates you. I’ll ask for everyone, when can we see little monkey kids and monkey grandkids.

Gigi Leung quoted Liying and added: Congratulations, Da Sheng. You just passed by woman’s kingdom and then, got married. I’m happy for you.

Update from Bai Baihe and her husband Chen Yu Fan. They both stated that they have been divorced since 2015, but kept it a secret in order to protect their son. Chen Yu Fan also announced that he will be on a hiatus from the entertainment industry indefinitely to care for his son.


40 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Princess Agents First Trailer, Stills for Lie Huo Ru Ge and Nothing Gold Can Stay, Aaron Kwok’s Marriage

  1. Hello! I’ve recently found your website and love that you’re such a big Liying fan, for I’ve been her fan ever since i saw Legend of Luzhen.

    Regarding the broadcasting dates for PA, i saw rumours that it might air in the time slot of Fighters of the destiny, which i really hope is true as that’ll mean fans will get at least 8 eps a week and it’ll probably boost the ratings more.


    1. Hi Peachilyme! Welcome to the site. Its always nice to have another fan of Liying here. A lot of us r fans since back then too.
      I hope that is true too. Cause that would mean 2 eps a day for us! 😄
      We’ll let u know when they confirm the air time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I saw on Baike Baidu that it is suppose to get the same time-slot. So it should be 10pm-midnight, not the worst spot but not a good one for this drama since I think the plot will be a bit darker than usual for teenagers, which are the target audience of such a late showing. But way better than only getting weekend eps imo. This one should be two episodes Monday through Thursday.


        1. Ooooh! I see it! Does that mean that it’s replacing the fighter of destiny!? June 5th is coming up.
          SOOOO exciting! I’m glad that it was not a weekend slot! I don’t think I can handle the suspense. hahah


          1. Yep, it is suppose to replace Fighter of Destiny. Same timeslot. I am glad it wasn’t a weekend slot, but I wish it had gotten a better time. 10-midnight is so late.


  2. I’m love how short some Chinese drama trailers are these days. It brings in more excitement imo.
    I was on Shawn’s ship as well but the chemistry was burning between ZLY and LGX from what was shown. Can’t wait!
    Vic Zhou ages well compared to all F4 members. Based on the stills, he and Dilireba looks good together which I didn’t think was possible.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What Princess Agents is with Hunan again? noo, I love Hunan variety shows, but they are a mess when it comes to broadcasting Liying’s dramas 😦 PA looks really good with all the fighting scenes. I want another trailer already 😛 This time maybe more focused on the romance!
    Glad she is getting cast in a variety show, but 72 Floors just doesn’t seem like the right fit. Liying shines a lot better with fellow female cast. Plus, she won’t even be on the show at the same time as William Chan 😦
    The Bai Baihe explanation is definitely good to know. Sad they divorced as they were a cute couple, but at least, she (nor him) cheated.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha she does shine better with female friends. (Saw the ep where she was one Happy Life with Xie Na and she was so at ease and talkative there). I can already see her being awkward with the male casts in the beginning. hahah.
      I know…I was hoping for her and William to reunite in semi-mystic nine format too.


      1. Of course I watched!! I was fangirling so much!! OMG, it was like one of her best variety show appearances. Haha, same for 72 hours. It will be hard for her to pull off a “Angelababy” persona. Hope WC will appear again on that show xD


        1. hahaha! I was too! Liying was so cute in that ep! a different side of her that she doesn’t show often. =D
          Maybe not AB like but maybe Nancy Drew the detective? Cause this show reminds of those escape rooms, where you have to solve problems to leave the room, kind of show.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha, I will be happy as long as she participates a lot in the activities. :3 I think the last time she did a more active/guys-based variety show was like Run Brother Season 1 and she barely got any screentime.


  4. NOOOOO, it can’t be a weekend drama, it’ll take like half a year to finish airing and kill all the momentum of interest in anticipation of it airing. What the hell are they thinking?

    Lie Huo Ruge looks like Peach Blossoms with a new male lead.

    Looking forward to this interesting new variety, maybe Zhao Liying can throw out a few disses of the boys, she’s always good at that. Adding it to my watch list along with Divas Hit the Road 3 which starts on Sunday.


    1. They’re anticipating 2 whole months since there’s 60 eps. Not thinking is what Hunan TV doing.
      hahaha. I’m curious to see her on variety show again. She was so awkward on UpIdol that it was interesting to watch.


  5. Finally the Princess Agents trailer is out and it looks intense. I love seeing a strong female lead and Li Ying looks so awesome in the trailer. I hope we get a more character focused trailer soon too because aside from Goddess Li Ying kicking butt I wasn’t really sure what was going on! Why a weekend drama though? Are those popular in China? That doesn’t seem like it will be good for ratings.

    I’m not interested in Lie Huo Ruge but Dai Se looks so gorgeous and badass in these pictures. She was the only female character I liked in 3L3W and she look great here. I hope she has a good part. Vin Zhang looks handsome but seems this will be another thankless second lead role.

    Sun Li and her husband sound so funny on weibo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same! + for being a strong female lead and another ++ for being badass. hahah
      idk what hunan is thinking. I don’t think weekend dramas get good rating. With so many dramas airing…if it’s not everyday people forget about it and move on.


      1. I noticed the trend seems to be multiple episodes a week so I wonder why they would shelve it to the weekend then? Aren’t there 60+ episodes too? It’s going to take so long to air. Maybe they assume it will be a hit regardless of when they air it because of ZLY, anticipation and the rest of the cast.

        She will be carrying the drama and just from the trailer I can see how great her acting is. I really want it to be a big success for her!


        1. Not sure either. I hope it was just me reading it wrong….but a lot of fans r angry at the timing of the drama too…
          She’s indeed a good actress and her acting seems to have improved from the trailer! I hope this is her next big hit too! She spent so much time filming this one.


  6. What BS…a weekend slot is going to kill the ratings. 😑 ZLY deserves better treatment. I can’t wait!

    I just finished GOTD2. I need another drama to chase lol Jing Tian should film more dramas. She’s actually a competent actress than what ppl give her.

    YZ, like many rising actresses, have a lot of dramas in hand. However, you need that breakthrough role to make it big. She’s more competent than GLNZ and Dilireba though.


    1. Totally BS! I would hate to marathon thru the weekend and have to wait a whole week just for the next set of eps to watch.
      hehehe I can’t wait either. =D


  7. Trailer for Princess Agents is badass, it will definitely hit. Can’t wait to check it.

    I’m so happy that Heavy Sweetness gets adaptation but I don’t see Yang Zhi as Jin Mi. Not mentioning Deng Lun.

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  8. Lgx looks bad ass next to zly. Seems like he has more scenes with her than Shawn duo. 2 months away before it airs. Hopefully, someone will eng subbed the drama.


    1. I think DF or Viki have it subbed for sure. DF has been picking up so many c-dramas recently with all the buzz from princess weiyoung, general and I, and 3l3w . CAN’T WAIT!!


  9. Lengthy comment but so much to talk about 😀
    First, I really like the format for this Ent. Update. It makes it really easy to read. I will try to use it too in the future.
    I have been waiting for this trailer forever and it didnt disappoint. It looks pretty epic, but I am surprised that romance won’t be a central theme. I expected more romance than what I got in the trailer. LGX’s character is killing the ship before the drama even stars. ZLY looks so badass, she is ready to take on the world. I am kind of sad we didnt get too see too much of everyone else but it is to be expected. We just need more trailers ;). The writer really liked the trailer so that is a good sign.
    I won’t forgive Hunan if they make this a weekend drama, UGH I cant with them. They probably want to air Rush to Dead Summer during the week and PA during the weekend.
    – Not feeling the new Dilireba and Zhang Vin drama, but Daisy looks awesome.
    – YangZi is getting a lot of good dramas or at least stories that sound interesting to me. But I am afraid she is getting a bit type-casted in clumsy/dumb roles. I do think she fits the image of JinMi from previous works. I read this book and I thought it could be a good drama. Rumor is Deng Lun is on the running for male lead, which I would love.
    – I am glad ZLY is doing variety even while being afraid that this show is not the best fit. I am ready to be proven wrong. Maybe she is more athletic now after all that training for Princess Agents or she is there for comedic relief on failed attempts.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hahah! YESSS! Totally did not disappoint! Just needed to publish this post so that I can have people to spazz with on the trailer! Liying is sooooo badass! and all those crying scenes too! Liying is going to slay this drama so badly!
      I know such bs on the airing time. why would they push PA on the side for Rush to Dead Summer.
      Excited for her in a new variety show. A little worried cause Liying is so awkward with new people hahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. she is lol and I dont think she is close to any of them. But I am looking forward to seeing her on TV.

        AHHHH I am still spazzing over the trailer. She looks so badass *_* and LGX looks super cool on their scenes. Really fierce. Everyone was on point, the only thing that we need is for Hunan to not ruin this.


          1. @fireflymaoh @chexmix12 Princess Agents trailer is sooo good!! I cant wait!! And both Shawn Dou and LGX look like they are owning their roles.Ahh..the angst!

            for 72 floors, is it confirmed that she and WC are not on the same episode. It seems like they went from friends to lets-try-to-not-being-at-the-same-event:- seems to me like either there is actually some truth to them being romantically linked or they completely fell out!


            1. Agree so much on Princess Agents. I hope we get more romance on another trailer, my heart is not ready to suffer this much.

              Yep on 72 floors. I was pretty sure they were avoiding each other since iQIYI night last year bc the whole thing seemed so weird, but this just confirms it. They are trying to avoid the rumors. I dont think they are dating right now tbh but who knows. I also dont think they had a falling out. Their fandoms dont like the rumors and are kind of at odds with each other from what I have seen lol. That could explain it since ZLY gets a lot of rumors with LYF too but they dont care about those.


            2. Yay liz! You’re finally onboard! tbh I’m still spazzing over the trailer. So much emotion in that short 2 minute clip. I think I watched it like 20x already!!! hahaha
              Yea. haven’t seen much of LY and WC together at all…which suck since they had such strong chemistry together in mystic nine. Hopefully it was just a timing issue.


    2. Rumour that Deng Lun is running for male lead? Of which show? I AM A NEW FAN AND HUNGRY FOR ANY NEWS ABOUT HIM. It’s just that he doesn’t have many past works and there isn’t a lot of news out there. Did you watch the latest Happy Camp episode? Boy can sing!!


      1. I a new fan too (Because of Meeting you, right?). I saw clips of his Happy Camp episode. Well he will be in Princess Agents, which is coming up this Summer but just a supporting character.
        Rumor he is in the running for lead on that YangZi show, Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost. There are two male leads, I think he is in the running to play Phoenix or at least that is the role that I think fits him. If he gets casted, I will follow the drama for sure.


        1. Yes!! Ever since Because of Meeting You, I became a fan of Deng Lun and Sun Yi. Even watched their 2015 drama ‘Love Actually’. Definitely going to watch Princess Agents!! 2 male leads for Ash-like frost? Will we be stuck with Second Lead Syndrome then? :OO


      2. Yes! He can sing and is actually quite charismatic. Sun Yi on the other hand seems quite nonchalant IRL and not super fun. Have you watched 15 years of waiting for Migratory Birds? Deng Lun is good there too although I too liked Zhang Ruo Yun so much!! Wonder what role he will be playing in Princess Agents.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Should I watch it? I love Zhang Ruo Yun and I like Deng Lun so I have been very tempted to watch. Zhang Ruo Yun is like a new fave.


          1. You should! It’s the typical high school story into adulthood but it’s sweet and nicely done. The last episode was abit of a cop-out in my opinion but aside from that, it was good! Definitely better than the Liu Shi Shi / Zheng Kai high school wtf-is-going-on drama which i couldn’t finish.

            I watched it after Wuxin and ZRY impressed me with his ability to switch characters !


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