Rankings: 2016 Chinese film and television actors, Vlinkage’s Star Brand Index, and Top Celebrities in March

The list was released during the 7th Beijing International Film Festival “Film and Television Risk Assessment” meeting by 新传智库. It was compiled taking fandom, activity level, reputation, and projects’ value into consideration. 

I think some are higher than I expected, such as Cheney Chen in the actors Guan Xiaotong in the actress category. We also have some names missing from the top ten, like Hu Ge. It feels like Legend of Chusen had a heavy influence on the list since all main leads made the top 10.

Top 10: 2016 Chinese film and television actors

1. Li Yifeng

2. Deng Chao

3. Lu Han

4. Huang Xiaoming

5. Luo Zhixiang/Show Luo

6. Wu Yifan

7. Yang Yang

8. Wallace Huo

9. Cheney Chen

10. Jackie Chan

Top 10: 2016 Chinese film and television actresses

1. Zhao Liying

2. Angelababy

3. Fan BingBing

4. Yang Mi

5. Joe Chen

6. Ruby Lin

7. Guan Xiaotong

8. Liu Tao

9. Yang Zi

10. Tiffany Tang


Another ranking list that I have been meaning to post is the Star Brand Index by Vlinkage. It is fairly new, they just started keeping track for about three weeks now. It tracks how well a celebrity is promoting a certain product. They are doing a daily ranking right now, they probably should do it monthly or quarterly.

The interesting part was that they released a list of products that popular celebrities are endorsing. This list probably changed a little since they released it early in April and a lot of these celebrities have gotten new endorsements afterwards. I also noticed that some endorsements were missing for certain celebrities, but I don’t know the criteria they used to include specific endorsements.

In order: Hu Ge, Zhao Liying, Tiffany Tang, Yang Mi, Wang Kai, Li Yifeng, Wang Junkai (TFBoys), Lu Han, Leo Wu, Yang Yang, Wu Yifan. Some screenshots are missing information.

Vlinkage’s March Top 50 celebrities

  1. YangMi
  2. Mark Chao
  3. DiliReba
  4. Liu ShiShi
  5. Zhao Liying


14 thoughts on “Rankings: 2016 Chinese film and television actors, Vlinkage’s Star Brand Index, and Top Celebrities in March

  1. Wow! I knew Liying was picking up a lot of endorsements but I didn’t know she was endorsing so many brands! 😵
    And of course the cast of 3l3w dominated March on vlinkage.


    1. yeah, I was surprised too how competitive she was when compare to other celebs. She also got like 2 more endorsements since the list came out.
      Yep March belonged to 3l3w

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 3l3w aired during February so I was a bit surprised they lead March actually. But no complaint here. Let’s see who will top April
        I believe ZLY and YY have the most endorsement of of all the stars.


        1. it aired during March too, I would say it was the most popular during its March part bc of the ending. All the leads are still feeling the effects of its popularity. I think YangMi will still come out on top in April and a rise for LuYi since In the Name of People is really popular right now. ^^


    1. yep, he does have a lot. I think probably Wu Yifan and LuHan have just as many, but their screenshot was cut so I can’t be sure.


    1. nope just popularity and success. It would be interesting if they released a list on acting abilities compiled by directors and writers. But I doubt we would get an honest answer.


        1. yeah, I think this would be an interesting ranking if they keep it honest. I am sure there are a lot of better actors that are just lesser know.


  2. So many rankings. Zhao Liying is really at the top now, it is amazing to see!
    Haha, Chinese celebrities are definitely sponsoring too many products. xD Including all the variety shows doing the same, I can’t even keep track anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. they sponsor SOOO many, but it must yield results. Yeah right now ZLY is one of the top actresses. I am so happy that she is doing so good.


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