[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 47-49


Princess Agents is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin.

Title: Princess Agents (特工皇妃楚乔传)

Episodes: 67 (for the TV version).

Release date:  June 5th, 2017  2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Hunan TV

Where to watch: watch it on youtube with Eng Sub!

Episode 47


Xiao Ce tells Yuwen Yue that he doesn’t know much about the Afterlife Camp, but Zhan Ziyi might. Yuwen Yue sets off to find Zhan Ziyu, and also tells people to search about the Camp. From the information they received, the Afterlife Camp is a rather free organization where the people take on quests/missions in return for money. Yuwen Yue is going to use a person called Xu Liang from the camp, who has suspicions of the Afterlife Camp that killed his family. 


Xiao Yu is talking to a person called Xia Chong whom she locked up. Xiao Yu wants to find out more information about Lou He’s daughter since Xia Chong is the one that killed Lou He. Xiao Yu threatens her with sending her back to Afterlife Camp and she spills everything out. She doesn’t know anything about Lou He’s daughter but the supervisor of the Afterlife Camp does. She tells her that Afterlife Camp is located at Kongsang Mountain where there is a secret log that records major events. 


Yue Qi captures Xu Liang and Yuwen Yue bargains with him so he can help him. Xu Liang agrees to the conditions and help Yuwen Yue capture the camp supervisor. Xu Liang meets up with the supervisor at night and Yuwen Yue follows them. 


Xiao Yu and her people ambush a group who are heading to the Afterlife Camp and disguise as them. They enter after the start of a competition and kill the one in charge, then started searching the place. The Supervisor finds out Liang spies are there when he kills one of them. (He tells the people to kill them) At this time Yuwen Yue also enters the Camp. 


Yuwen Yue threatens Meng Feng to help him find the cure. She agrees and takes them to a secret room. They find the supervisor there and before they can ask where the cure is he suicides. Xiao Yu enters the secret room too and Yuwen Yue mistakes them for being a member of the camp. 


Yuwen notices the one that died isn’t the supervisor. He begins to search the room for a cure, which he finds. He figures out the ingredients of the cure from sniffing it. He hands the cure to the people in the camp and tells them to leave and warns them not to kill. Some ends up following Yuwen Yue since they have no where else to go.

Episode 48


Xiao Yu goes back to the secret room and found the secret log. When they go back out Yuwen Yue is there waiting for them. During combat Xiao Yu’s wooden bird fall out and she loses her concentration and gets stabbed by Yuwen Yue. She leaves the bird and run me away. 


Yuwen Yue rushes back only to find Chu Qiao gone. Xiao Ce tells him she left for Yan Bei after eating the pill he sent. When he rushes out of the room Chu Qiao is there and he hugs her. (Aweee) Chu Qiao bids farewell to Yuwen Yue and tell him that Yan Xun needs her. Just then Yuwen Yue takes her and kisses her. (\o/ OMGGG) He tells her that he needs her too and leaves the room. Chu Xiao left the next day. 


Xiuli Army arrives at their home town and soldiers sneak out to see their families. Yan Xun’s men came to escort Xiuli Army to the northern gate. The army scares them away, calling them rebels. On the other hand Yan Xun is discussing how to get reinforcements for the army. Yan Xun’s men doesn’t get along so nothing is decided. 


Prince Yuan Qi and Wei Shuye becomes the commander of the army that is going after Yan Xun. Yuwen Yue predicts that Yan Xun will attack Chang’an, and heads back immediately. As Yuwen Yue predicted Chang’an is currently in danger due to the loss of the commanders tally that controls the rest of the army. Chuner is the one who took the tally. 

Episode 49


Chu Qiao meets up with the Xiuli Army and asks why they are outside the city. They tell her that without her they are nothing. He Xiao hands the commander seal to Chu Qiao and they are going to defend Hong Chuan together. 


Chuner arrives at the camp where Wei Shuye is at and takes out the tally. Wei Shuye tells her she shouldn’t do something like this because she is Wei’s princess and she responds with wanting revenge. Chuner tells him to attack Hong Chuan and he agrees. 


Chu Qiao and her army arrive at Hong Chuan but the gate is locked not allowing anyone in. The General refused to open the gate because even if they can’t protect the city they can run away. Chu Qiao tries to break in but they started attacking them and she shouts her name. They open the gate with an ambush hidden inside, thankfully Feng Main warns Chu Qiao before she enters. 


Yan Xun tells Ah Jing that they are going to attack Chang’an and leave Yan Bei. No one in Yan Bei is willing to help them therefore it is not their home anymore. With that they are off to attack Chang’an who is really weak right now.


Chu Qiao’s allies arrive and help them enter the city. The Wei army arrives soon after and start attacking the city. The people in the city wants to surrender but Chu Qiao tells them she will protect them with the Xiuli Army. Chu Qiao and the army plans to hold the Wei army for 7 days believing that reinforcements will arrive by then. 


The following morning Chu Qiao’s army attack the enemies food supply. They manage to disrupt the enemies order and then attack them. Chu Qiao kills the Prince  and the city is protected for now. She helps people escape to another city and recruits those that can help the army.

iiAngelx3: That kiss scene!!! I was hoping that Chu Qiao would stay with Yuwen Yue.. but it’s ok she looks so awesome battling! I’m loving Chuner’s new appearance so far and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.


13 thoughts on “[Recap] Princess Agents Episode 47-49

  1. Caught up and my thoughts:-

    1. I actually thought that YWY and CQ’s temporary parting was done well. Intellectually, YWY knows that CQ can’t just follow him around as long as she remains a Wei betrayer – there is a bounty on her head and unless they completely leave Wei to start anew somewhere else (which he wouldn’t as being a Wei General, he would stay to protect the people as he knows that YX has revenge up his sleeves), it is a romantic pipedream for now but of course it doesn’t stop him from wanting the impossible to happen. The same too applies to CQ and her balling up her fists when he kisses her is her every fibre holding her emotions back as she knows she cannot abandon the people she fought with (having escaped ChangAn she knows that Wei would come invade Yan Bei eventually) and she needs to somehow save YX from himself. While she wasn’t tearing up when YWY left, I thought the interpretation was actually her immersed in her own pain knowing full well that she wouldn’t change her decision. If so, why cry? Her words that “she cannot afford neither to be wilful or impetuous” indicates that as much as she would like to give in to her emotion, she has to take the logical step. And frankly, YWY knows it too. If she left with him now, would she have to hide away from public and live in the shadows?

    2. I thought it was so poignant that they showed how every person’s life was affected by Wei invading Yanbei 3 years ago – it wasn’t just YX who suffered, there was a snowball effect and worse than having lost their entire families, there are people who are branded traitors and cannot go home to meet their families. It is true that sometimes death is the easiest option – how is that these people who do not wield enough power to take revenge are then supposed to sacrifice their lives to make YX feel better? Fight if they just, to defend their homeland and their dignity, but not to lay down their lives for someone to nurse his own pain when they are all equally suffering.

    3. Which leads me to YX. His character is written well – I am not surprised that he chose that route; if he was naive enough to believe that all was perfect in Yanbei under his father’s rule and they would be welcoming him with open arms (let us not forget that it is because the Wei King wanted to rid Yan SiCheng that thousands of lives were sacrificed – his father may have been a courageous man by all accounts but definitely not a strategic one if he could not control the other factions within Yan Bei which arguably could have revolted against Wei if they managed to rid him – who knows?). He is on the trajectory of a wounded, miserable man-child who hates to be awoken from his dream and finding out it was all an illusion and instead of fixing it, finds a short term solution to plug his misery. I never thought that YX cared about equality (I don’t expect him to but he certainly isn’t the hero to the masses) – he was happy to let his people take the risk of not leaving Wei earlier because he wanted to wait for XE – a girl who had never said she wanted to go with him (if that’s not entitlement I don’t know what is) and similarly, he has no qualms sacrificing the entire Yan to obtain what he thinks he should get.

    4. I have to say that I am surprised reading in some forums that CE gets so much flack for her viciousness but YX gets a pass for pretty much doing the same thing. She maybe stupid, spoilt entitled and obsessive but nobody deserves to be gang-raped. The fact that she didn’t kill herself and chose to live fueled by revenge, in those times, is laudable I would argue. She too has no regard for human’s lives (similar to YX) but I can’t agree that she is the bigger evil between the two.

    Can’t wait for next week!

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    1. Agree on all points and yes, i don’t feel like CE is the bigger evil, she has lost it in her thirst for revenge, but so has YX 😳 Im hoping her “push” on CQ leads to CQ memory gain tho.


  2. There is so much to cover still. I do not see how they are going to wrap up this drama in 10 episodes. What about CQ’s past? her memory? the wooden bead? Where are her sisters?

    While I enjoy YanXun and his story, some of it could have been shortened to incorporate CQ’s story: this is her drama afterall. In the middle of it, she became a second lead character and YX became the lead. YX,s story was a pivotal turn for the dama and all the characters. They should have focused more on all of them rather than just XY (even for YWY, and god knows how much disinterest I have in him). This shows how bad the writers handled the pace of the show: they are all over the place.

    Also I think I am one of the few who just does not see how Chu and YWY can be a thing. It just not believable in my eyes. They had a master-slave/disciple relationship at the beginning, embraced in that power dynamic. We witnessed how YWY looked at her differently. However from CQ’s perspective there was nothing, I saw nothing. I saw her as a disciple who started trusting her master despite his past actions. Then the trust she had in him broke when she thought he was using her. At the time nothing romantically was developped between them. Fastforward to 3 years with YX, the escape to Yanbei, the many attempts of CQ wanting to kill YWY and the drama wants me to believe that she is feeling someting when YWY kiss her for the first time…REALLY!!! Yes their relationship has changed over the years. She is no longer submissive and now stands her ground. I believe she feels grateful for how many times he saved her life but I just dont see the romance. I do not see how this sudden love for him comes from. This is the case of since they are the leads, they must be together. Also the fact that Lin GenXin is so stiff and just cannot convey emotions does not help selling their romance.


  3. The writer needs to close the holes: when will CQ meet Mr. wu, when will she get back her memory and martial art. I can understand fully for YX revenge. CQ seems stupid and stubborn. She never cares her life or think properly. Although this drama is about her life, viewers likes Male lead more than her.


    1. A problem indeed that we like other characters more than the main character. I also wonder if she will ever meet Mr.Wu. I think she forgot about it tbh.


  4. Thanks for the recaps. They help a lot!! I’m just wondering, how come the general decided to kill Chu Qiao in the ambush? Isn’t the general on Yan Xun’s side?? So confused RIP Feng Mian 😥


    1. He sees CQ as a liability to YX’s cause. Like she will hold him back from fully seeking revenge so if he gets rid of CQ it will help YX in his eyes.


  5. I finally all caught up 😀
    I really liked these episodes. I like when new characters actually bring something to the table and Meng Feng is another great addition. She allows the viewers to see the changes in YWY. How he values life differently than he did before? He is much more compassionate even with killers and when he tells her you are also a human you need to be careful, you can tell how much that touches her. She was always seen as nothing more than an animal, a tool. However, this person can see her as human.
    I wish we got to see more about the meaning of the wooden bird. I understand YWY values it, but we don’t really know enough about the backstory behind it. And I wonder if YWY realizes who she is. It seemed like he picked up on something, but I am not sure.

    I wish CQ was a bit easier to understand, but I don’t think she even understands herself.



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