[Recap] The Princess Weiyoung Episode 49-51


Title: The Princess Weiyoung

# of episodes: 54

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Last Episode: With the deaths of the whole household of a high official, everyone helped to investigate the case and find evident to connect this event to Tuoba Yu.

Episode 49

ChangRu sent a letter to ChangLe and the two evil sisters met up. ChangRu wanted to use ChangRu to eliminate Weiyoung but ChangLe target her anger on Tuoba Jun instead. She wanted to kill off them both instead.

Chi Yunnan came to meet up with Tuoba Yu. They both had a staring contest and Chi Yunnan backed off since he no longer has any political power to fight Tuoba Yu.

Weiyoung started teasing Min De and all of a sudden the princess came looking for him and endearing called him by his name. He embarrassedly told her to stop and of course she called him even louder. Min De and the princess then went off to help Weiyoung investigate the case.

Weiyoung and Tuoba Yu were also investigating for the case. During the investigation, they found a secret passage in the house. While inside, Tuoba Yu accidently knocked into something and closed the passage door, locking the both inside.

Tuoba Jun, Min De, and the princess tried to find ways to get them out. During that time, many traps were set up nearly killing Tuoba Yu and Weiyoung from the inside and Min De and Tuoba Jun from the outside. The princess finally found the key and released the traps.

Inside the secret room, Tuoba Jun found the account book he was looking for to prove his father’s innocence. Just as he was about to secure them all, the masked men came and set fire to those boxes.

Chi Yunnan and Chang Le met up. He told her that he will take revenge on Weiyoung and the king for causing his downfall. Chang Le agreed to help.

Jun Tao and Cheng De continued to investigate the mysterious person that tipped them off. While they were meeting with the person, the masked people came again and killed him off. They all fought and just when Chi Yunnan was about to pierce Jun Tao, Cheng De shielded her from the sword.

Episode 50

Right on time, Li Min De brought people to save Jun Tao and Cheng De. To prevent Cheng De from sharing info with Tuoba Jun, Chi Yunnan asked Chang Le to poison him. Cheng De knew her plan and knocked the “medicine” over.

The group gathered to plan their next step. They concluded that the masked man is Chi Yunnan and that Tuoba Yu is the one behind all of this. They decided to split into two groups. One will capture Chi Yunnan and the other will try to find the evident.

Tuoba Jun set up a plan using Chang Le to lure Chi Yunnan out. They pretended to have found the evident and went to get it. Chi Yunnan followed them and tried to steal back the book. All of a sudden, a group of soldiers got him surrounded and captured. Just when Tuoba Jun was about to escort him back to the palace, an arrow shot out and killed Chi Yunnan.

Tuoba Jun brought Chi Yunnan’s body to the king and told him that the general is the one that slaughtered Zhong Zheng house hold and that his father was framed. Instead of believing him, the king got mad and made to think that Tuoba Jun made up the story to protect Weiyoung.

After Tuoba Jun returned from the palace, he confronted Chang Le and imprisoned her at home.

During the political meeting, other officials voiced their suspicion over Tuoba Jun’s father’s case and asked the king to reopen the case for further investigation. The king agreed to do so.

Episode 51

Under Tuoba Yu’s plan, the king decided to limit Min De’s movement in the palace. Under her questioning, Min De told the princess everything regarding Tuoba Yu’s evilness. On the other side, Hong Luo rescued Chang Le and allied with Tuoba Yu to avenge Chi Yunnan.

Tuoba Jun and Weiyoung continued to search for the evident. Luckily they found the hidden spot and a hand written letter and evident explaining the case back then that will prove Tuoba Jun’s father was framed.

They bought the evident to the king and let him know everything. The king wanted to capture Tuoba Yu immediately and killed him. But Weiyoung told him that with Tuoba Yu’s army, he will fight back. The king told Tuoba Jun to quietly capture him.

Night time came. Under the king’s order, Tuoba Jun summoned Tuoba Yu and set up people to capture him. On their way out, arrows came flying and killed off “Tuoba Yu”

The real Tuoba Yu showed up at the door with his army and captured Tuoba Jun instead.

On the other side, the eunuch tried to steal the account book but the king found out and he killed the king. When Weiyoung came in, the king was closed to death. He handed his seal to Weiyoung. Not long after, Tuoba Yu brought soldiers into the king’s chamber, knocked out Weiyoung, and took control of the palace.

Tuoba Yu sent soldiers to kill off Min De. The princess tried to defend him but got knocked out instead. Min De’s soldiers came into the defend him.

Chexmix: These few episodes will lead up to a very exciting event. I can feel it! hahaha. I like where it is heading so far. =D


2 thoughts on “[Recap] The Princess Weiyoung Episode 49-51

  1. I like Jun Tao and Cheng De although their story is quite the conventional hate love type – they are cute together!

    This show makes me want to watch more Luo Jin dramas!!


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