[Recap] The Princess Weiyoung Episode 52-54 [End]

Title: The Princess Weiyoung

# of episodes: 54

Watch here with Eng sub

Episode 52

Tuoba Yu used Weiyoung’s mom and grandmother to force her to lie to the officials and say that the king passed the throne to Tuoba Yu. Tuoba Yu killed Chang Xi and started choking her mom. Without a choice, Weiyoung agreed.

Min De escaped with the injured princess to meet up with Jun Tao. The princess’s head was seriously injured and fell into a coma.

Tuoba Yu came to visit the captured Tuoba Jun. He told him that the king died and that Weiyoung will help him changed the king’s will.

Tuoba Yu gathered all the officials to announce the king’s death and Tuoba Jun allied with Min De’s country to betrad his own. The officials are suspicious with the whole event. Tuoba Yu summoned Chang Le and Weiyoung as witnesses. Weiyoung lied and said that the king did name Tuoba Yu as the heir. With that, the crowd admitted him as king.

Weiyoung’s mom and grandma were brought in once again. It also turned out that Tuoba Yu did not kill Chang Xi but Weiyoung found that Tuoba Jun got imprisoned and slipped a note to her mom. Chang Xi brought the note to Jun Tao.

Chang Le visited Tuoba Jun at his cell and started torturously spinned him around. Tuoba Yu brought Weiyoung to the cell to witness the whole scene. Tuoba Yu used Tuoba Jun to forced Weiyoung to marry him. Once again, she agreed.

Weiyoung visited Tuoba Jun in his cell. She told him that she’s tired and will give up on their love. She said a lot of hurtful things like how even though Tuoba Yu threatened her, the result is determined. Tuoba Yu is the king and Tuoba Jun is just a prisoner.  She told Tuoba Jun that she is now in love with Tuoba Jun.

After Weiyoung left, Changle came back with alcohol and forced him to drink. Tuoba Jun acted very idiotically and smiled at the alcohol.

Episode 53

Tuoba Jun seems to have gone crazy. Weiyoung asked Tuoba Yu to release Tuoba Jun but Tuoba Yu doesn’t believe that Tuoba Jun is actually crazy and tested him. He brought out a poison pill and give it to Tuoba Jun. Without hesitating, Tuoba Jun ate the pill as if it was candy.

The pill is said to take in affect in one month without a cure and there is no cure for it. With that, Tuoba Yu released Tuoba Jun.

Chang Ru once again met with Chang Le and asked her for help to get rid of Weiyoung. Chang Le sneaked her into the palace, after she gave birth to a boy, as a maid. Chang Ru wandered off. Chang Le found her and locked her in a room.

The day of the wedding, Weiyoung and her beautiful dress ascended the steps toward the throne to marry Tuoba Yu.

Out of nowhere, Tuoba Jun flew in and started heading toward Tuoba Yu. Both armies started fighting. Tuoba Jun and Tuoba Yu charged at each other and Tuoba Jun won in the end.

Once everything calmed down, Weiyoung started explaining the whole story to the officials. She told them that before the king died, he not only transferred her seal to give to Tuoba Jun but also told her of a secret passage that only the king knows. They used that passage to sneak in soldiers.

Tuoba Yu is now captured and everything seems to be over except for Tuoba Jun’s poison. Jun Tao brought in the captured Chang Le and she revealed Weiyoung was also poisoned with the same poison. All of a sudden, Weiyoung’s poison started to take in affect. Weiyoung and Tuoba Jun both begged Tuoba Yu to give one another the antidote.

Tuoba Yu, boringly agreed to give them the antidote. He told Tuoba Jun to follow him. However, there is only one antidote left. Tuoba Yu asked Tuoba Jun to choose to save himself or to save Weiyoung. Tuoba Jun, of course, chose to save Weiyoung.

Not only after, Tuoba Jun coughed up blood and fell.

Episode 54

Chang Ru came out of nowhere and aimed her sword at Weiyoung’s back. Tuoba Yu saw that and shielded her from the sword. That sword pierce through his back and took his life. After he died, Chang Ru also took her life with the same sword.

Peace finally. The doctor told Tuoba Jun that he cannot cure the poison but he can ease it for at most 10 years.

The princess also woke up from her coma.

Finally the real happy wedding!

Tuoba Jun is now king and Weiyoung is the Empress.  Tuoba Jun announced Tuoba Yu as a traitor, punished Chang Le as a slave, and awarded grandma and Weiyoung’s mom.

Tuoba Jun confronted Chang Le and she finally admitted to killing his mom out of hate. Tuoba Jun left her poison and told her to kill herself off.

Some years later, Jun Tao and Cheng De have gotten married. Tuoba Jun’s body is getting worse and worse. But in front of Weiyoung and their son, HongEr, he pretended like nothing is wrong.

Weiyoung overheard the doctor that he can no longer suppress the poison. She knew that Tuoba Jun is dying soon. They both went out to the garden and there, Tuoba Jun finally took his last breath.

Weiyoung’s son successfully took the throne. Tuoba Jun handed the country, their home, to her and asked her to protect and she promised him that she will.

Chexmix: Finally finished this drama!! I like the events leading up to the ending but I’m not sure how I feel about the ending. hahaha This whole time, I thought Weiyoung was going to have to step up and prove to all the people that she has the capability to rule the kingdom despite their doubts but I guessed the drama just ended it with that assumption in mind. Overall, I think this is a good pacing drama that you can just watch without feeling the drag. Luo Jin and Tang Yan are just too cute to not enjoy their moments together. =D Min De and the princess’s story line seems a little out of place for me. Pity for Tuoba Yu and Chang Ru’s story line. They’re pretty much the antagonists of the drama and yet I can’t hate them. Jun Tao and Cheng De are another fun couple to watch. And Chang Le is just pittiful till the end… Anyway, someone got me curious, so I also started reading the novel and it has a very interesting story line, different from the drama for sure. The two Weiyoungs are like night and day! I would recommend reading that novel for anyone who is likes to read. =D

25 thoughts on “[Recap] The Princess Weiyoung Episode 52-54 [End]

  1. At first, I said to myself that this Princess Wei Young story is another chinese period drama which I have watched many times (I am an avid Chinese period drama fan). I watched it as it aired on TV out of bored since there was no interesting channels to watch. However, I was hooked immediately with its story plot and of course Luo Jin’s handsomeness and how he sweetly kissed Wei Young (aww….!! =P), I even cancel every single night appointment just to watch Wei Young!!! Everything in the drama was beautiful!! I don’t mind to rewatch this drama…hehe!! By the way, tonight the TV will air Princess Wei Young’s final episode here in Malaysia. =P

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I need help! I have been trying to find the music/instrumental for WY/TBJ and WY/TBY wedding scenes. Does anyone have the name? Please let me know, I’m so in love with it! Please and Thank you in advance!!!


    1. Oooh that’s hard with esp. with no names attached. I tried looking for it and got nothing. You might want to just cut that part out from the video and convert it to audio file. Might be the easiest way.


        1. Just search YT to audio convert to convert YT to mp3 files. and then audio trimmer/cutter to trim out ur favorite part. Plenty of online sources out there for you to chose. Hope this helps! =D


        1. oooh. Below is the poem in chinese. As for what poem it is or how to translate it…I’m not really sure.

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! Although I think the ones on youtube may not have the eng subs. in any event, I’m truly heart broken that this show has come to an end. all the actors/actress were awesome! Love this drama!


      1. Watched up to Ep 53! Somehow, the show lost a bit of its allure for me after the King died. The scene in the jail wasn’t as heartrending as I thought t would be – the most emotive scene for me I think was when Tuoba Jun had to marry Chang Le.


        1. One more!! hahah yea. It kinda lost its excitement after Tuoba Yu turned the scheme against them. For me it was when Tuoba Jun’s mom died. I thought his emotion there was just so raw and real.


  3. Love that “Weiyoung and her beautiful dress ascended the steps toward the throne to marry Tuoba Yu” part idk why but it made me laugh and I agree, I thought OK, they are finally giving a chance to shine 🙂 but no :0 all in all great acting and great chemistry

    Liked by 1 person

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