Feature: Admins’ Favorite Ancient Dramas


We are combining Historicals, Wuxias, and Xian Xias all under Ancient dramas since they all take place in “ancient times”. Please share your favorite ones.

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There is no particular order to my list, but Nirvana in Fire is the best one for me. It is not my favorite in terms of enjoyment, but it had the best overall quality and plot. Some of these dramas I enjoyed more than others and some are far better than the rest, but they are all worth watching. I was obsessed with all these dramas and they kept my attention until the very end.

Nirvana in Fire (2015) 

Interesting story and characters that will keep you engaged throughout the show. It also has one of the best cinematographies of recent years. Mei Changsu drives this drama.

Scarlet Heart/ Bu Bu Jing Xin (2011)

One of those dramas that you will never forget. Everything was just so well done. I was on team 4th prince all the way. I don’t know why but since the first episode.

Journey of Flower (2015)

Out of all the dramas on my list, this one made me care the most about its characters. It was an emotional rollercoaster, but I appreciated its ability to emotionally engage the audience. I wish regulation didn’t remove so many scenes, but otherwise I truly enjoyed it. Not my favorite character, but the most interesting character for me is Bai ZiHua. Now my favorite one would be Sha Qian Mo, he deserved so much better.

Female Prime Minister/ Legend of Lu Zhen (2013)

It lost itself a little towards the end, but I still really liked it. The most interesting character goes to fiercely independent LuZhen. Her character was really well done, she wanted vengage and she used her brains to get into a position to do it.

Eternal Love/ Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (2017)

The happiest out of all the dramas on this list. It had a lot of swoon worthy moments and Yehua needs no explanation. Besides him, I was really impressed with Yan Zhi.


Wow. Picking a favorite drama is hard for me just because I can’t really recall half of the dramas I watched unless there’s a list. Lol. From the top of my head, I can only name two that I had watched and rewatched just because I like it that much (Nirvana in the Fire and BuBu Jingxin). My list really coincide with Fireflymaoh so no pictures and just a list. =D

  • Nirvana in the Fire: Beside Mei Changsu, Princess NiHuang is my next fave. She’s the strong independent character that I always like in dramas.
  • Bu Bu Jing Xin: 13th Prince is by far my favorite! He’s just likeable with his free-going personality and modern mindset in a historical time period.
  • 3 Lives 3 Worlds Peach Blossom (Eternal Love): Of course the leads (Bai Qian and Ye Hua) but beside them I thought the most interesting was Chen Yu (the 3rd Prince’s lover). She’s childish for her age and hilarious in the drama.

Those are the more recent faves of mine but if we were to go back to the 1990s…the list goes on! And of course most of them are the Wuxia classics from TVB.

  • Return of the Condor Heroes 1995 TVB version with Louis Koo and Carman Lee. I enjoyed this version so much that I watched it like 3/4 times! I think Carman Lee will forever remains the Xiao Long Nv image for me. The most memorable character for me was the youngest daughter of Guo Jin who showed up for the last ep only.
  • Legend of the Condor Heroes 1994 TVB version with Chi Lam and Athena Chu. Huang Rong is a difficult character to portray with that witty arrogant image but I was well convinced with Athena’s version. Huang Rong is my favorite character.
  • Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 1997 TVB version with Felix Wong. What can I say…this version is such a classic! I still listen to the song all the time.
  • The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2000 TVB version with Lawrence Ng and Gigi Lai. Zhao Ming and her sassy arrogant attitude was fun to watch.
  • My Fair Princess aka Pearl Princess Return (only season 1 and 2). Fun fun drama to watch with amazing OSTs. Love all the characters (Yes even Rong Mo Mo) but Xiao Yanzi is my favorite. She gets annoying sometime with all the trouble that she causes but that’s also why she’s so much fun to watch.

So which are your favorite ancient dramas?


14 thoughts on “Feature: Admins’ Favorite Ancient Dramas

  1. ALL OF THESE and I think Ill add cuo dian yuan yang (the first part) idk why but I have a soft spot for that drama, its not great but its just in a league of its own. That and Mei Ren Zhi Zao, that drama is nonesense but its still a fav

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      1. I actually couldn’t finish watching CDYY because the video quality is so bad. I’m so spoil by the 1080HD quality of today’s videos. hahaha


    1. Thanks for reminding me of Cuo Dian Yuan Yang. I think it’s so underrated. I really enjoyed it and I loved Zhao Li Ying and Qi Ji together.

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  2. Yes to all of them! I would add in Journey to the West (1996) with Dicky Cheung. I thought he was the best monkey king around at that time 😛 also Smart Kid (2001). I watched so many ancient dramas with him lol.
    I would kinda add Go Princess Go as a honorable mention with its silly hjinks and despite the low budget, it was a pretty good fun watch without having to worry so much about plotline details lol.

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    1. Ooh I love Dicky Cheung back then too!! hahah his monkey king version was the funniest. Saw him as Xiao Yu-er and then as Wei Xiao Bao from duke of mount deer. Though I think the 1998 version with Jordan chan was my fave.

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  3. Hehe most of my favourites have already been listed:

    Nirvana in Fire is both my favourite and the best ancient drama I’ve ever seen. I would gladly watch prequels, spin-offs and sequels if they made them.

    Bu Bu Jing Xin – I loved the novel and the drama adaptation. I agree, it’s one of those dramas that just stays with you after watching. Ruo Xi walking through the snow with the 8th Prince is one of my fav scenes in any C-drama.

    Huan Zhu Ge Ge makes me feel nostalgic. Even though the acting wasn’t great (OMG all the Er Kang memes online are hilarious), the cast was so loveable. And of course the OSTs.

    Go Princess Go is like a modern cult classic haha. Low budget, unknown cast and ridiculous plot yet somehow it was so addictive and endearing.

    Yes to Journey to the West (1996) @ChocolateCosmos. I also loved the 1998 version. Have lost count of how many times I have rewatched them over the years.

    I’m adding Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei! Loved the stories of the band of misfits (incl. Wallace Huo, Liu Shi Shi and Ray Ma!). I have rewatched it a lot XD

    And Prince of Lan Ling (the one with Feng Shao Feng and Ariel Lin). Gosh it was cheesy and I felt like I was watching some live-action of a shoujo manga. But loved it anyway (except for the ending which I will pretend never happened).


  4. I agree that CDYY (Part 1) and Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei should be on the top 10 list. And that CDYY is underrated and that Qi Ji should be in male lead roles!

    Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000 TVB version was atrocious simply because they cast Lawrence Ng as the male lead. He looked old and frail. When he was doing martial arts moves I was afraid he would break an arm or get blown over! Charmaine Sheh was great though. The 1986 version with Tony Leung or 1993 version with Alec Su were better productions and more entertaining IMO.

    Hu Ge’s 2008 version of Legend of the Condor Heroes is my favourite version and the Young Warriors (2006) was also very good.


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