Review: Tientsin Mystic

This was one of my anticipated dramas for 2017 but after watching about 10 minutes of the first episode without subtitles, I realised I was in over my head as got a little lost with no backstory or context. Picked this up again recently after Nirvana in Fire 2 as it was fan-subbed up to ep10 on and on for ep11-24.

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Sohu Entertainment: 2017 World’s 50 Most Beautiful People

There was this list I found on the Sohu Entertainment website after it being circulated in social media. They don’t specified exactly their criteria, but it’s something along the line of not just being aesthetically pleasing (it’s subjective), but “beautiful” in their works and personalities or garnering a large attraction via internet searches. It included various people from the entertainment industries and some from different countries 🙂 I will try to include their profession and for actress/actor, one of their representative works (I’ll aim for one of their most well known works or recent work).

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