Entertainment Update: Nirvana in the Fire 2, Advisor’s Alliance, Rush to the Dead Summer, Yuan Hong’s Wedding Anniversary

Entertainment Update: New stills for The Legends of Monkey King, A Life Time Love, King’s Woman, Advisors’ Alliance, The Destiny of the White Snake, Entrepreneurial Age, Princess Agents, Nirvana in the Fire, Fight Break Sphere,  Mark Chao’s Trailer for Midnight Diner, Yang Mi’s leading man for Legend of Fuyao, Yuan Hong’s Wedding Anniversary

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Entertainment Update: In the Name of the People’s Rating, 72 Floors of Mystery, Rush to the Dead Summer, The Legend of Dragon Pearl, Divas Hit the Road

In the Name of the People broke 6% on the 23rd which is a phenomenal feat for a c-drama. So far, only 43 out of 55 episodes had aired so we might see it break 7% near the ending at the rate that it’s going

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Entertainment Update: Demon Catcher Zhong Kui, Win the World, Love Auroras, The Unique China Queen

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Entertainment Update: Martial Universe, Rule the World, Sword of Legend 2, Heart of Greed 3, and Stay with Me

Princess Weiyoung started airing ^^ Is anyone watching?


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[Review/Recap] – Legend of Chusen Episode 1-16


# of episodes: 55

Chinese name: 青云志

Short summary: The story follows Zhang Xiaofan (Li Yifeng) and BiYao (Zhao LiYing) as they go on journeys to search for sacred books that hold the keys to releasing the Demon Best. Zhang Xiaofan is from Qinyun (noble sect) while BiYao is the daughter of the Ghost King (evil sect). As they go thru these journeys and face life and death situations, Biyao eventually fell in love with Xiaofan and sacrifice herself to save him. Continue reading