[Thread] Miss Truth (大唐女法医)


Catch Zhou Jieqiong and others in this romance forensic-theme drama!

Title: Miss Truth (大唐女法医) or The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor

Production Company: Xing Ge Entertainment, Youku

Filming Location: Xiangshan Film and Television City (Xiangshan Global Studios)

Directors: Wu Tianmao, Tian Ye

Episode Count: 36

Genre: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

Release Date: February 14th, 2020-March 18, 2020 (VIP) or March 25,2020

Synopsis: It tells the story of forensic doctor Ran Yan as she unravels one murder case after another in trying to investigate the truth behind her mother’s death.

Determined to conduct her own investigation regarding her mother’s suicide, Ran Yan (Zhou Jieqiong) learned how to do autopsies since she childhood. The 18-year-old noble lady in dire straits meets Xiao Song (Toby Lee) from the Ministry of Justice, the deadly assassin Su Fu (Pei Zitian) and the talented scholar Sang Chen (Lan Bo). In solving murder cases, Ran Yan also finds love. (Source: Chinesedrama.info)

Story is adapted from Chinese novel The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor by Xiu Tang. Link to English translation of the novel.

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Entertainment Updates: The Love Lasts Two Minds, Broker, Healer of Children, Miss Truth, I’ve Fallen For You, etc…

Chen Yu Qi and Yu Meng Long’s romance drama The Love Lasts Two Minds hints at premiering soon!!!

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[Feature] Dramas Celebrate China’s Qixi Festival

Dilireba and Gao Wei Guang for Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book

The Qixi Festival (or Chinese Valentine’s Day) is one of the most popular holidays in China. The festival highlights one of the most romantic Chinese folktales, The Cowherd and Weaver Girl. The story is a features a touching romance between a mortal man and a girl from heaven. And, to honor of this day, many dramas released posters and stills of its leads feature!!!

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