November 2019 Airing Schedule

I’m excited to see Yu Meng Long and Mao Xiao Tong pair up!!! Their chemistry in the trailer is already good enough for me to watch!

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[Review] L.O.R.D. Critical World (爵迹·临界天下)

Miraculously, I was able to find the ENTIRE drama online and I binged watched it over the weekend. I have to say that while the drama does follow the movie, it is not an exact replica of it though. For instance, Shen Yin’s role in the drama is much bigger than it is in the movie. Pretty much, she’s not really a side character, rather she is one of the main characters in the drama, which I had no problem with because I was fond of her. But, anyway, the drama is filled with tons of betrayals and backstabbing. I swear, I counted more than 10 times where someone backstabbed by another person and then vice versa. Like, its ridiculous how much these Dukes and Disciples turned on each other like nothing. Anyway, it was fun watching the drama and I enjoyed it, but there definitely some parts of it that I didn’t enjoy as well.


Title: L.O.R.D. Critical World (爵迹·临界天下)
# of Episodes: 48
Release Date: May 27th, 2019
Where to Watch: N/A (Will update when there’s news of English Subtitles available!!)

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[Thread] L.O.R.D. Critical World (爵迹·临界天下)

Title: L.O.R.D. Critical World (爵迹·临界天下)
Production Company: iQIYI, Ciwen Media, Shanghai Shili Yingshi
Episode Count: 48
Genre: Fantasy, Action
Premiere Date: May 27th, 2019

I actually enjoyed the movie because of the fantasy elements (and the cast). So, I’m looking forward to how this drama will pan out, despite the changes in the cast.

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Entertainment Updates: Sword Dynasty, A Chinese Ghost Story, The Best Partner, The Great Ruler, We Are All Alone, My Roommate is a Detective, Your Home is My Business, Love and Destiny, Jiang Chao proposes to Madina Mamet, etc…

This post is PACKED with updates, which is why I decided to post it earlier than planned. Have fun looking through this!!!

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Cosmo Beauty Ceremony 2017

A while back in the entertainment updates I’ve been covering the lineup and was determined to cover this event. Unfortunately, Dilireba Dilmurat cannot show up due to filming conflict. I think at least some folks did show up and they look awesome 😀

Celebrity Guest List: Chen Man, Chen Yan Xi (Michelle Chen), Chen Yi Han (Ivy Chen), Deng Lun, Gao Wei Guang, Han Geng, Han Qing Zi, Hu Yi Tian, Huang Bo, Huang Jing Yu, Hui Ruo Qi, Ji Ling Chen, Jiang Xin, Jin Chen, Jing Tian, Li Bing Bing, Li Qin, Lin Yun, Liu Jia Ling (Carina Lau), Liu Tao, Liu Yi Fei, Lu Yan, Pan Ye Ming, Qiao Xin, Song Wei Long, Tang Yan, Wang Kai, Wu Xin, Yan Xi, Yang Mi, Yang Zi, Yao Shan Shan, Yu Ming Jia, Zhang Bin Bin, Zhang Jun Ning (Janine Chang), Zhang Li, Zhang Tian Ai, Zhang Xin Zhe (Jeff Chang), Zhang Yun Long, Zheng Yuan Chang (Joe Cheng), Zhong Han Liang (Wallace Chung), Zhou Mi, and Zhou Yi Wei

As usual I can’t cover everyone. It was mostly awarding those in the fashion industry like most fashion-related festival/event. This particular event was on December 18, 2017 in Shanghai. I will be grouping everyone according to their names, sometimes who they showed up with, and carpet pics + some separate individual pics (only a few have them). I’ve tried to include the brand for some, but it’s bit hard and Cosmo weibo doesn’t really give me the brand names lol.

Anyhow, let’s get started! ^___^

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TengXun’s 2018 TV Drama Lineup

One of Minglan’s set stills posted on Single’s Day (The photo is of a wedding lol)

Hello~ Another lineup from another station. What I think people can take from this is the announcement of upcoming dramas (sequels included!) and perhaps get excited for the new year to come? 🙂

I tried to include MyDramaList links to show you guys the synopsis, cast, and other information since there are too many dramas to write it all out lol.

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