TengXun’s 2018 TV Drama Lineup

One of Minglan’s set stills posted on Single’s Day (The photo is of a wedding lol)

Hello~ Another lineup from another station. What I think people can take from this is the announcement of upcoming dramas (sequels included!) and perhaps get excited for the new year to come? 🙂

I tried to include MyDramaList links to show you guys the synopsis, cast, and other information since there are too many dramas to write it all out lol.

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Rankings: 2016 Chinese film and television actors, Vlinkage’s Star Brand Index, and Top Celebrities in March

The list was released during the 7th Beijing International Film Festival “Film and Television Risk Assessment” meeting by 新传智库. It was compiled taking fandom, activity level, reputation, and projects’ value into consideration.  Continue reading “Rankings: 2016 Chinese film and television actors, Vlinkage’s Star Brand Index, and Top Celebrities in March”

First Impressions: Candle In The Tomb

Up to Ep9 and it’s great! Just the right balance of archaeological adventure, mystery and bromance! Not much romance here yet (Joe Chen only appears in Ep 5 ) but that element is not missed when everyone is totally rocking it! It also helps that the drama is beautifully shot (those snow and desert scenes!), thoughtfully produced (no strange editing or fanciful posturing) and the CGI effects are actually passable! Never read the book on which the series is based on but I love the details which straddle between fact and fiction – they all exist but the fact that not much is known about these ancient kingdoms totally allows the imagination to grow wild within the confines of plausibility. Jingjue Kingdom, Xiye Ruins,  Ancient Peacock Trail, the Karakoram – the drama brings it to life!

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First Impressions: Stay With Me


Bingewatched to Ep 13 and sadly, don’t think I am going to continue! Found the first eight to ten episodes really addicting – I liked Li Wei Wei being an unapologetic b$&ch at work (high pressure, high stakes yo!) and Wang Kai is a good actor. He managed to convey the love-hate relationship Chen Yi Du had for Wei Wei (internally of course!) with his micro expressions especially when he saw she was marrying Huo Xiao (Kimi Qiao) or all the moments he was struggling with himself whether to be there for her or just walk away. Joe Chen, too, did well in her part and she does both the Devil Wears Prada and 23 year old girl parts equally well – she like ZLY and Janice Wu,  is another one that doesn’t annoy me when she is acting a lively or bubbly role(although she is older).

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Entertainment Update: stats, news, and dramas

Rookie Agent Rouge finished broadcasting October 21st. Even so, Zhao Liying still has 4 dramas broadcasting simultaneously right now. Hunan TV is re-broadcasting Wife’s Secret. Jiangsu TV will re-broadcast Rookie Agent Rouge. Southeast TV is re-broadcasting Best Get Going in the morning, and Boss & Me in the afternoon.

UPDATED: Zhao Liying promotional pictures, and Tao singing Teardrops on my Guitar on Real Man


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