Milan Fashion Week 2017-2018 for Spring/Summer

Hello folks~ So this month we have been bombarded with so many fashion weeks and of course lovely pictures. Since I’m a bit short on time, I’ll be featuring one fashion week and that is the Milan Fashion Week that took place in Milan, Italy from September 20-26 2017; a very recent fashion week. There won’t be much commentary as the images will speak for themselves 😀

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Entertainment Update: Martial Universe, Nothing Gold Can Stay, The King’s Avatar, Here to Heart, The Legend of DuGu, Oh My General, Flame’s Daughter, See You Again


Drama News

Here’s some new stills from the drama, Martial Universe, starring Yang Yang, Crystal Zhang, Wu Chun and Wang LiKun.

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Entertainment Update: Nirvana in the Fire 2, Advisor’s Alliance, Rush to the Dead Summer, Yuan Hong’s Wedding Anniversary

Entertainment Update: New stills for The Legends of Monkey King, A Life Time Love, King’s Woman, Advisors’ Alliance, The Destiny of the White Snake, Entrepreneurial Age, Princess Agents, Nirvana in the Fire, Fight Break Sphere,  Mark Chao’s Trailer for Midnight Diner, Yang Mi’s leading man for Legend of Fuyao, Yuan Hong’s Wedding Anniversary

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[Movie review] L.O.R.D



This movie needs little introduction for those who have been following C-ent news.  Basically the director Guo Jingming adapted one of his books into a movie with a star-studded cast.  Here is the twist, instead of putting the actors into make up and costumes, they filmed in motion capture suits, making them needing their imagination as resource while they film their characters.  For those unfamiliar with the term motion capture, a few good Hollywood references would be Avatar, Beowulf and Davy Jones’ crew in Pirates of the Caribbean.
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