[First Impression] The Plough Department of Song Dynasty (大宋北斗司)

I actually found this drama by accident and decided to try it because of the crime-solving and mystery content. I am surprisingly pleased by the drama so far, though mostly because of Zhang Yu Jian!!!

And no… This drama has nothing to do with farming, despite its name. Sigh…


Title: The Plough Department of Song Dynasty (大宋北斗司)
# of Episodes: 36
Release Date: March 19th, 2019
Where to Watch: YouTube

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TengXun’s 2018 TV Drama Lineup

One of Minglan’s set stills posted on Single’s Day (The photo is of a wedding lol)

Hello~ Another lineup from another station. What I think people can take from this is the announcement of upcoming dramas (sequels included!) and perhaps get excited for the new year to come? 🙂

I tried to include MyDramaList links to show you guys the synopsis, cast, and other information since there are too many dramas to write it all out lol.

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