January Airing Schedule

Happy New Year!! 🎉 Another year has passed for Chinese dramaland and entertainment circle. More dramas to grace the screen for viewers~ Check back for updates as we have some unconfirmed dramas 🙂

Note: Some dramas from December Airing Schedule have later premiere date and thus, some will be wrapping up in 2019 (either late Jan or early February).

[Update: Jan 13: Added Exclusive Memory and confirmed airing date of Spy Hunter]

[Update Jan 4: Added Emperors and Me for confirmed drama, also Spy Hunter in unconfirmed]

[Update Jan 3, 2018: Bump Well Intended Love from unconfirmed to confirmed.]

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June Airing Schedule

Sorry, we missed May but here’s a list of dramas that are tentative to air in June.  Let June kicks off the start of the series of anticipated drama this year! This list will be updated as more dates are announced.

Updated: Sweet Dreams will also be airing in June! 

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