Entertainment Update: Legend of Fuyao, Tears In Heaven, Age in Combat, Entrepreneurial Age, Once Upon a Time…More

Entertainment update: Dramas; Sweet Combat, Legend of Fuyao, Tears In Heaven, Age in Combat, Entrepreneurial Age, Negotiator, The King’s Woman, Peace in Chang’an.  Movies; Once Upon a Time, Peace Breaker, The Liquidator, Guilty of Mind.

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Entertainment Update: Tavia Yueng and Him Law’s wedding, Hundred Flowers Awards, Chen Qiao En’s Weibo post to Kimi Qiao

  • TVB actor and actress Him Law and Tavia Yeung held their wedding on October 2nd 2016. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!!!!  Guests that attended the wedding included Ron Ng, Ada Choi, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu and more。

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