An Oriental Odyssey – An Ode to Zhao Lan Zhi and Yue Yuan An

Hello folks! I haven’t written in a long while (although still religiously watching c-dramas when I have a moment) as Life has just gotten so busy but I guess this resonates so much with me that I felt compelled to pick up the pen again.

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[First Impression] An Oriental Odyssey (盛唐幻夜)

I have been anticipating this drama for a very long time, and so when it first came out, I went ahead and watched it to my heart’s content. I admit that I did have a few reservations about it, but I was left with nothing but amazement. My initial skepticism was flushed down the drain and I am totally captivated by Janice Wu’s character, Ye Yuan An. She totally drew me in with her badass attitude! Janice Wu has definitely stepped up from her usual portrayal of the cute and adorable girl into a more mature and grownup heroine.


Title: An Oriental Odyssey (盛唐幻夜)
# of Episodes: 50
Release Date: October 18th, 2018
Where to Watch: YouTube / Viki

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TengXun’s 2018 TV Drama Lineup

One of Minglan’s set stills posted on Single’s Day (The photo is of a wedding lol)

Hello~ Another lineup from another station. What I think people can take from this is the announcement of upcoming dramas (sequels included!) and perhaps get excited for the new year to come? 🙂

I tried to include MyDramaList links to show you guys the synopsis, cast, and other information since there are too many dramas to write it all out lol.

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