Lists and Awards

2017 Lists and Awards 

2017 China’s Most Commercially Valuable Stars

[2017 in Review] Top 10 Dramas with best Douban scores

Tencent 2017 Star Awards

iQiYi Scream Night 2018

Esquire China‘s 14th ‘Man At His Best’ Awards

2017 Bazaar Charity Night

Chinese Entertainment Power Couples

Rankings: First Half of 2017 (updated)

Weibo Movie Night 2017

23rd Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award and 20th Shanghai International Film Festival

22nd Huading Awards with Li Yi Feng, Tang Yan, Lu Yi, Yuan Hong , Tan Song Yun, etc

China TV Drama Awards 2017

Top 30 Celebrities with the Most Weibo Followers

2017 China’s Top 100 Commercially Valuable Celebrities

April’s 2017 Ranking Report by DataWin and VLinkage

2016 Lists and Awards

China’s most commercially valuable stars for 2016

Baidu Top 10 Trending Searches

Chinese Dramas with over 10 billion online views

Golden Eagle Awards 2016

DataWin 2016 Top 50 Chinese Celebs Value Ranking



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