Giveaway: 2018 Wallace Chung Calendar!

Count me in on this!! I’ll share a translated song.

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Hello there Wallace Chung lover! We have exciting news to share. How would you like to spend a whole year with Wallace? Well now you can. Introducing our first ever (maybe our last)  Wallace Chung 2018 Calendar giveaway. Continue reading for more details.

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Forbes’ Top 100 Chinese Celebrities in 2017

Sharing this year’s Forbes China 100 top Celebrities list. Are your favorites on the list? Did the critics, placed them to how you would have expected?

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Forbes China  finally released its 2017 list of the top 100 celebrities. The time frame used to determine the ranks range from July 2016 to June 2017 and included entertainers such as singers, actors, directors, models, and athletes  from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Maco, and Taiwan. The income estimations are a  projection of the celebrities past projects and commercial values.

Read more to find out what critics ranked  Wallace this year. 

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Women’s Empowerment: Angelababy cosplay as superheros for Harper’s Bazaar

In the spirit of Wonder Women coming out this week, I wanted to celebrate the wonder power we all possess (a motherly love instinct). I believe that if us women/girls support each other, we can actually take over the world and see greater role models in dramas and movies to represent us all.

We fan girls gave so much love to our male crush and now it’s time to do the same for our gender so that the future is brighter for the next generation of girls growing up. Who says only men can be superheros? Continue reading “Women’s Empowerment: Angelababy cosplay as superheros for Harper’s Bazaar”

Wallace Chung’s 2016 Fashion Rewind

Wallace Chung, star of General and I, has got such a devoted English speaking fans. I just couldn’t help it but share this SunshineWallaceChung blog to help encourage others to form their own blog of their C-celebrity admires. Zhao Liying’s fans I’m talking to you. 😉

Anyhow, checkout this awesome post done by Chewywon on Wallace’s 2016 fashion overall.

Our Sunshine

Wallace had a super busy 2016 especially with the release of his 3 recent movies. He often did local theater visits, had his own concerts, attended award shows, and had many back-to-back press conferences. As a result, Wallace’s overall fashion for 2016 was rather well diversified ranging from formal wear to laid back styles.

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Concert Series with The Ladies of C-Pop

Even if you only watch Chinese dramas, you should be familiar with some ladies that are quite famous in the C-pop world. It’s been a while since I’ve check news on them, so I figure I’ll update them here as well. Hebe Tien (1/3 of S.H.E), Angela ChangCharlene Choi, and Gillian Chung have all expanded into dramas and movies, but they are more known for their career as singers.  Continue reading “Concert Series with The Ladies of C-Pop”