[Recap] The Romance of Tiger and Rose (传闻中的陈芊芊) Ep. 5-6

Title: The Romance of Tiger and Rose (传闻中的陈芊芊)
# of Episodes
: 24
Release Date: May 18th, 2020
Where to Watch: WeTV App or YouTube

Episode 5

At the training grounds, Chen Qian Qian and the other young girls come together to do some training. Lin Qi walks up to her and challenges her, but Chen Qian Qian rejects her. Lin Qi remembers injuring her previously, which is something she finds weird. She then realizes that Chen Qian Qin has lost her martial arts.

Later on, Chen Qian Qian and the girls are meeting with her mother to discuss the upcoming Crown Princess selection, which also doubles as a contest between girls from within the city to gather talents or the royal court. While Chen Chu Chu is reprimanded by her mother for taking in the musicians that Han Shuo sent her, Lin Qi proposes that a martial arts contest be held along with a literary test for the Crown Princess selection. Chen Qian Qian isn’t fond of the idea, but her mother agrees.

Meanwhile, Han Shuo and Bai Ji finally finds out the truth regarding the spy who sent them a notice previously about Huayuan City’s defense map. It turns out to be Chen Qian Qian. Han Shuo gets angry and believes that Chen Qian Qian had deceived and made a fool out of him by pretending to care about him. Due to his anger, he has a sudden heart attack and faints.

Chen Qian Qian and Zi Rui arrive to find Han Shuo unconscious. While Bai Ji blames Chen Qian Qian for Han Shuo’s condition, Chen Qian Qian and Zi Rui quickly try to get Han Shuo to wake up. But the pill is too big for Han Shuo to chew and swallow, so Chen Qian Qian decides to feed him the medicine with her mouth. Han Shuo soon wakes up, but isn’t too happy to see her. He asks about the trap she set-up for him, but Chen Qian Qian is too shocked to answer him back. She only kneels to him and admits she was guilty. But Han Shuo doesn’t believe her.

Chen Qian Qian goes to meet her fellow storytellers again and try to get them to help her with her situation. After discussing with her them, she realizes that in order to get Han Shuo to trust her again, she must steal Huayuan City’s Dragon Bone in order to help him cure his heart attacks. She then barges into Huayuan City’s treasury and starts to look for the Dragon Bone, despite the protests from the servants. After searching through various priceless treasures, she finally finds it and takes it home.

Chen Qian Qian brings the Dragon Bone home and stews it. But as she tries cook it for a concoction, the Dragon Bone creates a strange smell and stinks up their entire kitchen.

That night, Chen Qian Qian goes to Han Shuo and tells him that she has made the Dragon Bone concoction for him. She sends Han Shuo to the kitchen to drink it while she waits in the courtyard. With Han Shuo gone, she starts her plan of pretending to get poisoned so that Han Shuo would feel guilty for treating her coldly previously. Han Shuo quickly returns, without drinking the concoction, and Chen Qian Qian starts her grand plan.

Meanwhile, Chen Chu Chu is on a mission to capture spies. But fireworks from Chen Qian Qian’s mansion are lit, which alerts the spies that Chen Chu Chu is trying to capture, and a fight ensures between them.

Suddenly, Chen Qian Qian’s mother appears. She initially wanted to punish Chen Qian Qian for stealing the Dragon Bone, but hearing that her daughter is poisoned, she orders that Chen Qian Qian drinks it instead. Han Shuo takes out the concoction and is about to feed her, but stopped by Chen Qian Qian’s mother. She tells him that there is only one Dragon Bone and that if he saves her, he’ll never be able to recover from his sickness. But Han Shuo doesn’t care and begins to feed Chen Qian Qian by drinking the concoction and feeding her with his mouth. However, Chen Qian Qian immediately wakes up the moment his lips touches hers.

With Chen Qian Qian awake, she quickly tells him to drink the concoction before it’s too late. However, Han Shuo doesn’t want to and urges her to drink it for herself. Chen Qian Qian refuses and tells Han Shuo to drink it so that he’ll no longer be mad at her. Chen Qian Qian’s mother also interrupts and advises Han Shuo to drink it for her daughter. Han Shuo finally agrees and drinks the concoction.

Episode 6

As Chen Qian Qian’s mother prepares to leave, she and her eunuch have a conversation about Han Shuo drinking the Dragon Bone Concoction. She suspects that Han Shuo is just using Chen Qian Qian, but her eunuch believes that Han Shuo is sincere towards Chen Qian Qian. However, Chen Qian Qian’s mother doesn’t fully believe in Han Shuo’s feelings.

The next morning, Han Shuo goes check on Chen Qian Qian. As he enters her room, she pretends to be weak from the previous night and reveals to him that she no longer knows any martial arts. Chen Qian Qian suggests that due to her weak state, she’s no longer qualified to be in the Crown Princess Selection and Han Shuo should just move in with Chen Chu Chu. But Han Shuo isn’t willing to and he tells her that he won’t ever leave her side.

Later that day, Han Shuo gets arrested by soldiers sent by Chen Qian Qian’s mother. He is charged with manipulating Chen Qian Qian into stealing the Dragon Bone for him and sentenced to have one of his own bones taken from his body. He is knocked unconscious and taken away.

Chen Qian Qian chases after Han Shuo, where he is shackled in front of her mother. She begs her mother to release him, but her mother refuses and orders her soldiers to start taking Han Shuo’s bone. Chen Qian Qian then runs towards Han Shuo and blocks the soldiers. She tells her mother that since it was her own decision to take the Dragon Bone, then it should be her own bone that gets taken away. Her mother orders soldiers to grab her, but Chen Qian Qian holds onto Han Shuo and tries to get him to wake up from his coma.

Hearing her cries, Han Shuo finally awakens and asks her if she wants to see his true powers. Since drinking the Dragon Bone concoction, he’s completely healed and has regained his martial skills. As Chen Qian Qian is pulled away by soldiers, Han Shuo is able to break free from his shackles.

Chen Qian Qian’s mother is furious at Han Shuo and Chen Qian Qian. However, Chen Qian Qian offers to trade her princess title for Han Shuo’s safety. This makes her mother even more angry, but Chen Qian Qian is firm on her decision. She is willing to become a commoner in order to save Han Shuo. Her mother eventually relents, and Chen Qian Qian is demoted to commoner status.

Later on, Chen Yuan Yuan is searching for a book in the library. While she struggles to grab a book, Su Mu comes in and helps her. However, another servant comes and pushes Su Mu away while apologizing to Chen Yuan Yuan for Su Mu’s incompetence. She asks about Su Mu and the servant tells her that Su Mu was a musician and is of low status. After hearing this, Chen Yuan Yuan scolds the servant and speaks up for Su Mu.

Meanwhile, after Chen Qian Qian’s demotion, citizens from all over the city, led by Lin Qi, march to her door steps. They demand that she pay them back what she owes them. Zi Rui and Chen Qian Qian realize that now that she’s a commoner, she’ll be an easy target for those she’s offended. Left with no choice, Chen Qian Qian allows everyone to take stuff from her manor as compensation.

As Lin Qi starts to bully Chen Qian Qian, Han Shuo and Pei Heng arrive and defend her. Lin Qi gets angered that Pei Heng still sides with Chen Qian Qian despite having Han Shuo by her side. She pushes her and Chen Qian Qian fells off the porch into a pot of water.

That night, Chen Qian Qian awakens to find Pei Heng by her side. He plays her music on his qin to help her fall back asleep. After he leaves, Han Shuo comes in with a bowl of medicine. Chen Qian Qian wakes up again and Han Shuo begins to feed her medicine. He laments that he isn’t musically talented like Pei Heng and can’t play music to soothe her. However, Chen Qian Qian tells him that she doesn’t need him to do anything for her since she’s already grateful for him taking care of her.

The next morning, Chen Qian Qian and Han Shuo have breakfast together. He tells her that from now on he will take care of her since she is no longer a princess. He offers her his dowry he brought with him from Xuanhu City, but presents them as betrothal gifts for her.

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