[First Impression] The Romance of Tiger and Rose (传闻中的陈芊芊)

All I can say is that I AM CURRENTLY IN LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! Hopefully this feeling doesn’t fade away soon…!


Title: The Romance of Tiger and Rose (传闻中的陈芊芊)
# of Episodes
: 24
Release Date: May 18th, 2020
Where to Watch: WeTV App or YouTube

Why did I start watching this?

If you watch the trailers for this drama, you’ll notice how much chemistry the two leads have, and it immediately draws you in. I was sold after watching the first trailer for this drama, and I was counting the days down once the air date was set. So, literally, once the drama was out, I clicked on it and watched it until the latest episode!!!

Plot/Synopsis Recap

Chen Xiao Qian is a young and struggling scriptwriter. While she is proud of her current script, the actor who is slated to portray the male lead is not pleased with it. He tells her that her script is not original and her characters lack depth. He criticizes her two leading characters and questions how they were able to fall in love despite having nothing in common or no chemistry between them. After the fallout with the actor, Chen Xiao Qian is left with no choice but to go back home and revise her script. Although in low-spirit and angry from the confrontation, she gets motivated to work hard when her back account is filled with money from her getting paid.

However, after working for days on her script, Chen Xiao Qian gets sicks and ends up falling asleep. But when she wakes up, she finds herself in the body of her villainous character, Chen Qian Qian, the 3rd princess of the Huayuan City…!

And that’s a wrap!!!


Chen Xiao Qian/Chen Qian Qian (陈芊芊), Zhao Lu Si
A modern-day woman who gets transported into the body of the Chen Qian Qian, the 3rd princess of Huayuan City. Chen Qian Qian is notorious for being an obnoxious and unruly person who does whatever she wants without regard to anyone.

Han Shuo (韩烁), Ding Yu Xi
The young prince from Xuanhu City who is sent to be a hostage at Huayuan City. He suffers from a heart disease and pretends to be weak in front of people. However, he is really a calculating and meticulous person who has a hidden agenda. His purpose for coming to Huayuan City was to steal their prized treasure, the Dragon Bone, in order to heal him from his heart disease.

Chen Chu Chu (陈楚楚), Zhou Zi Xin
The 2nd princess from Huayuan City. She is famous for being beautiful and kindhearted. She is the one who everyone wants to be the next in love for the throne.

Pei Heng (裴恒), Sheng Ying Hao
The Prime Minister of Huayuan City. He is Chen Qian Qian’s fiancé. He works as a teacher for the city’s academy and is adored by many women.

Chen Yuan Yuan (陈沅沅), Zhao Xin
The 1st princess from Huayuan City. She is disabled and is unfavored by her mother.

Su Mu (苏沐), Quan Pei Lun
He was the most popular musician at the Music and Dance Academy. He is saved by Chen Qian Qian and goes to work for Pei Heng. He starts to fall for Chen Yuan Yuan when she doesn’t discriminate him for his low status.

Overall Impression

Okay, let me just start off with saying that you absolutely positively cannot take this drama seriously. Every part of this drama is a comedy. And, honestly, that’s what I love about this drama. I love that it’s hilarious and that it’s filled with stupid and juvenile humor, which somehow just manages to fit well with what’s going on. So, before I even into the nitty-gritty part of this drama, if you’re looking for a serious romance, don’t waste your time watching this.

Moving along now… So, our main heroine is Chen Xiao Qian. She lives in the modern world and works as a struggling scriptwriter. Despite being talented, her scripts actually lack depth. After being rejected by the actor who is set to portray the male lead in her drama, she goes back home and gets to work on revising her script. One day, she gets sick and falls asleep, which is when she is then transported into the world of her script. She takes on the role of Chen Qian Qian, the rowdy and mischievous 3rd princess who does whatever she wants without regards to anyone. The setting centers around two major cities, Huayuan City and Xuanhu City. Xuanhu City is your typical city where men are in power. But Huayuan City is run by women with men being the servants and having no power. Between the two cities, Huayuan City is more powerful. Thus, during a fight between the two, Xuanhu City lost and agreed to send their prince over in order to marry one of the princesses of Huayuan City. This prince is Han Shuo, our sickly male lead. Initially, in Chen Xiao Qian’s script, the female lead was supposed to be Chen Chu Chu, the 2nd princess and the one who Han Shuo had set on marrying. But Chen Xiao Qian’s appearance as Chen Qian Qian changes everything and she ends up being the one who marries Han Shuo.

And this is where all the silliness and humor come into play. Chen Qian Qian has a notorious reputation for being feisty, naught, and reckless. She is overbearing and doesn’t care about anyone’s lives. Thus, Han Shuo is unwilling to marry her, but concedes only because he has no choice. But with Chen Xiao Qian now in Chen Qian Qian’s body, everything is different. The past Chen Qian Qian is no longer a bully and villain, rather she is kindhearted and innocent. Although Han Shuo puts his guard up against Chen Qian Qian in the beginning, he gradually comes to adore and like her the more she ends up saving him. Of course, there are a few misunderstandings between them here and there, but it’s easily cleared up because this drama doesn’t like to dwell too much on being serious (thank goodness!).

As for the romance, it happens quite fast, at least on Han Shuo’s side. Chen Qian Qian is so busy trying to get out of the world (and pair Han Shuo and Chen Chu Chu together) that she doesn’t even have time to fall in love with Han Shuo. Even though Han Shuo was on guard against her in the beginning, I was surprised that he fell for her pretty quickly. I kinda wanted more push and pull between the two, but I do enjoy that he is so deeply in love with her that he himself doesn’t realize how much he likes her. Aside from the two characters, I also think that the storyline is quite unique because it takes place in a city where women are in power. All the officials and people with power are women and the men are servants. With the different power dynamics, it makes the interactions between the characters more interesting and fun to watch.

Overall, I am quickly falling in love with this drama. I know I shouldn’t invest so much into this drama because it’s still too early to really say it’s my favorite, but I can’t help it! I’m already sold because of the chemistry between Chen Qian Qian and Han Shuo. Compared to the chemistry between Qin Chuan and Fu Jiu Yun from Love of Thousands Years, the two leads in this drama are far more compatible. But, of course, this isn’t due to the actors and actress’s abilities. It’s due to the how the characters were written. Qin Chuan and Fu Jiu Yun weren’t written well, especially Fu Jiu Yun. I felt the production team wasted Zheng Ye Cheng’s talents (he’s a really good actor!). But the production team in this drama did a good job of writing Han Shuo’s complex character. He looks and seems like a typical rom-com character from historical dramas, but Han Shuo is much more than that. He’s not a sick and weak person he portrays himself to be. He’s also not as coldhearted and calculating like how Chen Xiao Qian wrote him to be. Han Shuo actually is more than that. He’s got his responsibilities, but he’s also got a heart who can love and care. And what’s best about Han Shuo is that he changes. He grows and learns to become a better person (at the beginning of the drama too!). Anyway, if you’re looking for a light and funny drama to help raise your spirits during these times of social distancing, definitely check this drama out! I guarantee you’ll laugh right away. Just don’t take this drama too seriously. The entire drama is really all for laughter.

7 thoughts on “[First Impression] The Romance of Tiger and Rose (传闻中的陈芊芊)

  1. Funny show! I love the lightheartedness even though it really could end up being solemn based on the premise. The beginning does come off wonky with differing character motives and whatnot, but I still enjoyed them. Ding Yuxi is doing pretty okay as Romance of Tiger and Rose gave him more facial expressions lol when compared to his role in Intense Love. I find Zhao Lusi fitting this role quite more and their styling for her works out well imo.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, I agree!! Ding Yu Xi is totally owning this show for me. Just by watching his acting in this show, you could tell that he’s a pretty decent actor since Han Shuo is such a capricious character. Zhao Lu Si is adorable, but I feel like she always seems to portray the same roles over and over. Like, the bubbly, cute, and adorable heroine type. Nothing’s wrong with it, but I’d be interested to see her branch out more to a serious role. But, honestly, I like her character in this drama so much more than in Love of Thousand Years. Plus, it helps that her styling (especially her hair) is much more toned down… Lol.


  2. Initially I didn’t wanted to watch that Drama but the Trailer was so tempting. And now this is the first Drama this year that I really love. I lmao every time HS’s IQ drops drastically when QQ shows up.


  3. When I watched the trailer, I burst out laughing so I’m eager to check it out now that it’s out!

    There’s been quite a few borderline reincarnation themes lately. I think it’s due to the rising popularity but producers have to be careful of how they approach this theme in China.

    Thanks for the first impressions!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. If you have the WeTv App, the first 4 episodes are out with Eng subs. (10eps for VIP members). Otherwise, Tencent has a YouTube channel, which should air the episodes within the next few days.

      Liked by 1 person

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