[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book Episode 45-51


TitleThree Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book or Eternal Love of Dream (三生三世枕上书)

Episodes Count: 56

Release date: January 20,2020 for VIP members /January 22, 2020 – March 5, 2020 (for payable option)

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Episode 45

Dong Hua forces his way into Fengjiu’s quarter by shamelessly announcing that he will move in with her. She reluctantly agrees. Shen Ye passes by and sees that them hugging lovingly before leaving. He came back again at night to see them sharing a bed together. He apologizes for his drunken behavior last night before leaving again.

Dong Hua goes back to his place to finish making the weapon that is in progress. He relieves Suye of his task. Suye goes back to complain to Fengjiu about what he has to endure. He tells her another story of Shen Ye and Aranya. Back then, Aranya and Shen Ye visit Xi Zhe’s place. Xi Zhe suggests that Aranya try shooting this new beast he captured. Aranya successfully shot the beast but slips and falls. Before the beast can attack her, Shen Ye arrives and shoots the beast down. Shen Ye reprimanded his shifu for not protecting Aranya better. Aranya points out to Shen Ye that he likes her but of course, he denies it.

The story continues where Suye left Fang Yin Gu around that time and by the time he came back, Aranya was already dead. They told him that she suicide but the reason doesn’t make sense to him. He told Fengjiu that Shen Ye did nothing to help Aranya at that time. Outside the dream, the Queen finally explains that this is a tragic story that is caused by her mother. Once she became queen with enough power, she locks her mother away and the lady became crazy at the end. She believes that Dong Hua has the power to leave the dream and brings back normality to Fang Yin Gu.

Episode 46

Before Suye goes back to help Dong Hua with the weapon, he tells Feng Jiu that Aranya will set up a way for Shen Ye to send Ju Nuo off. Of course, Aranya did not go with them but Feng Jiu decides to go with them. Shen Ye is surprised by Aranya’s decision. Shen Ye sends Ju Nuo off as planned and tells her that he only sees her as a sister. After Ju Nuo leaves, Aranya confronts Shen Ye and tells him that she likes him. She wants him to say what is on his mind. He finally confesses to loving Aranya. Feng Jiu is mad that he never said that to the real Aranya. She knows that he knows that she is not the real Aranya.

While Shen Ye hugs her, Dong Hua is around to witness it. He gets jealous and walks away. Feng Jiu runs off to look for him. Dong Hua climbs into bed late at night after a night of rain. She confesses that she likes him and that she doesn’t like Shen Ye so he should be jealous. They spend the night together. The next day, Suye asks Dong Hua to help with the weapon but he just ignores it since he wants to spend time with Feng Jiu.

Episode 47

Fengjiu and Dong Hua continue to spend their time together leisurely. Dong Hua takes her to the snake pit to find the secret but with no avail. Fengjiu finally found the letters Suye wrote to Dong Hua and convinces him to return to help Suye out.

The Queen visits Shen Ye earlier than history dictates, therefore, Shen Ye calls Feng Jiu out to talk to her. He tells her that he is trying to collect Aranya’s soul in this dream to revive her. Unfortunately, Miao Luo shows up in the dream. During the fight with Miao Luo, Shen Ye accidentally knocks the lamp that collected Aranya’s soul down. The memories in the lamp went into Feng Jiu instead.

With Shen Yen’s approval, Feng Jiu begins to peek into Aranya’s memories. Feng Jiu sees the love story between Shen Ye and Aranya and how the King died of illness. While Aranya went to see her father and when she came back, Shen Ye already left without saying anything. Not long after, Aranya was arrested and killed. She died thinking that Shen Ye betrayed her.

Episode 48

Dong Hua and Suye finally finish making the weapon. It is a mirror that allows one to look into another person’s past. From there, they see that Shen Ye was the one that took care of Aranya when she was a baby. Fast forward to the time when Aranya died, they see that after the king is dead, the Queen is the one with power, and Aranya is imprisoned for killing the king. Shen Ye wants to protect Aranya and to do so, he asked for Wen Tian’s hand in marriage.

After Shen Ye married Wen Tian, he worked with her to help rescue Aranya under the Queen’s watch. They were able to send a letter to Xi Zhe to ask for her. Xi Zhe successfully rescued Aranya from her cell but she doesn’t know who is the person that asked Xi Zhe to save her.  Aranya decides to save her brother from the battle that the queen set up to kill him.  Aranya replaces her brother during the battle against another clan to defend her clan. She successfully defended her clan but died in battle.

After Aranya died, Xi Zhe goes to Shen Ye and asks for the letters that they send back and forth back. He tells Shen Ye that Aranya died already. A depressed Shen Ye goes to where Aranya died. The Queen and her army is there waiting for him. They shot arrows at him. Shen Ye wants to kill the whole clan but Xi Zhe comes to stop him. Xi Zhe tells him a way to revive Aranya using the dream world. Shen Ye uses his whole power to create that dream world.

Episode 49

Dong Hua and Suye look into Shen Ye’s past to see that he is Dong Hua’s shadow created back then. And when they looked into Aranya’s past, they see that she is actually Feng Jiu’s shadow. After the truth is discovered, the story continues with the king dying earlier than history. Fengjiu goes to see the king and then immediately arrives at battle with Shen Ye.

Dong Hua and Suye rush to the battleground to prevent Fengjiu from repeating history. Dong Hua takes Feng Jiu away before they can cast the spell. They explain the whole thing to Shen Ye who couldn’t take the truth and suicides by walking into the depth of the ocean. His soul returns to Dong Hua while Miao Luo is attacking them. Miao Luo successfully takes back the red mark from Feng Jiu.

With Shen Ye gone, the dream is slowly cracking. Dong Hua takes them out of the dream and returns to Fang Yin Gu. Outside the dream, Dong Hua prepares to battle Miao Luo while keeping the chaos away from Feng Jiu since she is still injured. The demon clan works hard to keep Miao Luo from breaking free.

Episode 50

Feng Jiu wakes up pretending to have amnesia. But Dong Hua sees thru her immediately. He teases her about not making her his queen anymore to which Feng Jiu “regain” her memories right away. The whole Biyiniao clan is ready to face Miao Luo and protect Fang Yin Gu.

Meng is feeling sad that he still can’t confess to his crush, Feng Jiu, even though they will be battling Miao Luo soon. Seeing that, Feng Jiu finally confesses to him that she is the Feng Jiu that he has been crushing. Meng runs off after hearing that. After Xiao Yan’s persuasion, Meng gathers his courage and confesses to her directly.

Episode 51

Feng Jiu returns to the heavenly realm. Her uncle reminds her that she has an important sword show in 15 days and will need to finish her sword scabbard by then. She works hard in those days to design and finish constructing her scabbard under Dong Hua’s care.

On the day of the sword ceremony, Dong Hua shows up unexpectedly, giving Feng Jiu much face. Feng Jiu struggled at first but with Dong Hua’s guidance, she manages to successfully pass the test. While she ascends the stairs to store her sword, Nie Chu Yin shows up and requests a friendly battle with Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu can’t help but accepts.

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