Entertainment Updates: Legend of Awakening, Ni Chang, My Roommate is a Detective, Love Scenery, Winter Begonia, Forget You Remember Love, The Untamed: Fatal Journey, Tang Yi Xin and Zhang Ruo Yun Announce Pregnancy, etc…

Zhao Li Ying celebrates as the production of Legend of Fei resumes filming after halting productions back in February. Most other dramas have also started to shoot again.

Entertainment News

New drama My Heart Skipped A Beat (心动的瞬间) stars Ling Mei Shi and Zhang Ling He.

Legend of Awakening (天醒之路). Starring Chen Fei Yu, Xiong Zi Qi, Cheng Xiao, and Deng En Xi.

Ni Chang (小女霓裳). Starring Li Jia Qi, Bi Wen Jun, Sun Jia Lu, and Song Wen Zuo. This drama is the sister drama to I Will Never Forget You with Ariel Lin and Zhang Bin Bin. The drama tells of a young woman from a fallen family becoming a successful business owner.

My Roommate is a Detective (民国奇探). Starring Xiao Yan, Hu Yi Tian, and Zhang Yun Long.

Love Scenery (良辰美景好时光). Starring Lin Yi and Xu Lu.

Winter Begonia (鬓边不是海棠红). Starring Huang Xiao Ming, Yin Zheng, and Charmaine Sheh. Premiered on March 20th.

Honey, Don’t Run Away (公子我娶定你了). Starring Xiang Han Zhi and Qiu Shi Lun. Premieres on March 22nd.

Forget You, Remember Love (忘记你记得爱情). Starring Xing Fei and Jin Ze. The drama is a remake of the hit Taiwanese drama The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog with Ming Dao and Joe Chen. The drama features a CEO losing his memories and falling in love with a hardworking woman from a lower class. Premieres on March 23rd.

The Untamed: Fatal Journey (陈情令之乱魄). Starring Ji Li, Wang Yi Zhou, and Zhu Zan Jin.

Celebrity News

Rising actor and actress Zhao Zhi Wei and Yu Shu Xin are rumored to have dated in the past with Zhao Zhi Wei even cheating on her. Zhao Zhi Wei has already made an announcement that the speculations are false. He clarified that there was never any cheating nor dating between them. Both of the are currently housed under the same entertainment company, Huace Media, and have participated in some variety shows and a drama together before.

Gao Yun Xiang has been found not guilty of rape and sexual assault. In 2018, he and Wang Jing, a film producer, were arrested on charges for sexual assault in a hotel in Sydney. The case had been ongoing with numerous retrials through the past two years. It has resulted in the delay of Gao Yun Xiang’s drama with Fan Bing Bing, The Legend of Ba Qing, for which his scenes were all deleted, and he was replaced by Li Chen. His marriage of 8 years with actress Dong Xuan had also ended as the two officially divorced in March 2019. With this court verdict, both Gao Yun Xiang and Wang Jin will return to Mainland China. Nothing has been mentioned about their careers, but we all can guess that it’s not going to be an easy comeback for them.

Tang Yi Xin and Zhang Ruo Yun are going to be parents! Tang Yi Xin was spotted with a round belly recently and she and Zhang Ruo Yun announced soon after that they are expecting!!! The two were married last year and will soon be welcoming their first child!! Congrats to both of them!

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.




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