[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book Episode 38-44


TitleThree Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book or Eternal Love of Dream (三生三世枕上书)

Episodes Count: 56

Release date: January 20,2020 for VIP members /January 22, 2020 – March 5, 2020 (for payable option)

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Episode 38

The plan is for Mo Suye to dress up as Dong Hua and lures Chang Di to a pit that they had dug up earlier. As planned, Chang Di approaches the person she thought is Xi Zhe and falls into the pit. Mo Suye takes her to Aranya’s room and lets her change into Aranya’s clothing. The snake thought that it was Aranya and chases after her.

Dong Hua watches the whole scene plays out from behind. Fengjiu caught glimpses of him and thought it was Mo Suye. She gives him that mask and drags him to the flower festival. They enjoy the night together and she talks to him as if she wasn’t Aranya herself. Only later when Fengjiu takes off Dong Hua’s mask that she realizes that he is Xi Zhe. She runs away from him right away.

The snake chases Chang Di all the way to the banquet. The king and queen got really angry and punishes Aranya. They lock her in a prison but she got transferred to a more vicious prison under Chang Di’s order instead. That night, a fire broke out. Chang Di left her. Shen Ye finds her and rescued her from the prison. He leaves her with Mo Suye and her maid, Cha Cha.

Episode 39

Dong Hua watches as Mo Suye cares for the injured Fengjiu and listens as Fengjiu spills out her feelings. She tells Suye about the disappointment of being abandoned by the person she loves, even though she doesn’t remember. She falls asleep on Suye’s shoulder. Dong Hua carries her back to her room.

Dong Hua goes to find Suye afterward. He learns that Suye is sent by the 3rd prince and tells Suye not to reveal his identity to Fengjiu yet. Outside the dream, everyone is worry but the 3rd prince reassures them that Dong Hua is capable of bringing Fengjiu back safely. The next day, Suye looks for Fengjiu as the two grill fish together. Shen Yen tells the king that there will be a meteor shower tonight and asks that the king host a banquet with the queen and princesses.  He goes to tell Aranya the news only to see Fengjiu and Suye getting along happily.

Episode 40

On the night of the meteor shower banquet, Shen Ye keeps watching Aranya before leaving halfway. Xi Zhe shows up when the queen asks Aranya where he is. They found out that he went to look for a medicine plant for Aranya’s injury.

That night, Chang Di sent a spy to follow Aranya while sending a letter to Suye asking to meet under Aranya’s name. The next morning, Chang Di and Ju Nuo storm over to Aranya’s place to catch her infidelity. They even call over the king. But the person on her bed is Xi Zhe, not Suye. Suye tells the king that he received a letter asking to meet but he knows the person who wrote it was Chang Di. Apparently, the whole thing was a reverse plan by Xi Zhe.

Chang Di and Ju Nuo got punished but not for plotting against Aranya. Chang Di was sent away for shattering the King’s favorite lamp and Ju Nuo was punished for having an affair with someone. Ju Nuo’s punishment came earlier than the history that Suye knows. He confirms that Dong Hua is the person behind it as a revenge for the plot against Fengjiu. In order to right the wrong history, Suye tells Fengjiu the history of the royal family in the hope that she can help. He tells her that Ju Nuo is not the King’s daughter. She is the daughter of the Queen and the previous king.

Episode 41

Suye tells Fengjiu that Aranya saves Ju Nuo on the day that she was subjected to the tiger blade. Her action was intended to save Shen Ye, who went to save Ju Nuo. To recreate that crucial moment, Fengjiu must use her and Shen Ye’s blood to reseal the tiger back into the blade. The present-day Shen Ye knows that the Queen will come and beg him to save Ju Nuo. He sees Xi Zhe from the corner and asks for direction. Xi Zhe tells him that it is his decision to make. Shen Ye feels that history has changed. Aranya is different and now even Xi Zhe is different.

On the day of punishment, Ju Nuo’s blood activated the blade and releases the tiger. As expected, Shen Ye arrives to save Ju Nuo. Fengjiu is reluctant to help because of the pain but Suye begs her for help. She rushes out at and help Shen Ye battle the white tiger as she repeats the same dialogue that Aranya had with Shen Ye. While she lets her blood runs on the blade, Miao Luo detects a part of her soul that she had hidden during her battle with Dong Hua. That part resides in Fengjiu’s red birthmark. The white tiger is successfully sealed, but Fengjiu is severely injured as a result.

Dong Hua takes the fainted Fengjiu away. Miao Luo sent her shadow to look for that red mark and finds Fengjiu’s body that Dong Hua had left at the depth of the ocean. Before she can take back the red mark, Dong Hua shows up. While the two battle, Fengjiu wakes up and walks toward the sleeping body. She touches the red mark and returns to her own body.

Episode 42

Fengjiu finally wakes up with all her memory back. She sees Dong Hua and Miao Luo battling. Dong Hua also sees her and rushes to greet her. That moment of distraction allows Miao Luo to successfully injure Dong Hua. Fenjiu goes to look for Dong Hua and finds him in a cave. She wraps up his injury while he confesses that he loves her. She is a little confused still with her memory still befuddled but she reluctantly believes him.

Dong Hua thought that Aranya’s body is back at the icebox but when he went to check, Aranya’s body is not there. He deduces that there must be something between Aranya and Fengjiu. Fengjiu and Dong Hua return to the palace as Aranya and Xi Zhe. Shen Ye also moved into Aranya’s quarter temporarily. Suye tells Fengjiu that during this time, Aranya keeps sending letters to Shen Ye under the pen name Wen Tian.

Episode 43

Suye is summoned by Dong Hua therefore rushes to give Fengjiu Aranya’s letters so that she can send it to Shen Ye during this time. Shen Ye is curious why she, who is so different from Aranya, sends him letters. She keeps giving him letters. When Shen Ye compares the handwriting, it is exactly the same. Except he is still doubtful that she is Aranya. The letters go back and forth until Suye tells Fengjiu that later, Aranya will actually find this Wen Tian to meet Shen Ye.

Feng Jiu asks Cha Cha to look for Wen Tian. She tells Wen Tian the behind story and asks Wen Tian to keep pretending that she is the one who has been talking to Shen Ye. And as planned, Wen Tian and Shen Ye meet. The two get along well. When Shen Ye finds out that the person writing to him is not Wen Tian but Aranya all along, he bursts into her room to ask for an explanation. She quickly admits it. But too quickly. Shen Ye is sad that the person now in Aranya’s dream is not the same Aranya as before.

Episode 44

Dong Hua visits Fengjiu with a flowery headband and takes her out to a festival. The two walks the street and Fengjiu buys whatever Dong Hua wants. From the corner, Dong Hua notices that Miao Luo is following them. He keeps an eye on her while spending the time with Fengjiu. Dong Hua tells Fengjiu that once they leave Aranya’s dream, he will marry her.

FengJiu drags Dong Hua to an event where women throw sachet at the man they like. Dong Hua ends up with a bunch sticking to him. Everything was sweet and happy for the couple until Miao Luo shows up. Dong Hua chases after her. Fengjiu returns to her place to find Shen Ye drunk and angry. He reveals that he knows Fengjiu is not Aranya. Dong Hua shows up and knocks Shen Ye out. Fengjiu is angry that he left her again. She tells him that she rather stay in Aranya’s dream and be with him there. The misunderstanding between them deepens but for Dong Hua, keeping Fengjiu safe from Miao Luo is the priority.

Chexmix: Woo! The drama just ended but unfortunately, I’m not there yet. We’re almost at there! But I really like how the story in Aranya’s dream is developing so far. Can’t wait! >.<

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