[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book Episode 27-31


TitleThree Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book or Eternal Love of Dream (三生三世枕上书)

Episodes Count: 56

Release date: January 20,2020 for VIP members /January 22, 2020 – March 5, 2020 (for payable option)

Where to watchYoutube

Episode 27

After Dong Hua takes Fengjiu the handkerchief back with him, he teasingly throws it toward a scented burner and almost chops at it knowing exactly that it is Fengjiu. Ali goes to look for Zhe Yan for help getting Fengjiu back but Dong Hua returns a plain of handkerchief instead. Zhe Yan and Ali can’t help but leave without retrieving Fengjiu.

While Dong Hua is sleeping, Fengjiu takes the chance to sneak away. She uses her power to put him in deep sleep just in case. But without realizing, the power was reflected back on her. Dong Hua watches as she falls asleep and turns her back into a handkerchief and took her with him to battle Yan Chi Wu.

Dong Hua ties her around his waist and they battle. Yan Chiwu snips the handkerchief off his waist and Fengjiu falls downward. Dong Hua chases after her and protects her in a sphere. Unfortunately, a burst of wind blows both her and Yan Chiwu down into Fang Yin Gu, an isolated located of the Biyi Niao clan.

Episode 28

Fengjiu and Yan walk out to look for a way to leave Fang Yi Gu. Instead of leaving, Fengjiu falls down into a portal and enters in the center of the Biyi Niao clan. Yan follows after her. The two land right on top of the second prince, Meng, who was trying to sneak out. The guards take it as an attack on the prince and so the Queen gives orders to lock the two up.

When Meng wakes up, he tells his mother that it was an accident, the two did not attack him. They were exchange students coming to Fang Yin Gu to learn. The Queen believes it and arranges a palace for them to stay. Meng tells Fengjiu that the canyon only opens up once every 60 years, so there’s no way for her and Yan to leave. Fengjiu and Yan have no choice but to stay and pretend to learn.

Fengjiu learns that there is an annual competition at Fang Yin Gu and the prize is the fruit that she has been looking for to revive Qingti. Fengjiu aims to participate in that competition. While Dong Hua heads to Fang Yin Gu as a tea instructor.

Episode 29

The students at Fan Yin Gu hear that a replacement teacher will teach them instead so they decide to prank the teacher with a trap. Fengjiu designs the trap. Turns out, Dong Hua did come personally to teach. The person that falls into Fengjiu trap ends up being the teacher. After the teacher escapes the trap, he chases after Fengjiu and wants to punish her. Dong Hua helps her out instead. Fengjiu is still mad at him for not coming to save her sooner. To ease her anger, Dong Hua turns himself into a handkerchief. Fengjiu playfully messes with the handkerchief by using it as a rag.

Fengjiu happily thinks that she is teasing Dong Hua when Yan tells her that he just saw Dong Hua and the 3rd prince playing chess. She realizes that she has been tricked and storms over in anger. Dong Hua did not feel guilty at all about tricking her. She storms off after giving Dong Hua a good lecture.

Since Fengjiu was not picked to participate in the competition. Since she can’t compete, she decides to go steal the fruit instead. But the fruit is guarded by snake beasts. She gives him since she is scared of snakes.

Episode 30

Dong Hua gives his tea lecture to the class with Jiheng accompanying. After the lecture, she suggests that they have a tea-making competition. Fengjiu got paired with Jiheng. Dong Hua gives the win to Jiheng. Fengjiu asks him if he did that only because she wasn’t listening to him in class.

Meng tells Fengjiu and Yan that the snake beasts leave the tree once in full moon. Fengjiu and Yan decide to wait for then to steal the fruit. Yan digs a tunnel that leads to the tree but Dong Hua disrupts that plan. When Fengjiu goes down to the tunnel, it splits in 3. She ends up seeing Dong Hua and another woman together.

Jiheng also witnessed Dong Hua with another woman and ran away with jealousy. Fengjiu sees thru the setup and knows that Dong Hua and the woman are battling. She decides to help him however her power is no match for Miao Luo. Dong Hua saves her and together, they chase away Miao Luo together. Dong Hua got injured in the process. Fengjiu helps him wrap up his injury and Dong Hua makes her stay with him using his injury as an excuse.

Episodes 31

Fengjiu becomes really sick that night and clings on to Dong Hua thinking that he is her mother. He takes care of her until she wakes up. She bounces off of him right away and blames him for not pushing her away. When she wanted to leave, she sees Jiheng lingering outside. She didn’t want to cause misunderstanding so hides but Dong Hua doesn’t care at all about Jiheng. Fengjiu sneaks off anyway.

Dong Hua comes looking for Fengjiu. She sneaks off before he sees her. Not liking that Yan and Fengjiu hang out a lot, Dong Hua changes his living place with Yan and Yan happily accepts since it’s much closer to Jiheng. Fengjiu learns that Fan Yin Gu only has winter because Chen Ye took away the other 3 seasons in memory of Aranya.

Fengjiu still wants to steal the fruit before the competition. Dong Hua helps her be a participant in the competition instead. She was elated when she heard the news. She decides that she must thank Dong Hua for his recommendation under Yan’s convincing.

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