[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book Episode 22-26


TitleThree Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book or Eternal Love of Dream (三生三世枕上书)

Episodes Count: 56

Release date: January 20,2020 for VIP members /January 22, 2020 – March 5, 2020 (for payable option)

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Episode 22

After Xuanren dies, his soul returns as Dong Hua. Dong Hua does not remember anything and his power returns only about 70-80%. Nie Chu Yin gives the soul-locking jade to the demon king. She happily accepts it but it will take some time for her to absorb the power and break free. Jiheng finally regains her memory thanks to Yan Chi Wu. But she leaves soon after to Fan Yin Gu, where she can heal.

Feng Jiu returns to Qing Qiu in a depressed state. After hearing about her aunt’s wedding, she rushes to visit her. Bai Qian tells her that the family will always her back. After Fenjiu leaves, Bai Qian asks Ali to cheer her up. (hehe such a cute kid!).

Ali and Fengjiu disguise themselves and play. A young man accidentally drops his light and almost fell. Fengjiu rushes to save him. Ali calls out her name out loud and lets everyone know who she is. Fengjiu and Ali return.

Episode 23

Chen Yu looks for Fengjiu to cheer her up. While Zhe Yan talks about a potential marriage partner for Fengjiu with her father. Fengjiu and Chen Yu talk about letting go of Dong Hua while drinking wine. The 3rd prince interrupts them and Fengjiu dashes off.

Fengjiu returns to find her dad looking for her. Her dad lectures her about the responsibility of being a queen but she is too drunk to care. Her dad brings up her marriage to ChangYi and she agrees because it could be a way to forget about Dong Hua.

Dong Hua had a dream about his mortal life but not sure what to make of it. He asks Si Ming for a record of what happened in his mortal life. When he reads the story about Zhou Mengxi, something did not feel right but not sure why so.

After  Fengjiu wakes up, Ali congratulates her on her wedding. She realizes what she did while drunk and rushes to ask her dad to cancel the wedding. Her dad did not agree. She wants to run away but decides to ask her 4th uncle to convince her dad first. Her dad still said no. So she decides to take the matter into her own hands and asks Chang Yi to cancel the wedding himself. He refuses. She tells him that if he wins her in a fight, they can get married but if he loses, he must cancel the wedding.

Episode 24

Fengjiu’s dad and Zhe Yan arrive after Fenjiu has already destroyed Chang Yi’s place. Chang Yi finally agrees to cancel the wedding. Feng Jiu’s dad wants to punish her but was convinced with Zhe Yan and Chang Yi to let her off. Before she leaves, Chang Yi tells her that he will continue to wait for her.

The third prince asks Dong Hua if he wants to come to Qing Qiu to pick Bai Qian up for the marriage ceremony. He can look for his little pet fox there. Dong Hua agrees. The crew arrives at Qing Qiu to pick up Bai Qian and Feng Jiu greets their guests.

The marriage crew escorts Bai Qian and Qing Qiu’s people to the heavenly realm. Fengjiu and Ali sneaks off while Dong Hua goes around to look for his fox. The three arrive a later than usual and are greeted by Si Ming. Feng Jiu pretends that she doesn’t know Dong Hua but Dong Hua is skeptical.

The Bai family decides to let Feng Jiu stays in the heavenly realm and asks Bai Qian to arrange a few people for Feng Jiu to meet. She doesn’t want to but oblige. She purpose does things that the people she’s meeting doesn’t like. She thought she was with Mi Gu after the guy left but it turns out that Dong Hua was sitting behind listening to her the whole time.

Episode 25

Rumors are already spreading in the heavenly realm that Dong Hua is interested in a woman. Everywhere Fengjiu goes, Dong Hua always seems to be there. During the flower show, a beast was released. Fengjiu stalls for time battling the beast while waiting for help. She nearly got attack when Dong Hua shows up to rescue her (again). Dong Hua gives her his outer coat. She tries to refuse it but he makes it impossible for her to do so.

Bai Qian arranges a get together for Fengjiu and a group of potential marriage partners. She runs away to a hot spring and decides to relax there. Coincidentally, Dong Hua is also there. She tries to leave but he already notices her. She awkwardly retrieves her clothes with Dong Hua’s help. She leaves the bracelet that Qingti gave her behind. Dong Hua keeps it for her. It is only much later that she realizes she had left it behind.

Episode 26

More rumors about Dong Hua’s mysterious girl emerges after the hot spring. Si Ming tells Fengjiu that there are rumors that Chen Yu is the daughter of Dong Hua and this mysterious girl. Fengjiu’s curiosity dissipates after knowing exactly who the mysterious girl is referring to. Fengjiu rushes into to demand that Dong Hua return her bracelet but she didn’t notice that a bunch of new immortals were around to witness that.

Zhihe puts on a performance for the heavenly king and everyone. As a favor to Dong Hua, the king suggests that she gets to return to the heavenly realm. During the banquet, Fengjiu gets too drunk and accidentally tells Dong Hua a little bit about her time as his pet fox. She sneaks in Taichen palace to return his outerwear. Zhihe confronts her for it but Fengjiu just brushes her off.

Fengjiu bumps into Dong Hua again for the nth time. Since she doesn’t want to deal with him, she turns herself into a handkerchief to hide. Dong Hua sees thru it right away and pretends that the handkerchief is his. He takes with him back to Taichen palace while Ali can do nothing but watch as Fengjiu get wisp away.

4 thoughts on “[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book Episode 22-26

  1. Same! I thought they explained the mortal story line really well despite the glimpses we see in the book. Haha yea. These episodes have been more comedic with how DH teases her.


  2. Thanks for the recap…yeah we back to heaven world and we get some comedic and happy moments cause the mortal realm was just too heart break and the general what a lost..so far I like this mortal version explanation better than the book with FJ friendship and sacrifice….it’s great the production here stay pretty fateful to the book making it enjoyable…

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