[Thread] Miss Truth (大唐女法医)


Catch Zhou Jieqiong and others in this romance forensic-theme drama!

Title: Miss Truth (大唐女法医) or The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor

Production Company: Xing Ge Entertainment, Youku

Filming Location: Xiangshan Film and Television City (Xiangshan Global Studios)

Directors: Wu Tianmao, Tian Ye

Episode Count: 36

Genre: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

Release Date: February 14th, 2020-March 18, 2020 (VIP) or March 25,2020

Synopsis: It tells the story of forensic doctor Ran Yan as she unravels one murder case after another in trying to investigate the truth behind her mother’s death.

Determined to conduct her own investigation regarding her mother’s suicide, Ran Yan (Zhou Jieqiong) learned how to do autopsies since she childhood. The 18-year-old noble lady in dire straits meets Xiao Song (Toby Lee) from the Ministry of Justice, the deadly assassin Su Fu (Pei Zitian) and the talented scholar Sang Chen (Lan Bo). In solving murder cases, Ran Yan also finds love. (Source: Chinesedrama.info)

Story is adapted from Chinese novel The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor by Xiu Tang. Link to English translation of the novel.

Where to watch: Youtube (raw…the video got removed 😦 I recommend typing the drama name of 大唐女法医 on youtube and searching as some episodes will popped up)

Productive Procrastination (English sub)


Zhou Jieqiong (Kyulkyung) as Ran Yan, a 18 year old noble lady who started learning post-moderns in order to find out the truth behind her mother’s death. She meets Xiao Song and Su Fu as she started solving one case to another while seeking out the truth. Along the way, she will find true love. Ran Yan is a calm woman with a strong mind and strong logical reasoning. She firmly believes that the body can “tell” the truth. When it comes to love, she is steadfast and firm.


Li Chengbin as Xiao Song, official of the Ministry of Justice and known as “ghost bringing sorrows”. He is resourceful and logical. He’s jokingly called “Mermaid Xiao” by Ran Yan. Born from influential family of many generations. His gaze is clear as poison, causing alarms to others during encounters.


Pei Zitian as Su Fu, the cold-looking and indifferent top assassin of Huoqi Society. Obtained jianghu’s name as the “Lone Wolf Su”. There is always an one of a kind loneliness he exudes from a thousand miles away that repels others when they try to get closer.


Lan Bo as Sang Chen, a gentle and talented scholar with a funny personality. Also called “Meng Tu Sang” (referring endearingly as “soft rabbit”). Has a light deposition and world-class knowledge with unrivaled skills.


Wang Yizhe as Bai Yi, part of Ministry of Justice’s squadron and Xiao Song’s capable, trusted assistant.


Tu Hua as Ran Meiyu, Ran Yan’s half sister. Admires Xiao Song.


Yuan Ziyun (Sonia) as Wan Lu, Ran Yan’s personal maid who grew up with her master. She has a deep affectionate relationship with her master like two female friends.


Dai Tingrui as Ran Yunsheng, Ran Yan’s tenth brother (cousin) from her merchant family uncle.

Shi Qingyan as Princess Baling


Gao Beibei as Mrs. Dongyang

Extra Tidbits of the Drama:

  • This is Zhou Jieqiong’s first drama debut.
  • Filming took three months and wrapped up in 103 days.
  • The source novel is transmigration with a modern day forensic doctor being reborn in ancient times, but likely due to the ban on transmigration with NRTA’s/SARFT’s regulations, the transmigration portion is removed.

Airing Schedule:

Wednesday to Friday with 2 episodes airing for each day. Youku VIP members get first 8 episodes.


Posters and Stills

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Are you excited for this drama? Any thoughts? First impressions? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “[Thread] Miss Truth (大唐女法医)

  1. Really enjoying this drama so far and I’m shocked at how fast paced the plot is, what a refreshing change from the other dramas! Guess cutting it from 60 to 36 episodes will do that lol… makes you realize just how many if those flashback scenes in other dreams were probably because of drama that went the other way (only enough story for 40 episodes, have to reach 60 somehow).

    I love that the female lead is smart and self sufficient, that she’s not a fighter or has magical powers, but instead just relies on her skills and bravery. The romance from what I’ve seen is understated (I’m only on Ep 7) and I’m definitely digging the second lead but I like her banter with the main lead too so no problems there. Acting wise I think they’re all fine, even as a rookie lead she’s pretty good! (Or maybe I have low expectations after watching 2 episodes of The Pillow Book and nearly falling asleep).

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  2. Just finished watching the first 8 episodes! Not bad at all!! She’s a better actress than other idols like her who’s just starting to act in dramas (thank goodness!). And omg…! I’m falling in love with Pei Zi Tian’s Su Fu already!!! I know he’s the second lead, but there’s just something about him that instantly draws you in!!!! ❤

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    1. Her acting to me is decently expressed outward, but it’s not too convincing at some parts. She definitely looks most convincing to me when she examines corpses lol and pipa playing (I know in real life she can play it). I’m glad at least she’s not those stiff acting idols. And yes to Su Fu!! I think it’s the brooding eyes and his actions. With Xiao Song you get the bantering, but with Su Fu you get the romantic actions even if he’s an assassin lol

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  3. I think I’ll just do my first impression here from the first eight episodes lol
    I was a little bit excited about this drama as we get to see the two guys from Arsenal Military Academy and they’re on the same side again!!

    First off, what a wacky start in the first episode. The premise is basically the same as the synopsis and the female lead is introduced pretty soon to Xiao Song (pretty weird situation) and Su Fu. Those three get involved in the first case of murder and such a case is connected to this one treasure that Xiao Song (Li Chengbin) is tasked to find by the Emperor while Su Fu (Pei Zitian) wants to steal it for his assassin society. The autopsies are not really gory and it’s mostly finding clues that help solve the cases. Really less on the forensic-scientific part compared to the novel. Not really a horror drama, but more of a detective drama with romance and comedy are thrown in the mix. I will say for the romance, I’m having major second male lead syndrome lol and I think the drama is giving more romantic scenes (slow-mo) to the second male lead. I think later on it will shift to more romantic scenes for Li Chengbin’s character with Ran Yan (FL).

    If I had to compare it to the novel, the beginning portion of the novel is not really the same as the beginning of the first episode. I understand why in particular they had to cut out that first case in the novel as it involves the transmigration portion. In addition, they combined Su Fu’s character with another character in the novel relating to Ran Yan. I think they might combine more characters or make certain characters less “godly” in comparison to the novel (to let readers relate better). I think it’s particularly due to the cutting of the episodes. Originally, the drama was rumored to be around 60s episodes and then moved to episodes in the 40s. Now it’s at 36 episodes.

    Due to the shortening of the episodes, the transitions between scenes can be choppy, but the story gets straight to the point with certain scenes. It really moves the story along faster in comparison to other shows I’ve watched. Cinematography can use some more polishing as I noted some scenes with shaky cameras. They also keep using this one mysterious spooky soundtrack on the mystery portions of the show and I have it stuck in my head lol. Opening and ending songs are pretty decent and pleasant to the ears.

    As for acting, Zhou Jieqiong gives off a newbie vibe and can use more improvements, but that’s a given considering it’s her first lead. The others are solid.

    Final verdict: Decent drama if you’re into case-solving and bits of forensic with some romance or need a romance drama to kill time lol.

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    1. Is it subbed? If so, where do you watch it? I definitely want to check this drama out! I read the novel, and I quite liked it (although the plot is somewhat slow). But I liked the main female lead, so it was worth reading it. However, I’m hoping that Zhou Jie Qiong isn’t too disappointing. I’m not having high hopes to her acting because she is still relatively now. But I’d still want to try watching the drama.

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      1. I’m watching it raws. Can be found on youtube. I couldn’t link it directly as I found out the one I did linked end up being removed.

        Youtube: /watch ? v=t0U21WzPQzc

        Just remove the spacings.

        It’s not too bad watching raws, but the part where they discuss the case in long lengths, I’m lagging behind in following along lol. But visual-wise, they show you how the two leads envisioned what have happened in each of the murder case and this helps viewers follow along. So the reliance on subtitles or audio aren’t too high for me and maybe others?? When they read something that has the characters written out it gets annoying, but I know some dramas don’t bother subbing those lol. Most of the time, it’s the leads finding clues that don’t require the Chinese characters… mostly objects. I also went to find the video subbed in another language I know and it helps with the autopsies part, but from what I’ve watched in that other language subbed, they mostly talk about the size/measurements of the wounds and where it’s located. Sometimes they throw in slightly harder vocabs, but not understanding them doesn’t diminish my viewing. The romance scenes or simple convo some folks have are more straightforward to get.

        I’m thinking of finding a way to get episode 1 raw (then try to upload it on dailymotion) and then writing out an English subbed script on the post here or somewhere. If no one is subbing it by the end of Feb, I might just update past episode 1 around March. Not sure if readers are interested in at least checking out episode 1?? Might just upload this post randomly next week lol.

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        1. Thanks much!!! I’m going to check it out! Hopefully, I don’t get too confused. But I’m used to watching dramas raw and can generally get a basic idea of what’s going on. So hopefully that works out. Thanks for the link!


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