[Recap] Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book Episode 11-15


TitleThree Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book or Eternal Love of Dream (三生三世枕上书)

Episodes Count: 56

Release date: January 20,2020 for VIP members /January 22, 2020 – March 5, 2020 (for payable option)

Where to watchYoutube

Episode 11

Si Ming reprimands Feng Jiu for interfering with Dong Hua’s trial. Because of her interfering, the woman that Xuanren was supposed to fall in love with is missing. Feng Jiu goes back to the mortal world disguised as a young ma to find her. While she debates on how to get into the palace, Qingti is escorting Chu Wan into the palace for the marriage. Assassins try to kill her. Qingti almost got shot at if not for Feng Jiu warning him.

They successfully chase away the assassins but captures Feng Jiu in the process. Qingti recognizes Feng Jiu as the person who saves Xuanren and takes her to see the emperor. Feng Jiu and Xuanren meet for the first time and Feng Jiu asks if she can stay in the palace to serve the emperor. Xuanren agrees.

Qingti helps Feng Jiu adjusts and celebrates with her. In a drunken stupor, she accidentally bumps into Xuanren and they both fall into the pond. Her makeup and hair come undone. She sneaks away as fast as she could. Xuanren, on the other hand, falls in love with her at first sight. He searches for her everywhere but to no avail.

Episode 12

Chen Yu storms to the mortal world trying to drag Feng Jiu back. But instead of convincing Feng Jiu, she got convinced instead to help her. Feng Jiu tells her about Jiheng’s appearance and asked Chen Yu to get the sword’s blueprint from the 3rd prince to test Jiheng.

Chen Yu gives Feng Jiu the blueprint and Feng Jiu shows it to Xuanren while Jiheng is present. But Jiheng has no reaction. Feng Jiu concludes that she must have lost her memory. Xuanren shows it to Qingti and asks him to get works to make the sword.

Qingti tells Fengjiu that Zhou Mengxi, the person she is looking for, is dead. Feng Jiu realizes that she must have altered Mengxi’s fate with her presence. Si Ming’s confirms her suspicion. Si Ming tells her that in order for Dong Hua to successfully finish his trial, Feng Jiu must replace Mengxi as Xuanren’s love trial in the mortal realm.

Episode 13

Fengjiu accepts her task and finally reveals herself as the woman who fell into the water with the king. The woman who Xuanren has been looking for. Xuanren immediately gives her a meiren title and a palace to live in.

Xuanren visits her but Fengjiu doesn’t know how to act around Xuanren. She pretends to be sick to avoid his affection. He leaves dejectedly. It is now known that Feng Jiu is the king’s new favorite. (Their interaction is so cute here. >.<)

Wu wan (Jiheng) whose task is to find the soul-locking jade, has looked everywhere except for Xuanren’s chamber. To get access to it, she has to get close to the king now. She made up story about her dead mother to gain Xuanren’s sympathy and it works. But the minute that he hears Feng Jiu is sick, he rushes to see her immediately.

Episode 14

Xuanren makes roasted potato for the sick Feng Jiu since it is her favorite. She notices the burn and applies medicine to him. The next day, Xuanren goes to visit her but sees that she is with Qingti and is feeding him some pastry. He gets jealous and ignores her when she visits to deliver the pastry to him. (Lol. This part is so cute.)

Feng Jiu makes some more pastry for the banquet with the king and the king’s mother. Before Xuanren tries the cake, a servant taste test it for him and dies in the process. They accused her of trying to murder the king. They lock Feng Jiu up for investigation. Xuanren orders Qingti to investigate. Qingti asks her again and again where her hometown is but she wouldn’t say. She couldn’t say.

Episode 15

The 7-day deadline is approaching but Qingti still hasn’t found any evidence to prove Feng Jiu innocent. He goes to ask her again for details of her background but she refuses to tell him.

Xuanren is worried about Feng Jiu’s case. He goes to visit her in her cell but she doesn’t tell him anything. All she asks is that he trusts her.

Qingti finally finds how the poison is administered. The poison is on the plate that holds the cake and the one who poisoned it is a servant in Feng Jiu’s court. With that, Feng Jiu is proven innocent and is released from prison.

Chexmix: I love their interaction in the mortal world! Dong Hua here is so much more playful and expressive. It is fun to watch.

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