Entertainment Updates: Thank You Doctor, Love To Be Loved By You, Your Home Is My Business, Disney’s Mulan, Well-Intended Love S2, The Great Ruler, Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng Get Married, etc…

Not a lot of updates…! Due to the Coronavirus, many productions are halting filming…

Entertainment News

Thank You, Doctor (谢谢你医生). Starring Yang Mi, Bai Yu, Qiao Zhen Yu, and Ren Hao.

Love to Be Loved By You (你是我的城池营垒). Starring Ma Si Chuan, Bai Jing Ting, Wang Yang, and Jiang Pei Yao. Drama is about a doctor and a special forces officer working together to solve a case and finding romance along the way.

Your Home is My Business (卖房子的人). Starring Sun Li, Luo Jin, Zhang Meng (张萌), Wang Zi Jian.

Disney’s Mulan. Starring Liu Yi Fei, Yoson An, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Gong Li, Jason Scott Lee, and more. Premiering on March 27th.

Well-Intended Love S2 (奈何boss要娶我). Starring Xu Kai Cheng and Wang Shuang.

The Great Ruler (大主宰). Starring Wang Yuan, Ouyang Na Na, Luo Ming Jie, Ma Yue, Li Shu Ting, Sun Su Meng, and more. The drama premiered on January 30th.

New Face finishes filming. Starring Zhou Yi Wei and Yuan Shan Shan.

With the Coronavirus crisis going on, many dramas that are in the midst of filming have been suspended. These dramas include Legend of Fei, My Talent Neighbour, Hello My Shining Love, Rose in the Storm, Insect Totem, Onmyouji, Thank You Doctor, Like A Flowing River S2, and more…

Celebrity News

Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen and T-actress Joanne Tseng announce their marriage!!! I didn’t know the two were an item! But congrats to the newly wedded couple!

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.

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