[Recap] Once Upon A Time In Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山) Ep. 25-27

Title: Once Upon a Time in Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山)
# of Episodes
: 37
Release Date: November 12th, 2019
Where to Watch: iQiyi App

Episode 25

After Wang Wu engages in battle with the masked men, she succumbs to her previous wounds. However, Hai Tian Kuo shows up and takes her with him.

Wang Wu later wakes up in at Junhuang Mountain. Hai Tian Kuo is also in the room and she questions why he saved her. He reveals that he was once a friend of Ouyang Shang. The two then discuss about the mysterious happenings between the 5 sects, which includes the masked men that Wang Wu had been chasing. Hai Tian Kuo also reveals that he’s been secretly looking into who the men are and believes that they are up to no good.

Later on, Hai Tian Kuo is confronted by the deceased Xu Jing Tian’s younger brother, Xu Ze Fang, who is angered by his brother’s death. The two end up fighting each other and only stop when Hai Tian Kuo reveals to him the truth about his parents death. It turns out that his parents were killed by an unknown dark power while he was trying to fight against it to protect them. With the truth unveiled, Xu Ze Fang swears loyalty to Hai Tian Kuo.

Meanwhile, in Jiyang City, Wang Lu is accused of kidnapping a young woman, Ah Miao, and who is also the same one who bumped into him on the first day that he entered the city. When he mentions that he is related to the Xue brothers, the officials become lenient. They tell them that along with Ah Miao, other young women have also mysteriously disappeared. The officials believe it is the work of a wolf demon that has been rumored to be lingering around the city. Wang Lu then assures them that he and his friends will take up the case and find the missing girls.

Hai Yun Fang discusses with Wang Lu about the case, and Wang Lu suspects it to be the Xue brothers. He has been suspicious of them from the start and can’t shake the feeling that they might have something to do with the case. So, they return to the Xue Manor to look for clues.

With Hai Yun Fang and Wen Bao searching for clues around the manor, Wang Lu goes to Feng Ling and questions her. Feng Ling soon catches on to Wang Lu’s questions and assures him that she and Xue Bo Ren are true to each other and their feelings are real. But when she reveals that Xue Bo Ren has a secret chamber, this catches Wang Lu’s attention.

Episode 26

That night, Wang Lu convinces Hai Yun Fang and Wen Bao to sneak into Xue Bo Ren’s secret chamber. Using Hai Yun Fang’s invisibility charm, they sneak around the servants and go to Xue Bo Ren’s room. However, when they get there, Wang Lu and Wen Bao are caught by Xue Bo Ren.

Xue Bo Ren invites them to enter the secret chamber. As they enter the chamber, they find nothing related to the case and leave empty handed.

However, Hai Yun Fang remains, and using his invisibility charm, he ends up following Xue Bo Ren into another secret chamber. Hai Yun Fang quickly goes to inform Wang Lu and Wen Bao. He confirms that Ah Miao was indeed in Xue Bo Ren’s secret chamber. With this, Wang Lu quickly deduces that Xue Bo Ren may be the wolf demon that is kidnapping girls.

The next morning, the three men go to Ah Miao’s house and speak to her mother. Her mother reveals that Ah Miao has returned home, but has been acting weird since. But she quickly comes to her senses when Wang Lu tests her. They question her about what happened to her, but she only remembers going to the Beast Mastery Sect’s Temple and meeting a priest who gave her special water to drink.

Left with no other choice, Hai Yun Fang performs a spell on Ah Miao and the three of them enter her memories. They find out that the day after she visited the Beast Mastery Sect’s Temple, she left home during the middle of the night and turned into a cat. The memory then skips to her being inside Xue Bo Ren’s secret chamber and seeing him perform a spell on her. Xue Bo Ren tells her not to get close to the Beast Mastery Sect.

After watching her memories, Hai Yun Fang is convinced that Xue Bo Ren is the wolf demon and wants to go confront him. But now Wang Lu is no longer convinced about it. He believes that it may not as simple as they had initially thought, but Hai Yun Fang is adamant that they take immediate action. Wang Lu cautions him, but Hai Yun Feng fights back. Their disagreement causes a rift between them, as Wang Lu calls out Hai Yun Fang’s bias against demons as his main motivator against Xue Bo Ren rather than actually solving the case.

Episode 27

In the midst of their argument, Wen Bao appears and Hai Yun Fang and Wang Lu fight over him. Wang Lu wants Wen Bao to accompany him to the Beast Mastery Sect, while Hai Yun Fang wants him to go to the Xue Manor. Wen Bao is unable to choose between them and tells them not to separate.

Later on, Hai Yun Fang goes drinking at a restaurant and bumps into Xue Zhong Ren and Xue Shu Ren. As the two leave, he masks himself secretly follows after them. But he later gets ambushed by them in a forest. As he is outnumbered, he is saved by a disciple from the Shengjing Sect.

Meanwhile, Wang Wu listens to Wang Lu’s latest report to her and figures it’s time that she soon leave Junhuang Mountain. She goes to meet Hai Tian Kuo to try to get information from him about Ouyang Shang, but ends up dueling him instead for the information. It is soon revealed that the one fighting against Hai Tian Kuo is a puppet and the real Wang Wu is secretly searching through Hai Tian Kuo’s room for clues.

After the fight, Hai Tian Kuo quickly leaves to his room, which makes the real Wang Wu go hide inside a barrel. Hai Tian Kuo ends up staying inside his room for a few hours, which means Wang Wu also ends up getting stuck inside the barrel. When he finally leaves, Wang Wu goes out and finds that Hai Tian Kuo has left a note for her. He knew she was in the room and he purposely let her stay in the barrel to so that it could help her detoxify from her poison, since it had Iron Blood (which is a healing method from Junhuang Mountain).

Wang Wu calls Hai Tian Kuo to come out, but Xu Ze Fang arrives and tells her that Hai Tian Kuo has ordered for her to stay at Junhuang Mountain to recuperate longer. He has placed a matrix around the building so that she is unable to get out.

The next morning, Wang Lu, Hai Yun Fang, and Wen Bao go visit the Beast Mastery Sect’s Temple. The previous night, Hai Yun Fan and Wang Lu had made up and he agreed to go to the temple. At the temple, the three meet with the sect leader, Zuo Xia.

Wang Lu excuses himself for a bathroom break and uses the time to go sneak around the Beast Mastery Sect. He ends up finding a secret cave with various caged animals.

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