Top 10 Dramas With the Highest Douban Score (2019)

Similar to how we have Dramalist and IMBd to rate movies and dramas, China has Douban. Douban has over 200 million registered users and usually, the highly-rated dramas are known more for their quality. The list below is Douban highest-rated drama for 2019. If you’re looking for a quality drama to watch, do give one of these a try.


  1. Title: The World Between Us

Starring: Alyssa Chia and James Wen

Rating: 9.5


2.   Title: The Making of an Ordinary Woman

Starring: Ying Shiuan Hsieh and James Wen

Rating: 9.1


3.   Title: The Untamed

Starring: Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo

Rating: 8.2


4. Title: The Longest Day in Chang’An

Starring: Lei Jia Yin and Jackson Yi

Rating: 8.3


5. Title: A Little Reunion

Starring: Huang Lei and Hai Qing

Rating: 8.4


6. Title: Love and Destiny

Starring: Chang Chen and Ni Ni

Rating: 8.3


7. Title: Waiting For You in The Future

Starring: Li Guang Jie and Fei Qi Ming

Rating: 8.6


8. Title: Young Blood

Starring: Steven Zhang and Zhou Yu Tong

Rating: 8.2


9. Title: All is Well

Starring: Yao Chen and Guo Jing Fei

Rating: 7.8


10. Title: Joy of Life

Starring: Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin

Rating: 7.9

Source: Douban

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