[Recap] Once Upon A Time In Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山) Ep. 22-24

Title: Once Upon a Time in Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山)
# of Episodes
: 37
Release Date: November 12th, 2019
Where to Watch: iQiyi App

Episode 22

With Lord Tianlun going beserk due to Black Tide, Wang Lu engages in battle with him. However, he gets easily overpowered and Ye Li (Liu Li Xian’s first identity) has to intervene. She begs her father to stop, but he is unable to stop his body from being controlled from the dark power.

But Wang Wu soon shows up and fights against Lord Tianlun. She and Wang Lu work together and the two are eventually able to subdue him. With Ye Li acting as the distraction, both Wang Lu and Wang Wu make the final blow to Lord Tianlun.

With Lord Tianlun gone, Ye Li goes to the Blood Matrix and sacrifices her blood. Wang Lu ends up joining her and also uses his blood alongside her. With their blood, the Blood Matrix is complete and the Qingmu Seal is once again sealed. However, Ye Li soon collapses and tells Wang Lu that she knows that she cannot continue any longer.

Ye Li asks Wang Wu to make Hai Yun Fang forget her. She reveals that when she and Hai Yun Feng met she had originally been there to kill people. She was injured in the process and it was then that Hai Yun Fang found her and took her with him. Through his care, she eventually trusted him. But when he left her, she casted a spell on him to make her forget him, which is why he didn’t recognize as Liu Li Xian. After meeting Hai Yun Fang, Ye Li felt guilty for killing innocent people. Her inability to carry on with the killings made her create her other persona, Liu Li Xian.

After telling her story, Ye Li begs Wang Lu and Wang Wu not to reveal their past to Hai Yun Fang. She knows that if he knows about the past, it will only burden him and cause him to have more darkness in his heart. She breaths her final breath and dies in Wang Lu arms as Wang Wu goes to erase Hai Yun Fang’s memories of Ye Li. Hai Yun Fang eventually awakens and is oblivious to what is happening. He inquiries about Liu Li Xian. Wang Lu assures him about Liu Li Xian, but doesn’t say anything about Ye Li.

Later on, Wang Wu comforts Wang Lu about the recent happenings. Wang Lu feels sad about Ye Li and Hai Yun Fang, but Wang Wu says it’s probably the best ending for the two of them. But before Wang Lu can express more of his sadness, Wang Wu changes the topic and yells at him for calling her there. Wang Lu then asks her about her previous injury and reveals that Feng Ling had already told him everything about her. Wang Wu just plays it off and tells him that Fang He is currently on his way over to punish Wang Lu for creating another sect. A black man suddenly appears and steals a blood pearl from the Blood Matrix. Wang Wu ends up chasing after him.

Fang He and Ao Guan Hai arrive and they first go to Liu Li Xian to punish her. They charge her of colluding with Lord Tianlun, but Liu Li Xian is unaware of the situation (as it was Ye Li) and feigns ignorance.

Wang Lu appears and reveals to Fang He and Ao Guan Hai about Liu Li Xian’s identity and Lord Tianlun’s reasoning for the Blood Matrix. Fang He still believes Lord Tianlun was in the wrong, but Wang Lu reasons with him about why the Blood Matrix was necessary. This soothes Fang He’s anger and her later pardons Liu Li Xian after testing her.

Episode 23

After Liu Li Xian’s case is solved, Fang He and Ao Guan Hai turn to Wang Lu to deal with him. They accuse him of forming an unorthodox cult and failing to inform them of his actions. Wang Lu then asks Fang He to use his Heart Sword to test if he is guilty or not. By using his Heart Sword, Fang He can see into another’s conscious. If they end up being consumed by it, then they have a guilty conscious. If they don’t, then they are not guilty. After being tested by Fang He’s sword, Wang Lu ends up not being guilty.

Meanwhile, Wen Bao and Master He are trying to get their sect licensed by the Immortal Union so that their sect can be considered a real sect and not a cult. However, they are only met with resistance from the guards.

Since Wang Lu passed Fang He’s Heart Sword test, Fang He announces him free of ill-intentions. But sentences Wang Lu to seclusion with him for three years since the intentions of the Heart Sect is still unclear and it is not a real sect yet. But before they can make the final decision, Wen Bao and Master He barge into the room with official documents from the Immortal Union stating that the Heart Sect is formally a sect. Wang Lu asks how Wen Bao was able to do it and Wen Bao reveals that one of the judges was a Holy Girl that they had saved before and she ended up helping him. With the official documents present, Fang He lets go about the Heart Sect issue.

With Fang He and Ao Guan Hai gone and Liu Li Xian returning with them, Wang Lu leaves the Heart Sect in the hands of Master He. Master He happily accepts Wang Lu’s orders. Wang Lu ends up fainting afterwards.

Wang Lu wakes up in his room with his parents by his side. His mom then reveals to him that while he was unconscious she had made a proposal to Xiao Lan’s family for an engagement for the two. Wang Lu is surprised and refuses to marry Xiao Lan, but his mother gets angry at him and storms out of the room.

Later on, Wang Lu meets up with Hai Yun Fang and Wen Bao and tells them to leave without him. Wen Bao and Hai Yun Fang question his reason for staying longer and Wang Lu says that he wants to stay to get married and take care of his parents. Hai Yun Fang gets angry and quickly leaves. Wang Lu is left behind trying to put on a happy face.

A few days later, Wang Lu and Xiao Lan meet each other where she reveals to him that she has enrolled in a music academy and plans to leave the next day. Wang Lu is surprised but supports her decision. Xiao Lan tells Wang Lu to not give up on his dreams and to continue to chase after his. Their conversation is heard by Wang Lu parents, who are spying on them.

Later on, Wang Lu goes home and are met by his parents. His mother tells him that he is no longer needed and that he should return to wherever he wants to go. With his parents approval, Wang Lu then sets off.

Episode 24

As Wang Lu leaves his village, he ends up bumping into Wen Bao and Hai Yun Fang. It turns out that the two had been staying outside the village knowing that Wang Lu would eventually leave too. With the three reunited, they head off to their next destination, Jiyang City.

Upon entering Jiyang City, they decide to go eat at the best restaurants. But they soon realize that all of the restaurants only eat vegetarian meals. Disappointed with the dishes served, they inquire why only vegetarian dishes are served. The waiter reveal that eating meat is forbidden in the city due to the city being protected by the Beast Mastery Sect, who have forbidden the citizens from eating meat.

After the fail attempt to eat at the restaurants, the three accidentally bump into a woman. The incident ends up attracting the Xue brothers, who mistakenly believe Wang Lu to be a pervert. But before a fight ensues between the men, Feng Ling appears to stop them.

With the misunderstanding clear, the three are taken to the Xue mansion. Wang Lu notices how intimate Feng Ling is with Xue Bo Ren, the oldest of the Xue brothers and remarks to Hai Yun Fang how Feng Ling is completely different than she was before. Hai Yun Fang tells him that women like to appear innocent and good-natured in front of the men they like. This makes Wang Lu feel sick as he thinks that it’s not befitting of Feng Ling’s image. Feng Ling then introduces Xue Bo Ren’s three younger brothers, Xue Zhong Ren, Xue Shu Ren, and Chai Qi (younger cousin).

Later on, Wang Lu asks about how Feng Ling and Xue Bo Ren met and she tells him that they met by accident. Later on, she enrolled in the Beast Mastery Academy and met him again, but their meeting ended up being bad as she got bullied by him and his three younger brothers. But Feng Ling refused to get pushed around and ended up fighting against them, which eventually led to her and Xue Bo Ren falling in love.

As Feng Ling leaves to check on Xue Bo Ren, Wang Lu quickly sends a message to Wang Wu and tells her she needs to come to Jiyang City immediately because of Feng Ling. However, he gets no reply. He tries to call her again later, but she tells him she’s busy and hangs up on her. Her tone of voice makes Wang Lu suspect that she’s doing something inappropriate. However, Wang Wu is actually engaged in battle with some masked men.

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