Entertainment Updates: Legend of Fei, Dear Uniform, Hello My Shining Love, Breath of Destiny, Legend of Awakening, Ever Night S2, Dr. Cutie, Handsome Siblings 2020, Zhang Ziyi gives birth to 2nd child, etc…

Zhao Li Ying in Legend of Fei

Entertainment News

Legend of Fei production releases stills of Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yi Bo to celebrate the New Year.

Li Qin and Huang Jing Yu are leading new drama Dear Uniform (亲爱的戎装). The story is about a romance between a military soldier and an army doctor.

Xing Fei and Tang Xiao Tian reunite for new drama My Small Indeed Fortunate (我的小确幸). The two starred together in Put Your Head on my Shoulder. They are joined by Li Chuan and Huang Yi Lin.

Zhang He and Wang He Run lead new republican drama 步云衢 *NO ENGLISH NAME YET*.

Jin Han and Joe Chen lead upcoming romance drama Hello My Shining Love (遇见璀璨的你). Supporting cast are Chen You Wei and Wang Zi Xuan.

Stills for Stealth Walker. Starring Lin Peng, Zheng Ye Cheng, and Li Zi Feng.

First stills from Breath of Destiny. Starring Tony Yang and Qi Wei.

Character posters for Legend of Awakening. Starring Chen Fei Yu, Dylan Xiong, Cheng Xiao, and Deng En Xi.

Another poster release for Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuan Yi’s upcoming drama Duoluo Continent.

Don’t Lie to Your Lover wraps up filming. Starring Liang Jie and Xin Yun Lai.

The Night of the Comet S2 finishes filming. Starring Zhang Yu Jian and Lu Zhao Hua.

Intense Love has finished filming. Starring Zhang Yu Xi and Ding Yu Xi.

Always Have Always Will finishes filming. Starring Li Ge Yang, Lin Qian Lu, Gong Rui, Ren Yun Jie, and Wen Mo Yan.

Ever Night S2 with Dylan Wang and Song Yi Ren.

Trailer for The Imperial Age. Starring Feng Shao Feng, Chen Bao Guo, Ying Er, Mickey He, Zhang Feng Yi, and Cheng Yi.

Trailer for Dylan Wang’s republican drama The National Southwest Associated University And Us.

Trailer for Oversize Love. Starring Guan Xiao Tong and Huang Jing Yu. The story is about a girl who struggles with being overweight and mysteriously finds herself miraculously thin one day. The movie is set to premiere on March 6th.

Trailer for Assassin in Red. Starring Yang Mi, Lei Jia Yin, Dong Zi Jian, and Yu He Wei.

Dr. Cutie with Sun Qian and Huang Jun Jie will premiere on January 18th (previously 16th).

Handsome Siblings with Chen Zhe Yuan, Hu Yi Tian, Liang Jie, and Liang Jing Xian will be airing on January 16th.

Celebrity News

Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng welcome their second child on January 1st!!! It’s a BOY!

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.

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