Entertainment Updates: Duoluo Continent, Dance of the Phoenix, Love Scenery, Dance of the Sky Empire, Detective Chinatown, The Glory of Youth, Like a Flowing River S2, Han Geng and Celina Jade’s Wedding, etc…

Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuan Yi have been officially announced as the leads to Duoluo Continent. The drama is expected to air sometime this year!!!

Entertainment News

Xu Kai Cheng and Yang Chao Yue have been announced as the leads upcoming drama Dance of the Phoenix (且听凤鸣). Supporting cast are Guo Cheng, Wang Hao Xuan, Chen Yi Han, and Fu Jing. Story is about a female doctor time traveling to the past and finds herself engaged to the male lead.

Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao lead new e-sports drama Falling Into Your Smile (你微笑时很美). Drama depicts a romance between two e-sports players, one with an arrogant and narcissistic personality and the other a professional player.

Leon Leong and Wei Wei lead new youth drama There Are No Young People in the Park *UNOFFICIAL TITLE* (公园没有年轻人).

Xu Lu and Lin Yi lead new drama Love Scenery (良辰美景好时光). Drama tells about a romance between a singer and a gamer.

Tong Da Wei and Tong Li Ya lead new modern drama Centimeter of Love (爱的厘米). The drama tells of a romance between a doctor and a pilot.

Character stills are released for Xu Kai’s upcoming drama Dance of the Sky Empire (天舞纪). Wu Jia Yi steps up from her supporting roles and gets to portray Xu Kai’s leading lady. Support cast members include Hanikezi, Zhou Jun Chao, Li Jun Chen, and Yu Xing Tong. Story is about a boy who is half-demon and half-human.

Stills for The Coolest World. Starring Zhou Yu Tong, Li Hong Yi, Wang Dong, and Guan Xin.

First stills for Guo Jun Chen and Wan Peng’s new youth drama Meeting You.

Stills from Dear King of Medicine. Starring Yan Xi and Ding Yi Yi.

Drama version of Detective Chinatown releases some stills of its cast. Starring Roy Qiu, Janine Chang, Wang Zhen Er, Zhang Yi Shang, Chen Zhe Yuan, and Cheng Xiao. Drama is set to premiere on January 1st.

First stills from The Glory of Youth. Starring Li Yi Feng, Chen Xing Xu, Zhang Xin Yu, Duan Bo Wen, Dong Chun Hui, and Xiao Yang.

First stills from The National Southwest Association University and Us. Starring Dylan Wang and Zhou Ye.

First stills from Like a Flowing River S2. Starring Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, and Dong Zi Jian.

Stills for upcoming romance movie Love You Forever. Starring Li Yi Tong and Li Hong Qi.

HK director Wong Jing officially announces that a sequel to the Kung-fu Cult Master is in the works. The 1993 movie is another adaption of Jin Yong’s Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber. Jet Li stars as the main character Zhang Wu Ji, with Sharla Cheung, Gigi Lai, and Chigmy Yau as his leading ladies. If you remember the film, the ending of it left us all with a cliffhanger, as Zhao Min runs off with the antidote to cure the poisoned Wu Dang sect members and Zhang Wu Ji has to chase after her for it. Anyway, the movie was filmed over 20 years ago, so I highly doubt that Jet Li and the other three actresses will return to reprise their roles, but hopefully whoever gets cast as the leads are able to live up to what their former counterparts did.

Schemes in Antiques finishes filming! The movie stars Lei Jia Yin, Li Xian, and Xin Zhi Lei.

Go Ahead wraps up filming. Starring Tan Song Yun, Song Wei Long, and Zhang Xin Cheng.

Insect Detective finishes filming. The drama is being led by Zhang Yao, Chu Yue, and Ma Ke.

Trailer for Rebirth of a Shopping Addict. Starring Meng Zi Yi and Sunny Wang. Set to premiere on January 1st.

Trailers for Wild Grass. Starring Ma Si Chun, Huang Jing Yu, and Zhong Chu Xi. Movie is set to premiere on February 28th.

MV for Feng Xiao Gang’s upcoming movie Only Cloud Knows. Starring Huang Xuan and Yang Cai Yu. Song for the MV is sung by Huang Xuan.

Theme song for upcoming movie The Rescue. Starring Eddie Peng, Wang Yan Lin, Xin Zhi Lei, Lan Ying Ying, Wang Yu Tian, and Xu Yang. The song is sung by its main cast.

Xiao Zhan covers classic The Smiling, Proud Wanderer theme song for a new game advertisement! The game is also based off the novel.

Celebrity News

Eason Chan, Yi Yang Qian Xi, Ning Ze Tao, Eddie Peng, and Angelababy collaborate and show off their dance movies for an Adidas ad.

Congratulations to Han Geng and Celina Jade! The two just tied the knot in New Zealand on December 31st!

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.

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