[Recap] Once Upon A Time In Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山) Ep. 19-21

Title: Once Upon a Time in Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山)
# of Episodes
: 37
Release Date: November 12th, 2019
Where to Watch: iQiyi App

Episode 19

Wang Wu disappears and this causes an uproar with the audience, but Wang Lu quickly calms them down by claiming that Wang Wu is a butterfly who rises from the ashes. In the background, Hai Yun Fang uses his magic to create magical butterflies. This is well received by the audience and Wang Lu then uses this opportunity to introduce the Heart Sect to everyone.

After the performance, Wang Lu and his team are planning their next step. Wang Lu says that with Wang Wu gone they need a new idol. He chooses Wen Bao to be the face with Master He as the voice, and Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang as the back-up performers. With the three of them on the stage, they will be known as the Heart Boys.

That night, while everyone is asleep, Hai Yun Fang is practicing dance moves by himself. Liu Li Xian approaches him and ends up helping him with his dancing. This initiates a spark between the two.

The next day, Hai Yun Fang and Wen Bao perform on stage (A Bit Sweet by Silence Wang and BY2). They become an instant hit, especially Wen Bao who easily wins the audience with his childish looks and deep voice (by Master He).

At night, Liu Li Xian is wandering on her own and comes across a strange man who attempts to kidnap her. However, Hai Yun Fang arrives and saves her from the man. Their encounter is witnessed by Zhou Ming Rui.

The following day, the Heart Boys continue to their performance (Annual Ring by Zhang Bi Chen). This time they are joined by Wang Lu. As they sing, Liu Li Xian joins in with them and dances with Hai Yun Fang as Wang Lu and Wen Bao continue the singing.

However, the performance is interrupted by the same man last night who knocked into Liu Li Xian. He lies that Hai Yun Fang and Liu Li Xian are a couple, which causes an uproar with the female audience. Liu Li Xian gets angered and wants to attack the audience but is stopped by Hai Yun Fang. His actions further makes the female audience furious because he is trying to protect her. Zhou Ming Rui happily watches in the background as it was his plan to ruin the performance. He attacks them and knocks Liu Li Xian unconscious.

To calm the angry fans, Wang Lu steps up and makes up a story about Hai Yun Fang and Liu Li Xian. The story is about the two being childhood lovers with Liu Li Xian eventually losing her memory due to protecting Hai Yun Fang. With her memory lost, Hai Yun Fang silently continues to stay by her side to protect her. The fake story earns the sympathy of the audience and everyone starts cry after being touched by it.

However, the moment that Hai Yun Fang sees the Junhuang pendant on Liu Li Xian’s waist, he regains some of his lost memories. 4 years ago, Hai Yun Fang saved Liu Li Xian at Junhuang Mountain. He takes her in and nurses her back to health. At first Liu Li Xian thought he was an enemy and tried to attack him, but Hai Yun Fang’s earnest personality touched her and she eventually opens up to him. However, Hai Yun Fang had to return to Junhuang Mountain and gave her the pendant so that if she needed him, she could go find him at there.

Episode 20

With his memories returned, Hai Yun Fang tries to wake Liu Li Xian up. His intense actions are seen by everyone, which further makes them believe the story that Wang Lu was telling. Liu Li Xian eventually wakes up. With her awake, Wen Bao interrogates the man for coming onto the stage and he reveal that it was Zhou Ming Rui.

The night, Wang Lu and Master He go to Zhou Ming Rui. Upon seeing Master He, Zhou Ming Rui begs for forgiveness. With Zhou Ming Rui subdued, Wen Bao goes to save the Holy Girls and takes them back to their families.

With Zhou Ming Rui captured, everyone in Wang village is celebrating Wang Lu’s victory and Gou Er is happy to reunite with his sister. Liu Li Xian eventually gets drunk and has to be taken away by Hai Yun Fang.

Suddenly a group of masked assassins from the Qianling Sect comes and attacks them. Master He, Wang Lu, Wen Bao, and Hai Yun Fang fighting them off. Zhou Ming Rui gets killed in the process.

The masked assassins escape, which prompts Wang Lu and the others to think that they were here for another reason. They all go check on Liu Li Xian and find that she’s missing. They believe that the Qianling Sect assassins were there to kidnap her, but they don’t know the reason why.

Liu Li Xian wakes up and is greeted by the Qianling Sect’s disciples as their Empress. She is confused and tries to escape, but is stopped by the Sect Leader, Lord Tianlun, who tells her that Qianling Sect was originally her home.

Wang Lu, Hai Yun Fang, Wen Bao, and Master He arrive at Yunli Pier. Master He reveals to them that the headquarters of the Qianling Sect is at Yunli Pier. From there, they split up and infiltrate the Qianling Sect.

Hai Yun Fang runs into Liu Li Xian. She is dressed differently and acts cold towards him. She calls herself the Empress of the Qianling Sect and reveals her name to be Ye Li.

Episode 21

Meanwhile, Wang Lu and Master He go meet with Lord Tianlun. Wang Lu reveals himself as Wang Wu’s Successor Disciple, but Lord Tianlun isn’t intimidated by him and orders his men to take them away.

Wang Lu and Master He are in the Qianling Sect’s dungeon and they are soon joined by Wen Bao and Hai Yun Fang. With no other choice, Wang Wu quickly sends a message to Wang Wu to get her to help them. Although she is still recuperated from her poison, she breaks out and rushes to save Wang Lu.

Liu Li Xian arrives and tells them to leave. Hai Yun Fang tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t budge and orders them to quickly leave before her father finds them. Hai Yun Fang shows her the pendant, but she smashes it. Wen Bao and Wang Lu try to get him to leave with them, but Hai Yun Fang doesn’t refuses to leave without Liu Li Xian. Wang Lu has to knock him unconscious so that they can leave.

Hai Yun Fang wakes up and realizes that they’re already outside. He is angry at Wang Lu for just abandoning Liu Li Xian, but Wang Lu reveals that they can’t do anything if they’re stuck in the dungeon. They needed to escape in order to go back and save her. Hearing this, the three are relieved that Wang Lu hasn’t given up on Liu Li Xian and intends on saving her too.

Meanwhile, Lord Tianlun and Liu Li Xian are at the Blood Matrix, from Lord Tianlun’s grand plan. He plans to sacrifice Liu Li Xian’s blood in order to get the Blood Matrix to work. However, they are soon interrupted by Wang Lu and his friends. Hai Yun Fang tries to stop Lord Tianlun, but is easily knocked out. Wang Lu then goes to attack him.

However, they are soon interrupted when the Qingmu Seal starts to go berserk. Lord Tianlun then runs off to deal with it. With her father distracted, Liu Li Xian explains to Wang Lu about the Qingmu Seal, which is used to seal off Black Tide, an evil source demonic power. Wang Lu then realizes that Lord Tianlun wanted to use the Blood Matrix to seal off the Black Tide Seal, and not for himself.

Liu Li Xian then goes onto tell Wang Lu about what happened 10 years ago. After the Qingmu Seal was weakened and demonic powers starts to break through, Lord Tianlun decided sacrifice his family’s blood in order to create a Blood Matrix, in hopes of resealing the Qingmu Seal. However, he realized that the blood of his family is not enough and he needed more blood. He and Liu Li Xian, his only remaining family, work together to kill people to gather more blood. However, their plan got foiled by Ao Guan Hai, Liu Li Xian’s master. He reported the killings to the Immortal Union, which forced Lord Tianlun to stop his killing. Ao Guan Hai believe Liu Li Xian was an innocent bystander and took her in as his disciple. And, left with no other choice, Lord Tianlun resorted to tricking people for blood, which why the idea of the Holy Girls in Wang Village came into play.

Wang Lu asks Liu Li Xian why her father left her alive while the rest of his children were slaughtered, and Liu Li Xian reveals that her blood is special. She inherited the Pure Blood, and must be used to complete the Blood Matrix.

Meanwhile, Lord Tianlun gets taken over by Black Tide and attacks his disciples

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