[Recap] Once Upon A Time In Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山) Ep. 13-15

Title: Once Upon a Time in Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山)
# of Episodes
: 37
Release Date: November 12th, 2019
Where to Watch: iQiyi App

Episode 13

The battle rages on between Wang Wu and Master Zhi Feng. However, with Wang Wu continually on the defensive, the disciples all start to believe that Master Zhi Feng might be the victor. Zhu Qin is set on Wang Wu losing and bets all of his money on Master Zhi Feng. Wang Lu begins to get worried about Wang Wu, but Feng Ling assures him that Wang Wu is only doing that so she doesn’t make a scratch on Master Zhi Feng’s sword, which she would win if she won.

As the battle continues on, Master Zhi Feng overexerts himself in trying to beat Wang Wu. Wang Wu uses this advantage to attack him and win the battle. Master Zhi Feng is shocked that Wang Wu won even though her level is lower than his. However, Wang Wu tells him that his cheating cultivation is what made him weaker than her. Master Zhi Feng is angered by her words and spouts how the world is unfair towards people like him who aren’t talented and were always among those who were weaker than the talented. Wang Wu quickly shuts him down and berates him. Eventually, Master Zhi Feng admits defeat and gives his sword to Wang Wu. Wang Wu’s win also means that the money bet towards Master Zhi Feng is lost and Wang Lu ends up pocketing all the money.

Later on, Wang Wu gets Wang Lu to give up the money he won. Wang Lu asks her if she would be willing to take Hai Yun Feng as her disciple so that she can help him cure his unknown illness. Wang Wu gives Wang Lu a vague answer and runs off with the money.

Meanwhile, Hai Yun Fang is back inside the Scripture Library looking for ways to get more powerful. He bumps into Liu Li Xian, and later Fang He also comes into the room. Hai Yun Fang takes Liu Li Xian to the side and hides, since he isn’t allowed in the library. Luckily, Wang Lu comes to their aid and helps him escape. However, Fang He eventually catches them outside. But, this time, it’s Liu Li Xian who comes to their rescue.

As Wang Wu is enjoying her alcohol, Wang Lu brings Hai Yun Fang over and they both officially request Wang Wu to take Hai Yun Feng as her disciple. Wang Wu rejects Hai Yun Fang and advises him to enter their Ling Jian Sect Field Test, which is held every 5 years. If he wins, he will become a Successor Disciple. If he is able to become one, then she would definitely take him as her disciple. Before the two could continue to beg her, Wang Wu is called away by Feng Yin.

Wang Wu enters the main hall to find Fang He and Liu Xian there with Feng Yin. The two are there to apologize to Wang Wu because of their initial suspicion of her from the incident with Master Zhi Feng. As the two apologize, a message is suddenly sent to them from the Shengjing Sect. The message contains money and a letter to the Ling Jian Sect. The letter mentions about the upcoming tournament between the 5 sects the following year.

Episode 14

With the tournament between the 5 sects coming soon, Feng Yin decides that it’s time to let the disciples leave the sect and go train in the outside world. He assigns Wang Wu, Liu Xian, and Fang He to oversee the training.

Suddenly, Wang Wu spits up black blood. The three immediately take notice that she is poisoned with Hai Tian Kuo’s Liumang Poisonous Blood. They become concerned about Wang Wu’s condition, but Wang Wu assures them that she is fine and she allowed herself to get poisoned so that she can increase her cultivation powers. Feng Yin then orders her to stay at the mountain to cure herself of the poison with Hua Yun and Ao Guan Hai, and leaves Fang He and Liu Xian to oversee the training.

News of the upcoming training is out, and the younger disciples are eager to team up with the older disciples to help with their training. Wang Lu decides to team up with Hai Yun Fang, and the two start to talk about who else they could team up with. Wen Bao is easily the third member. And the three of them go find Feng Ling to be their fourth member.

With Wang Lu’s insistence, Feng Ling gathers enough courage to confront her father about leaving the mountain to train, which she has avoided for a long time. Feng Yin agrees to her request to leave. However, instead of teaming up with Wang Lu, Feng Ling decides to go by herself.

Later on, Wang Lu asks Wang Wu about getting him a weapon. Wang Wu takes him to the Sword Graveyard and tells him to choose a weapon.

As he looks around, Wang Lu becomes interested in small sword. Wang Wu tries to get Wang Lu to away from the sword, which makes Wang Lu more interested in it and refuses to let go of it. Wang Wu tells him the sword is called Kunshan Sword and tells him that it will only unsheathe to the right owner. Wang Lu tries to see if he can open the sword, he is able to do it, shocking Wang Wu.

Suddenly, Liang Qiu, the sword spirit, appears and mistakenly calls Wang Lu her master. Wang Wu is angered and yells at Liang Qiu for mistaking Wang Lu as her former master. In arguing with Wang Wu, Liang Qiu reveals that her former master is Ouyang Shang and he is Wang Wu’s former lover.

Episode 15

Feng Ling prepares to leave the mountain. She meets with resistance from Feng Yin, who is crying over her leaving him. Wang Wu, Wang Lu, Hai Yun Fang, and Wen Bao all arrive to say their farewells to Feng Ling. She receives gifts from all of them. As she leaves, Feng Ling reminds Hai Yun Fang about his hatred of demons and that not every demon is evil. After bidding everyone farewell, she then leaves with a crying Feng Yin slowly trailing after her.

The following day, Wang Lu discovers that Wang Wu had already planned to team him up with Hai Yun Fang, Wen Bao, and Liu Li Xian. He is upset to be teamed up with Liu Li Xian, who he knows will cause trouble for him. After the meeting, he goes to complain to Wang Wu about her choice in Liu Li Xian, but she only jokes around with him.

The next morning, Wang Lu’s team receives their mission for their training: destroy the Qianling Sect (the sect that Master Zhi Feng is from). As they’re studying their mission, Wang Wu appears to bid them farewell. She tells them that they should also use the time they go down the mountain to also visit their family since they’ve been gone a long time. She reminds them that the path of cultivation is lonely and the longer they spend on the mountain, the older their families will get. Eventually, their family’s lives will end while they continue the path of cultivation. Liu Li Xian and Hai Yun Fang have no family to return to and Wen Bao’s country is too far. So they all decide to head to Wang Village, Wang Lu’s hometown.

Upon entering Wang Village, Hai Yun Fang notices that there is a strange aura surrounding the village. The occurrence of the aura is due to three possible reason—drought, death of a great man, or demons. The first two aren’t possible, so they all conclude that demons must be lurking nearby. Wang Lu gets concerned and they all immediately head to the village. In entering Wang Village, Wang Lu tries to talk to the villagers, but they all end up avoiding him.

They happen upon an older man who takes them back to his house. The old man is revealed to be Grandpa Qinian, an old family friend of Wang Lu’s family. He tells them that since Wang Lu’s departure, an immortal chanced upon the village and took refuge nearby. With the immortal around, the village has been safer and the villagers who get sick are cured after drinking the holy water. Grandpa Qinian also reveals that the immortal came from the Qianling Sect. Upon hearing the Qianling Sect’s name, Wang Lu becomes suspicious and begins to think that a bigger conspiracy is at hand.

Grandpa Qinian tells Wang Lu that his father is currently being harassed by the Qianling Sect’s henchmen. Wang Lu hurries home to save his father. He arrives and confront Zhou Ming Rui from the Qianling Sect. The two bicker as a crowd stands by to watch them. Unable to win against Wang Lu in the argument, Zhou Ming Rui suddenly changes tactics and claims Wang Lu to be a demon. With these words, he effectively gets the crowd to all start chanting that Wang Lu is a demon. This forces Wang Lu to take action.

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