Entertainment Updates: Onmyouji, My Talent Neighbour, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Ling Long, Breath of Destiny, Twelve Legends, Yan Xi Story: Princess Adventures, Love and Redemption, Yang Mi and Wei Da Xun Dating Rumors Continue, etc…

Ready to see Mark Chao and Deng Lun star together in a movie?!?!?!

Entertainment News

Official cast is revealed for Onmyouji (晴雅集). Cast includes Mark Chao, Deng Lun, Wang Zi Wen, Chun Xia, and Wang Duo. Filming is going to be directed by Guo Jing Ming. The movie is a remake of a Japanese novel. Another movie is also be filmed with the same name starring Chen Kun and Qu Chu Xiao.

Peng Xiao Ran and Han Dong Jun pair up for new modern drama My Talent Neighbour (走起我的天才街坊). Han Dong Jun will portray a talented engineer who gets headhunted by Peng Xiao Ran’s spunky female lead. Check out the trailer here.

Zhao Lu Si and Ding Yu Xi leads new historical drama The Romance of Tiger and Rose (传闻中的陈芊芊). Also starring in the drama are Zhou Zi Xin and Sheng Ying Hao.

Guo Jun Chen and Wan Peng lead new youth drama Meeting You (谢谢让我遇见你).

Stills of The Best Partner. Starring Jin Dong and Lan Ying Ying. The drama is set to premiere on December 20th.

Please Love Me releases new stills. Starring Zhang Yu Jian and Xu Xiao Nuo.

Character posters of fantasy drama Ling Long. Starring Lin Yi, Zhao Jin Mai, Yuan Hong, Cai Wen Jing, Xin Yu Lai, Chen Yu Si, Zeng Li, and Zhao Tian Yu.

Breath of Destiny releases character posters of its leads. Starring Qi Wei, Tony Yang, Zhang Jun Ning, He Zheng Jun, Tu Ling, Wang Ce, Ding Xiao Xing, and Wang Bing Xiang.

Character posters for Our Shining Days. Starring Zhou Yi Ran and Hao Fu Shen. The drama is a remake of a movie (same name) starring Xu Lu and Peng Yu Chang in 2017. Story is about a young girl with a strong interest in traditional Chinese music. Drama aired on December 16th.

Character posters are out for Gulinazha and Jasper Liu’s new Republican drama Twelve Legends (not official name). Drama will also star Liu Chang, Gu Jia Cheng, Chen Yu Si, and Zhou Jun Wei.

Parallel Love is finished filming. The drama starts Li Hong Yi and Shi Shi.

Yanxi Story: Princess Adventures (金枝玉叶) is confirmed to air on December 31st! The drama will air on Netflix and will feature the story about Wei Ying Luo’s daughter, Princess Zhao Hua. The drama will star Wang He Run as the titular character. Other cast members include Wang Yu Wei, Wang Yi Zhe, and Xu Xiao Nuo. Wu Jin Yan and Nie Yuan will also guest star in the mini-series!

Long trailer and poster is released for Love and Redemption. Starring Cheng Yi and Yuan Bing Yan.

Xiao Zhan is the latest to portray wuxia hero Linghu Chong for a new game based on the novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

Celebrity News

Yang Mi and Wei Da Xun dating rumors continue to get the spotlight! I thought it was just made-up rumors, but I’m not sure now. Wei Da Xun previously did make a statement denying the dating rumors, but things keep popping up about them. Recently, fans noticed how the two wore similar looking hats and someone even posted pictures on social media claiming that the caps were the same, even going as far to explain where that theory came from.

Of course, I’m not totally sure how valid that is, but another picture was just posted a few days ago with both Yang Mi and Wei Da Xun staying at the same hotel. Obviously, it could’ve just been that the two just happened to be a coincidence, but, honestly, who really knows? Regardless, let’s just wait for both of them to officially confirm their dating statuses.

Zhang Jia Ning and Guo Xiao Ran are the first to sign with Wang Kai’s new company!

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.

One thought on “Entertainment Updates: Onmyouji, My Talent Neighbour, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Ling Long, Breath of Destiny, Twelve Legends, Yan Xi Story: Princess Adventures, Love and Redemption, Yang Mi and Wei Da Xun Dating Rumors Continue, etc…

  1. Happened upon a report (rumor) that Wei Da Xun has had a crush on Yang Mi for years. He became an actor for her. Due to his family’s wealth, he is also pretty well off.

    Yuan Hong playing a dad to an “adult” daughter in Ling Long makes me interested in the drama. Probably will avoid checking out the novel. Dramas tend not to live up to the novel, often not by a long shot.


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