[Recap] Once Upon A Time in Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山) Ep 10-12

Title: Once Upon a Time in Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山)
# of Episodes
: 37
Release Date: November 12th, 2019
Where to Watch: iQiyi App

Episode 10

Wang Lu stands outside in the pouring rain and openly apologizes to Hai Yun Fang for getting him injured. Wang Lu blames himself for his carelessness. He mistakenly believes that Hai Yun Feng has an inferiority complex with his brother, so he tells him that he understands his feelings. He tries to cheer Hai Yun Fang up, but eventually gives up because he starts to feel that it’s getting too mushy for him. When he stops, the rain also stops and is revealed to be a trick made by Wang Lu to make Hai Yun Fang believe that he was being sincere. Hai Yun Fang gets angry and starts to chase after them.

After 6 hours of chasing each other, Hai Yun Fang and Wang Lu are exhausted. Hai Yun Fan then reveals to Wang Lu about why he hates his brother. A few years ago, Hai Tian Kuo transformed into a demon and kills his parents. Hai Yun Fang is the only one to witness the killing. And, to shut up him, Hai Tian Kuo decides to lock Hai Yun Fang away and seize the leadership in Junhuang Mountain. Hai Yun Fang eventually sneaks away after 3 years of captivity and escapes to Ling Jian Sect. In coming to Ling Jian Sect, he hopes to gain power to get revenge against his brother. After hearing his story, Wang Lu assures Hai Yun Fang that he will help him get revenge.

Later on, Wen Bao approaches them. He shyly asks Wang Lu to help teach him with his cultivation. Wang Lu has no interest and immediately rejects him. Hai Yun Fang speaks good about Wen Bao and Wang Lu only agrees to help Wen Bao only if he becomes his follower. Wen Bao readily agrees and thus becomes the third member in Wang Lu’s team.

After training with Wen Bao, Wang Lu’s cultivation gets stronger due to the Red Fruit from Wang Wu. However, he gets affected by its side-effect and faints. He later wakes up to see Feng Ling taking care of him. Feng Ling tells him that he’s reached a breakthrough with his cultivation and congratulates him. However, the stronger he gets, the more careful he needs to be. Wang Lu is upset that Wang Wu is absent to help him during his practice, but Feng Ling reveals that Wang Wu is currently getting revenge for Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang and wreaking havoc at Junhuang Mountain.

At Junhuang Mountain, Wang Wu beats down all of Hai Tian Kuo’s disciples and challenges him to a fight for hurting Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang. Hai Tian Kuo accepts her challenge, but instead of fighting him head on, Wang Wu offers him a deal. She offers to sell the Red Fruits she stole from Piao Miao Peak at a high price. Hai Tian Kuo accepts her deal. Before leaving, Wang Wu threatens to kill him if he were to ever do something to her disciples. Hai Tian Kuo then reveal that he’s poisoned Wang Wu with his poison without her knowing and asks if she would be able to survive it. Wang Wu ignores him and leaves.

Back at the inn, Feng Ling and Wang Lu use Inner Sight to see Wang Lu’s cultivation level. During the process, Wang Lu notices that his body’s meridians have been opened, which will allow his power to easily circulate throughout his body. And the reason is due to the herbal baths that Wang Wu had forced him to take for the past two years.

Wang Lu leaves to find Wang Wu to tell her of his achievements in his cultivation level, but he isn’t able to find her. He starts to imagine Wang Wu being held captive by Hai Tian Kuo at Junhuang Mountain. However, he is interrupted by Wen Bao.

Episode 11

After fighting multiple rounds with Wen Bao, Wang Lu gets injured. But his injuries have helped him further improve his training. He and Feng Ling use Inner Sight again and they notice that his fights with Wen Bao have helped his cultivation. However, Wen Bao interrupts them thinking that Wang Lu is with his crush, Yue Xin Yao. The two unintentionally make fun of Feng Ling and she ends up beating them both.

Wang Lu suggests to Wen Bao to go with him to Qing Yun Peak. Wen Bao is reluctant to go, but Wang Lu is able to trick him into saying yes. With Wen Bao on board, Wang Lu needs to get one more person to go. Feng Ling appears and Wang Lu offers to help her sell the herbs from Qing Yun Peak to help make money for her inn. Feng Ling is sold and agrees to go.

On her way back to Ling Jian Sect, Wang Wu has to make a stop due to Hai Tian Kuo’s poison in her body. However, instead of trying to get rid of the poison, she uses it to help improve her Wu Xiang martial arts. Soon a stranger walks by and catches Wang Wu’s attention.

The next day, Wang Lu, Feng Ling, Hai Yun Fang, Wen Bao mistakenly arrive at the Ice Cave outside of Ling Jian mountain. They were supposed to head towards Qing Yun Peak, but their senior brother didn’t want Wang Lu to steal the precious herbs from the area and ends up sending them to the Ice Cave. Despite the Ice Cave not being their destination, they decide to enter the cave to use it as the place to help Wang Lu train.

With Wen Bao guarding the entrance, the three of them enter the cave. As Feng Ling and Hai Yun Fang are helping Wang Lu, Wang Lu uses the opportunity to ask Feng Ling about her origin. She reveals that she is Feng Yin’s daughter, much to the surprise of Hai Yun Fang. However, Wang Lu isn’t surprised and even jokes that she may actually be an illegitimate daughter of Feng Yin’s.

Outside, Wen Bao takes a nap and a strange man walks inside the cave after sensing a demon. He chances upon the three and assumes that they are the demon. He then captures them in his sack. Wang Lu, Hai Yun Fang, and Feng Ling wake up and to realize that they’ve been captured. Hai Yun Fang faints due to his unknown illness. Feng Ling then starts to transform into a fox demon. Wang Lu is confused as to how Feng Ling is a demon, but Feng Ling reveals to him that Feng Yin had sealed a fox demon inside of her body when she was kid.

Wen Bao then approaches the man and demands that he release his friends. He is then joined in by Liu Xian, Ao Guan Hai, and Fang He. The man tells them that he will soon release the three and reveal who is the demon among them. The three elders are quiet and Feng Yin, who is watching from afar, starts to get concerned that Feng Ling’s secret might get revealed.

Soon the bag bursts open and the three all reveal themselves. However, along with Feng Ling who is half-transformed into a fox demon, Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang are wearing fake ears. This confuses the man and Wang Lu uses this opportunity to lie that there is no demon. Before the man can counter Wang Lu’s words, Wang Wu appears.

Wang Wu’s presence riles up the man and he’s actually here to get back at Wang Wu. His name is Master Zhifeng and he is the nephew of the leader of the Shengjing Sect. He’s here to get Wang Wu back for attacking him previously (he was the strange man who she followed earlier) and she was also the one who destroyed his sect, the Bai Yue branch of the Qianling Sect.

Episode 12

With Wang Wu sent away, the elders of the Ling Jian Sect interrogate Master Zhifeng.

Feng Ling and Wang Lu are taking care of the unconscious Hai Yun Fang. Feng Ling thanks him for keeping her secret and Wang Lu assures that he won’t tell anyone. However, he warns her about Hai Yun Fang, since he hates demons because of his brother. Wang Lu then leaves to check up on Wang Wu.

Wang Lu bumps into Wang Wu and asks her about her encounter with Master Zhifeng. Wang Wu jokingly tells him that she saw him in the woods and robbed him of his money. But she soon reveals the truth. Master Zhifeng was practicing an unorthodox cultivation called the Qianyuan kung fu. The method shortens ones life in exchange for ultimate power. Unhappy with Master Zhifeng’s cheating way to cultivate, Wang Wu decided to take action.

Meanwhile, Master Zhifeng gets impatient with the elders and he accuses them of covering for Wang Wu. However, Feng Yin doesn’t budge. Master Zhifeng continues to blame Wang Wu. But Feng Yin is firm on believing in Wang Wu. His belief is supported by all of the other elders, who all speak up for Wang Wu and believe in her.

Feng Ling finds Wang Lu and he vents to her about Wang Wu again. Feng Ling tells Wang Lu about Wang Wu’s history of cultivation. Wang Wu has a mixed Magic Root, which made it hard for her to cultivate. She had to work extra hard to get to where she is. And because of all her hard work and effort, she hates cultivators who use cheating ways to cultivation, which is why she picked a fight with Master Zhifeng. Wang Lu continues to joke about Wang Wu’s ethics and weird ways, but Feng Ling shuts him down and tells him that Wang Wu suffers from an injury which occurs during every full moon. And that the reason why she drinks alcohol is so she doesn’t feel the pain from her injury.

Back in the main hall, Wang Wu interrupts the meeting and confronts Master Zhifeng. She challenges him to a duel, and he accepts.

Their fight is staged outside for all the other disciples to see.

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