[Recap] Once Upon A Time in Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山) Ep. 7-9

Title: Once Upon a Time in Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山)
# of Episodes
: 37
Release Date: November 12th, 2019
Where to Watch: iQiyi App

Episode 7

A battle rages on between the Ling Jian Sect disciples and the assassins. As the only capable fighter between them all, Liu Li Xian decides to stay behind to fend them off as the four men escape.

As Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang escape, Wang Lu suspects that the assassins were after Hai Yun Fang. He mentions that they used martial arts from Junhuang Mountain and suspects that Hai Yun Fang is from there. Unable to keep his secret any longer, Hai Yun Fang admits that he is the 2nd Prince of Junhuang Mountain.

The next day is when Wang Lu and Liu Li Xian duel. Wang Wu gives her regards to Wang Lu and tells him that she’s putting money on the line for his win. Wang Lu is unsure of his victory but is happy to know that Wang Wu is rooting for him. Before Wang Lu and Liu Li Xian prepare to face off, Ao Guan Hai announces that the victor will be whoever can knock the other one out of the ring.

As the two begin their fight, Wang Lu uses Feng Ling’s Whirling magic to escape Liu Li Xian’s attacks, but only manages to evade her and not attack her. Liu Li Xian gets annoyed of his antics and starts to get impatient. Wang Lu eventually switches to start attacking her, using her weaknesses that he’s observed from his observations against her.

However, once he provokes her fear of hair loss, Liu Li Xian is angered, and she starts mercilessly beating him. Wang Lu is unable to fight against her and ends up getting badly beaten by her. But before Liu Li Xian can make the final move, Wang Lu secretly uses a trick and transports the both of them off the stage, effectively ending the battle between them. The fight ends without a winner, but Wang Lu is heavily injured.

Later on, Feng Ling visits Wang Lu, who vents to her about Wang Wu. Feng Ling reveals that Wang Wu has actually been a good master to him for the past two years. Wang Lu finds it hard to believe since all he did was take baths. But Feng Ling explains that the baths were mixed with herbs to help strengthen his body and that she purposely let Liu Li Xian beat him during the duel in order to get Wang Lu ready to practice her Wu Xiang martial arts. In order to practice the Wu Xiang martial arts, the person must have a strong body. And, in order to get the strong body, the person must first have their body beaten and fractured without knowing that it’s for the purpose of training.

Wang Lu realizes he misunderstood Wang Wu and goes to her to apologize. He charms her and sweet talks her into forgiving him. Wang Wu knows he is up to no good and tells him that since he’s ready to start learning the Wu Xiang martial arts, he should just focus on training.

The next morning, Wang Wu starts to train Wang Lu. The first step…. is to continuously beat Wang Lu!

Episode 8

While Wang Lu is excited to finally start leaning kung fu, Wang Wu explains to Wang Lu that the first part of his training is to beat him up. Before Wang Lu could refute, Wang Wu starts to beat him.

For the next few days, Wang Lu becomes a victim to Wang Wu’s beatings.

After being beaten by Wang Wu numerous times, Wang Lu goes to hide at Feng Ling’s inn. He pleads to her to help him and protect him from Wang Wu, but Feng Ling brushes him off. She reveals that she was paid off by Wang Wu and she starts to beat him too.

After having gone through several beatings, Wang Lu is being taken care of by Hai Yun Fang. As he looks over Wang Lu’s wounds, he notices that Wang Lu’s injuries have all miraculously healed. Wang Lu then begins to notice that he doesn’t feel any more pain. Wang Wu interrupts them and the reveals that the training has paid off and that Wang Lu’s body is becoming stronger.

Wang Wu tells Wang Lu that she needs Red Fruits in order to make magic pills for him She orders him to go to Piao Miao Peak to get some for her by joining the upcoming test which will take place there.

Wang Lu convinces Hai Yun Fang to go with him to Piao Miao Peak and the two trick one of their seniors to letting them take the test. Wang Zhong, Zhu Qin, and Wen Bao are also participating along with several other students from Ling Jian Sect.

When the test starts, the group splits into two teams. As Wang Lu’s group searches for food, two of their senior sisters get into trouble and get saved by Zhu Qin. Zhu Qin uses this opportunity to get the two girls to side with him against Wang Lu, but Wang Lu outwits him and gets him to reveal that he was pretending to play the hero.

That night, Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang reveal their big plan. While looking for the Red Fruit, they also plan to lure the one who has been trying to assassinate Hai Yun Fang. They believe that there is a spy among the group, and something will happen to them soon.

The next morning, Hai Yun Fang has found the Red Fruit and he and Wang Lu put their plan into action.

Episode 9

With Hai Yun Fang using magic to hide the Red Fruit, Wang Lu heads back to distract the others from finding the fruit. However, his distraction makes Zhu Qin and Wang Zhong suspicious. Wang Zhong eventually sneaks away and bumps into Hai Yun Fang. Soon the others arrive, and they all start fighting for the fruit. However, when Wang Zhong goes to reach for the Red Fruit, he and the others suddenly transported into a dark area.

Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang are the only ones who haven’t left and they are suddenly attacked by the man dressed in black. The man in black turns out to be Xu Jing Tian, one of the top generals from Junhuang Mountain. He came looking for Hai Yun Fang and wants to kill him.

Wang Lu interrupts them and ends up calling Wang Wu to come help them. Wang Wu arrives expecting to find the Red Fruit, but gets mad at Wang Lu for calling her to fight when all she wanted was to find the Red Fruit. Xu Jing Tian gets impatient and a fight ensues between him and Wang Wu. As the two fight, other assassins appear and Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang are both forced to defend themselves.

Hai Tian Kuo, Hai Yun Fang’s older brother and Sect Master of Junhuang Mountain, soon arrives. He kills Xu Jing Tian for trying to kill Hai Yun Fang. As he leaves, Hai Yun Fang chases him down and starts fighting him. However, Hai Yun Fang is no match for Hai Tian Kuo and easily gets defeated.

Hua Yun and Liu Xian, 2nd Elder of Ling Jian Sect, arrive to stop Hai Tian Kuo. They are soon joined by Wang Wu and Wang Lu. As Wang Wu and the Elders fight against Hai Tian Kuo, Wang Lu goes to save Hai Yun Fang. Hai Tian Kuo doesn’t want to fight against the three elders of Ling Jian Sect and ends up leaving. Wang Wu is angered and ends up following him.

Back in the main hall, the elders are interrogating the disciples as to how the people of Junhuang Mountain were able to sneak into Ling Jian Sect. Fang He is angry at Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang’s actions and Wang Lu gets reprimanded for endangering Hai Yun Fang’s life. Feng Yin then interrogates Zhu Qin and asks if he knew anything about the assassins. Zhu Qin gets scared and admits that he was the spy and that he was threatened with the lives of his parents. Feng Yin orders Zhu Qin to be expelled from Ling Jian Sect. However, Wang Lu speaks up for him and Zhu Qin gets to stay as a disciple, but gets his cultivation is removed and has to start over from the beginning.

The following day, Wang Lu visits Hai Yun Fang and tries to make him feel better. However, he ends up getting pushed out of the room and Hai Yun Fang shuts the door without talking to him. Later than night, Hai Yun Fang opens the door to find that Wang Lu is still standing there despite the rain falling heavily on him.

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