[Recap] The Untamed (陈情令) Ep. 48-50 (THE END)

Title: The Untamed (陈情令)
# of Episodes
: 50
Release Date: June 27th, 2019
Where to WatchYouTube


Episode 48

Jiang Cheng vents to Wei Wu Xian about his sufferings since the death of his parents and Jiang Yan Li. He breaks down in front of him and continues to blame Wei Wu Xian for instigating their deaths. He also reveals how he’s always felt inferior to Wei Wu Xian, and how his feelings further fueled his hatred towards him. Eventually, Jiang Cheng apologizes to Wei Wu Xian and the two reconcile.

A coffin is discovered by Jin Guang Yao and Su She, and it is revealed that Nie Ming Jue’s body is inside.

Soon, they discover that both Su She and Jin Guang Yao were the master mind behind Jin Zi Xuan’s death. Lan Xi Chen confronts Jin Guang Yao about this as Wei Wu Xian angrily asks why Jin Guang Yao would force everything on him when they both had no hatred between them. Jiang Cheng insults the two for their actions and Su She retaliates by blaming them for always looking down on the two of them. As a previous member of the Gusu Lan Sect, he always felt inferior and looked down on. However, it was Jin Guang Yao who was the only who showed respect to him.

As Jin Guang Yao and Su She are getting ready to leave, Wei Wu Xian mocks Jin Guang Yao about Nie Ming Jue coming back to haunt him. He then whistles a tune to control the Stygian Tiger Seal to give Jin Guang Yao hallucinations about the people he’s killed.

Lan Xi Chen is able to subdue to poison and holds Jin Guang Yao hostage as Wei Wu Xian explains how he and Xue Yang had worked together to forge another Stygian Tiger Seal using Xue Yang’s part of the Yin Iron.

Lan Xi Chen admits how he’s disappointed in Jin Guang Yao and how he can never trust him again. Jin Guang Yao kneels down to Lan Xi Chen and begs for forgiveness.

Episode 49

Lan Xi Chen refuses to forgive Jin Guang Yao and questions him about his past actions. The first thing that Lin Xi Chen questions Jin Guang Yao is about his marriage to Qin Su. He asks him why he married her despite knowing that they were half-siblings. A teary eyed Jin Guang Yao said he had no choice to marry her. If he refused to marry her, then he would have to answer to both his father and Qin Su’s father, both of who were close friends, and he didn’t want to cause a rift between them. Jin Guang Yao also admits that he truly loved Qin Su.

With Qin Su’s matter closed, Lan Xi Chen Jin Guang Yao about Jin Zi Xuan’s death. Jin Guang Yao admits to hating Jin Zi Xuan because he was loved by everyone and thought highly of, but Jin Guang Yao was never recognized and he was left to do Jin Guang Shan’s dirty work. His jealously towards Jin Zi Xuan made him hate him, which is why he decided to kill him.

Jin Guang Yao also reveals how he’s always tried to make Jin Guang Shan proud of him and tried to become someone worthy for his father. Everything that he’s done is to get his father to acknowledge him as his son. However, despite everything he’s done, Jin Guang Yao was only met with disappointment.

As Jin Guang Yao holds Jin Ling hostage, Wen Ning barges into the room with Lan Si Zhui. However, Wen Ning has been completely taken over with Nie Ming Jue’s sword and aims towards Jin Guang Yao. Lan Wang Ji and Lan Xi Chen use their musical instrumentals to try to stop Wen Ning. However, when the controlled Wen Ning targets Jin Ling, who has Jin Guang Shan’s blood on him, Wei Wu Xian steps him to temporarily stop Wen Ning. Wen Ning is able to temporarily control his body to stop attack Jin Ling as Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling escape.

Wei Wu Xian, Lan Xi Chen, and Lan Wang Ji work together to stop Nie Ming Jue’s sword from going berserk and controlling Wen Ning. However, a distraction causes them to lose concentration and the sword attacks Su She and kills him. Eventually Wei Wu Xian is able to free the sword from its resentment. He puts both the sword and the Stygian Tiger Seal in Nie Ming Jue’s coffin and seals it within.

Meanwhile, Lan Xi Chen is tending to Nie Huai Sang’s wounds. As his back to turned to Jin Guang Shan, Nie Huai Sang suddenly blurts out for him to watch out, alerting him. Without thinking, Lan Xi Chen turns around and stabs Jin Guang Yao.

Episode 50

Jin Guang Yao blames Nie Huai Sang for falsely accusing him of doing something which made Lan Xi Chen stab him, but Nie Huai Sang denies the accusations and continues to say that it was him who was suspicious. Lan Xi Chen is caught in the middle and yells at Jin Guang Yao to not move. Jin Guang Yao feels remorse for Lin Xi Chen’s actions and laments that he’s never treated Lan Xi Chen wrongly or did anything bad to him.

Jin Guang Yao suddenly grabs Lan Xi Chen and the two fly towards the Nie Ming Jue’s coffin. As Jin Guang Yao’s blood falls onto the Stygian Tiger Seal, the entire temple starts to fall apart. Jin Guang Yao asks Lan Xi Chen to stay with him and die together, but eventually decides against it and pushes him away towards Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wu Xian, who escape the falling temple together.

After seeing the temple fall apart, Lan Xi Chen sits outside feeling depressed about Jin Guang Yao’s death. Nie Huai Sang is nearby and Lan Xi Chen questions him Jin Guang Yao was really about to attack him from the behind. But Nie Huai Sang feigns innocent.

Soon the other disciples arrive to help, and everyone is happy to see them safe and sound. With everyone arriving and searching around the temple, Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji use the opportunity to leave. Jin Ling tries to search for them, but Jiang Cheng stops him and tells him that he won’t be able to catch up to them. Jin Ling is upset that Jiang Cheng just let them go before talking to them. He then asks Jiang Cheng if he also wanted to say something to Wei Wu Xian, but Jiang Cheng only ignores him and tells him he didn’t have anything to say.

A brief flashback reveals that when Wei Wu Xian left to find herbs for Jiang Yan Li and was going to be ambushed by the Qishan Wen Clan Sect disciples, it was Jiang Cheng who rushed out to distract them and got caught. This is when Jiang Cheng’s golden core is taken out by Wen Zhu Liu.

As Lan Wang Ji and Wei Wu Xian are on the road, Lan Si Zhui and Wen Ning catch up to them. Lan Si Zhui reveals that he is Wen Yuan, which causes Wei Wu Xian to tear up. Lan Wang Ji confirms it and says it’s the one thing he hasn’t told Wei Wu Xian yet.

After the tearful reunion, Wen Ning comes up to Wei Wu Xian and tells him that he plans to separate from them. He wants return to Qishan after dropping Lan Si Zhui off at Gusu. Wei Wu Xian offers to go with him, but Wen Ning refuses and tells him that he needs to be more independent, following Wei Wu Xian’s advice from earlier.

Outside the Gusu Lan Sect, Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji meet Nie Huai Sang. Wei Wu Xian warns Nie Huai Sang about following the path of evil, reminding him about Jin Guang Yao’s death. As Nie Huai Sang departs, Lan Wang Ji asks Wei Wu Xian why he didn’t question Nie Huai Sang about his role in Jin Guang Yao’s death, but Wei Wu Xian says it’s not important anymore.

Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji say their goodbyes to each other. Lan Wang Ji asks Wei Wu Xian where he is going and Wei Wu Xian answers that he’ll travel the world. Before he leaves, he asks Lan Wang Ji to think of a name for the song that he played on his flute (the one where Lan Wang Ji sang to him in the cave at Qishan) for their next meeting.

Later on, Wei Wu Xian is playing his flute on top of a mountain. He hears Lan Wang Ji calling him name from behind and turns around and smiles.

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