[Thread] Sword Dynasty (剑王朝)

Title: Sword Dynasty (剑王朝)
Production Company: Beijing Film & Television Culture Co., Ltd, iQiyi
Director Feng Xiao Gang
Episode Count: 34
Genre: Historical, Action Wuxia, Romance
Premiere Date: December 6th, 2019


Liang Jing Meng heads the powerful sect Bashan Sword Field and helps the King of Heng claim the throne and win against the Lie Kingdom. However, once he obtains his power, the King of Heng goes back on his words and betrays his old friend. Liang Jing Meng is betrayed by both his friend and lover and is killed. His name becomes a taboo and he is hence referred to “that man”.

Ten years later, the adult Ding Ning, Liang Jing Meng’s disciple, settles in Fengming, the capital city of Heng. He lives with Zhangsun Qian Xue, who took him under her wing after Liang Jing Meng’s death, and the two run an alcohol restaurant. As the two conceal their identities and train to become stronger, they secretly plot their revenge against the King of Heng.


Li Xian as Ding Ning
Li Yi Tong as Zhangsun Qian Xue / Gongsun Qian Xue
Peter Ho as Liang Jing Meng
Yao Di as Ye Zhen
Liu Yi Jun as King of Heng
Zhao Yuan Yuan as Ye Ceng Leng
Zhang Wei Na as Bai Shan Shui
Li Guang Fu as Xue Wang Xu
Zong Feng Yan as Baili Su Xue



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