[Recap] Once Upon a Time in Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山) Ep. 4-6

Title: Once Upon a Time in Ling Jian Mountain (从前有座灵剑山)
# of Episodes
: 37
Release Date: November 12th, 2019
Where to Watch: iQiyi App

Episode 4

The final test is to have all the cultivators to use the Universe Spectrum to see what kind of qualification and Magic Root that each of them have. Depending on their level of qualification, the Sect Leader and Elders will choose the disciples.

When it’s Wang Lu’s turn, The Universe Spectrum shines brightly, shocking everyone in the room.

Once everyone is done, the cultivators wait outside to hear the decision. Later on, it is revealed that that Zhu Qin, Wang Zhong, and Wen Bao are chosen to be the inner disciples. Hai Yun Fang and the others are chosen to be outer disciples. Wang Lu, however, isn’t chosen and has to leave the mountain. Wang Lu is revealed to have the Void Magic Root, a rare Magic Root. However, due to the rarity of his Magic Root and the strict training and patience required, the Sect Leader and Elders decide not to have Wang Lu stay at Ling Jian Sect.

Wang Lu is not satisfied with the decision and barges his way into the main hall. Wang Lu reveals that he has the Xiao Yun Coin, given to him by Feng Ling. Feng Yin tells him that with the Xiao Yun Coin, he is able to make one request from the Ling Jian Sect. After going back and forth, Wang Lu requests to be a Successor Disciple, to which Feng Yin reluctantly agrees. He tells Wang Lu to leave so that he and the Elders can discuss who gets to be his master.

Feng Yin and the Elders debate amongst each other on who should become Wang Lu’s master. All of the other Elders refuse to be his master due to their busy schedules. The only one not busy is Wang Wu, and the duty ultimately falls on her.

Outside, everyone disperses to their designated posts, but Wang Lu remains to wait to see who his master is. After waiting for a long time, Wang Wu shows up and introduces herself as his new master.

She takes him to Non-Phase Peak, her private residence, and tells him that this will be his new home. Wang Lu isn’t too happy about it since the place is dirty and lacks greenery compared to the other residences. Wang Wu jokingly tells him that she had to cut everything down to save money.

Late into the night, Wang Wu is drinking alcohol and reminiscing about Ouyang Shang, the previous Eldest Disciple of Ling Jian Sect. Feng Yin walks by and tries to coax her, but Wang Wu pretends to be happy and jokes with him. However, Feng Yin knows that she is still sad over Ouyang Shang and tells her that she should let go since it’s been over 100 years.

Feng Yin asks her if she agreed to be Wang Lu’s master because he and Ouyang Shang have the same Magic Root. Wang Wu doesn’t answer him seriously. He advises her to train Wang Lu carefully. Wang Wu calls out Wang Lu, who is hiding nearby. As Wang Lu is ousted from his hiding spot, Wang Wu assures him that she will train him well and not let him down.

Episode 5

2 years pass… Wang Lu’s life as Wang Wu’s Successor Disciple has been quite smooth. He is one of the top students and has the respect of all of the disciples. But despite being one of its top students, Wang Lu hasn’t actually learned magic or anything from his teacher. The only thing that he’s been doing for the past two years is being ordered to take baths by Wang Wu.

One day, Zhu Qin, Wang Zhong, and Wen Bao are done with their training in seclusion and approach Wang Lu. Wen Bao is happy to see Wang Lu, but Zhu Qin and Wang Zhong use the opportunity to boast about their secret training. However, before they can outshine Wang Lu, he manages to outwit them.

Later that night, Zhu Qin secretly meets with his secret master, who orders him to plot against Wang Lu.

The next day, Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang are secretly in the Scripture Library, which only Successor and Inner Disciples are allowed to enter. Because of this, Wang Lu has been sneaking Hai Yun Fang inside. However, they are discovered by Zhu Qin. In order to keep quiet, Zhu Qin and Wang Lu agree to a duel—Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang vs. Wang Zhong and Zhu Qin.

During the battle, a man suddenly tries to attack Hai Yun Fang. Wang Lu intervenes and his actions accidentally causes the man, posing as a student, to die. With the man dead, Zhu Qin proposes that they inquire the help from another Successor Disciple to come look at the body instead of informing the masters, since duels between disciples are forbidden. He also assures everyone that he will be responsible for everything that happened.

Wang Zhong quickly leaves to Tong Ming Peak to go find Liu Li Xian. He gets Liu Li Xian to come by bribing her with corn.

When Liu Li Xian arrives, she checks on the dead man and concludes that he is dead and cannot help him. Zhu Qin then uses this opportunity to push the blame onto Wang Lu, going back on his word that he would take responsibility for everything.

Liu Li Xian decides to punish Wang Lu, but, before she can attack, Ao Guan Hai, 7th Elder, arrives. His arrival shocks everyone, as he is dark skinned, and orders both Wang Lu and Liu Li Xian to kneel as punishment as he takes the dead body to be examined.

Zhu Qin, Wang Zhong, and Hai Yun Fang are called before the masters to explain what happened. Fang He, 3rd Elder and the one in charge of giving out punishments, has Wang Zhong explain what happened. Wang Zhong lies that Wang Lu was the one who initiated the duel. While Hai Yun Fang tries to defend Wang Lu, Zhu Qin also lies and pushes the blame onto Wang Lu.

However, before the masters make a decision, Wang Wu interrupts and suggest that they examine the body before blaming her disciple.

Episode 6

Wang Wu and the rest of the masters are examining the body and conclude that the death was caused by poison and not the knife wound that Wang Lu accidentally caused. The poison is called the Nine Beast Frost Poison, and they all confirm that the man is a spy sent to the sect for some sort of secret mission. Wang Lu is cleared from suspicion.

Wang Lu is escorted back by Ao Guan Hai, who tries to get Wang Lu to help him get Wang Wu’s forgiveness for acting recklessly towards him before. Being the youngest master of the Ling Jian Sect, Wang Wu always took care of him, so he looks up to her and always does whatever she asks of him. However, as the two try to approach Wang Wu, they walk in on her playing Mahjong with other people.

As Ao Guan Hai apologizes to Wang Wu in front of the others, Wang Lu tries to please Wang Wu and even helps her cheat against the other players. As Wang Wu wins, she proposes to Ao Guan Hai to have a duel between Liu Li Xian and Wang Lu. The duel will be a fight to the death. Everyone is shocked by her proposal, and Wang Lu is upset as he thinks his master doesn’t care about him.

That night, Wang Lu begs Wang Wu not let him duel Liu Li Xian, as she’s never taught him anything during the past two years that he’s been with her. However, Wang Wu doesn’t budge. Wang Lu gets impatient and lashes out at her angrily.

After his fight with Wang Wu, Wang Lu prepares to run away, but is interrupted by a sleep deprived Feng Ling. Feng Ling tells him that she’ll teach him her Whirling magic, to which excites Wang Lu.

The next morning, Hai Yun Fang and Wang Lu both meet with Feng Ling and she teaches them her Whirling magic.

At night, Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang snoop around Liu Li Xian. While Hai Yun Fang thinks Wang Lu is peaking at her and feels embarrassed for following him in doing this, Wang Lu is actually observing for her weaknesses since they will be dueling soon.

The next morning, Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang are out when they spot Liu Li Xian, Wang Zhong, and Zhu Qin. They all end up dining at the same restaurant, with Wang Lu and Hai Yun Fang dining together and the others separately. The others are unaware that they are there. Wang Lu uses this opportunity to control Zhu Qin, and get him in trouble with Liu Li Xian. However, they are all soon interrupted when assassins raid the restaurant, targeting them.

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