Entertainment Updates: Legend of Fei, Chinese Bestiary, Simmer Down, Past Life and Life, Parallel Love, Ling Long, Legend of Xiao Chuo, Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book, The Oath of Love, Sword Dynasty, The Joy of Life, The Untamed: The Living Dead, etc…

Zhao Li Ying for Legend of Fei!!!

Entertainment News:

Legend of Fei releases first stills and trailer. Starring Wang Yi Bo and Zhao Li Ying. Other cast members include Zhang Hui Wen, Zhou Jie Qiong, Chen Ruo Xuan, Sun Jian, Zhang Xin Yu, Lei Ji Yuan, Che Xiao, Geng Le, Dong Xuan, and Hu Bing.

Wu Lei and Song Zu Er lead new fantasy drama Chinese Bestiary (山海经之上古密约). Wang Jun Kai and Guo Jun Chen will make special appearances.

Chen Xiao and Wang Xiao Chen up for new drama Simmer Down (好好说话). Also part of casting is David Wang, Zeng Li, Lai Yi, and Ni Da Hong.

Jiang Xin and Gao Wei Guang lead new modern romance drama Living Toward the Sun (向阳而生).

Chu Qu Xiao and Chen Yu Qi for new drama Mystery of Antiques 3 (古董局中局之掠宝清单).

Li Yi Tong and Jin Chen lead Chinese version of Gossip Girl (了不起的女孩).

Bai Yu leads new drama The Long Night (棋魂) alongside Liao Fan and Tan Zhuo.

Jing Chao and Shen Meng Chen up for new historical drama 血盟千年 (no English name yet).

Lin Peng, Zheng Ye Cheng, and Li Zi Feng lead upcoming crime drama Stealth Walker (玫瑰行者).

Gulinazha leads new drama Twelve Legends (十二谭) alongside Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu. The drama will be produced by Tangren.

Wu Jin Yan, Qin Lan, and Nie Yuan reunite to headline new drama The Heritage (传家). Other cast members include Zheng Kai, Han Geng, Zhang Yi Jie, Wang Ke Ru, Zhang Nan, and Liu Jun.

New webdrama Ugly Beauty (皮囊之下) casts Zheng He Hui Zi and Huang Sheng Chi as leads. Zheng Hui He Zi is going to be twins in the drama!

Yan Xi and Ding Yi Yi lead new drama Dear King of Medicine (亲爱的药王大人).

Jia Qing and Chen Xue Dong lead new modern drama Greenwich Mean Time (格林威治时间).

Li Qin will star in new movie Warm Hug (温暖的抱抱) alongside Chang Yuan.

Stills for Past Life and Life. Starring Chen Yu Qi and Yu Meng Long.

Stills for Everyone Wants to Meet You. Starring Zhang Zhe Han and Zhang Ruo Nan. Directed by Zhao Wei.

Stills for Well-Intended Love S2. Starring Xu Kai Cheng and Wang Peng.

Stills for Parallel Love. Starring Li Hong Yi and Shi Shi.

Stills of Ren Jia Lun’s firefighter drama Blue Flame Assault. Also stars Chen Xiao Yun, Han Yu Chen, and Xie Lin Tong. The drama has also officially wrapped filming.

Stills for Ling Long. Starring Lin Yi, Zhao Jin Mai, and Yuan Hong.

First stills for Legend of Xiao Chuo. Starring Shawn Dou, Tang Yan, Jing Chao, and Charmaine Sheh. Other cast members include Tan Kai, Liu Yi Jun, Lu Shan, and Ning Li.

Poster for Liu Shi Shi and Zhu Yi Long’s upcoming drama Dear Myself.

Posters for We Are Young. Starring Huang Jing Yu, Wu Jin Yan, Xuan Lu, and Cao Yu Chen.

Trailer and posters for webdrama version of Detective Chinatown. Starring Roy Qiu, Janine Chang, Wang Zhen Er, Chen Zhe Yuan, Cheng Xiao, Zhang Yi Shan, Zhang Song Wen, and Deng En Xi.

Poster and trailer for Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book. Starring Dilireba and Gao Wei Guang.

Trailer and poster for The Oath of Love. Starring Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi.

Posters for Somewhere Winter. Starring Sandra Ma and Wallace Huo. Premiere date is set to November 15th.

If There is No Tomorrow finishes filming. The drama stars Guo Jing Fei and Miao Miao.

My Girl finishes filming. Starring Zhao Yi Qin and Li Jia Yi.

Tony Yang wraps up filming for Love in Shanghai.

Sun Li and Luo Jin’s drama Your Home is my Business wraps up filming.

Song Yi Ren’s modern drama Professional Single wraps up filming.

MV promotion for sports drama Skate into Love. Starring Wu Qian and Zhang Xin Cheng.

MV for upcoming movie Somewhere Winter. The song is sung by Sandra Ma.

Deng Lun and Alan sing theme song for Begonia Rouge.

MV for Song Yi Ren and Gong Jun’s Flavour Its Yours. The drama is premiering on November 7th.

Trailer for Sword Dynasty. Starring Li Yi Tong and Li Xian.

Trailer for Fan Cheng Cheng and Cheng Xiao’s fantasy drama Spirit Realm.

First trailer for My Roommate is a Detective. Starring Xiao Yan, Hu Yi Tian, and Zhang Yun Long.

Trailer for We Are All Alone. Starring Godfrey Gao and Qin Lan.

Trailer for season 5 of IPartment.

First trailer and posters for Bai Jing Ting and Xu Wei Zhou’s sports drama Ping Pong.

Trailer for Joy of Life. Starring Zhang Ruo Yun, Li Qin, Xiao Zhan, Wu Gang, and Chen Dao Ming.

Trailer for Who’s Not Rebellious Youth. Starring Mao Xiao Tong and Yu Meng Long. Drama is going to premiere on November 3rd.

Trailer for webmovie The Untamed: The Living Dead. Starring Yu Bin and Zheng Fan Xing. The story will focus on Wen Ning and Lan Si Zhui. The drama is expected to air on November 7th.

Trailer for thriller movie Guilt by Design. Starring Nick Cheung, Zhang Han, and Eddie Peng.

Celebrity News:

Aarif Lee confirms dating news. He was caught with a woman by paparazzi and quickly confirmed the news that he is in a relationship.

Hawick Lau does not resign with Yang Mi’s Jaywalk Studio. After his contract expired recently, he decided to leave the agency. Jaywalk Studio is home to many artists, which Yang Mi being its biggest star and major shareholder. And, with their divorce earlier this year, it seems natural for him to not resign with the agency that also houses his ex-wife.

Zhang Zi Yi announces 2nd pregnancy!

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2 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Legend of Fei, Chinese Bestiary, Simmer Down, Past Life and Life, Parallel Love, Ling Long, Legend of Xiao Chuo, Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book, The Oath of Love, Sword Dynasty, The Joy of Life, The Untamed: The Living Dead, etc…

  1. I don’t really like Legend of Fei’s styling, it kind a reminds me of old TVB dramas, although I liked them very much. Feels like they aimed to retro styling or something. However, I’m so exited for ZLY coming back. I’m also looking forward Yibo. I’m curious how their chemistry works out.

    I’m never 100% sure about Pillow Book and trailer doesn’t show much. I don’t have any expectation for the drama neither of leads but maybe it surprise me.


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