[Recap] The Untamed (陈情令) Ep. 34-37

Title: The Untamed (陈情令)
# of Episodes
: 50
Release Date: June 27th, 2019
Where to WatchYouTube

Episode 34

Jin Ling is accompanied by his dog, Fairy. Wei Wu Xian, with his dog phobia, gets frightened by the dog and ends up chasing after him. Eventually, Wei Wu Xian has to call out to Lan Wang Ji to come save him.

After saving Wei Wu Xian from Jin Ling, they both continue their investigation. They learn that there has been strange events happening around the village. They both go to a nearby tower where the strange events are occurring and notice dark energy surrounding the area. As they continue to look around, they find an unconscious Jin Ling and a suspicious person lurking around. Lan Wang Ji goes to chase the mysterious person while Wei Wu Xian stays to heal Jin Ling.

After waking up, Jin Ling runs away and Wei Wu Xian tries to chase after him. They both bump into Jiang Cheng. Wei Wu Xian finally reveals his identity to Jiang Cheng and he takes him away.

That night, Jiang Cheng confronts Wei Wu Xian about the past. He still has not forgiven Wei Wu Xian and continues to blame him for the death of his family and destruction of the Yunmeng Jiang Sect. He then ends up locking Wei Wu Xian inside the room and orders his men to keep an eye on him.

However, the moment he leaves, Jin Ling comes in and sets Wei Wu Xian free. Wei Wu Xian questions Jin Ling if he believes that he is really Wei Wu Xian, the one who caused the death of his parents, but Jin Ling replies that he doesn’t believe it.

However, when he is set free, Wei Wu Xian knocks him unconscious and absorbs the dark energy that was in Jin Ling’s body earlier from the tower into himself.

Episode 35

Wei Wu Xian meets up with Lan Wang Ji. Lan Wang Ji becomes concerned about Wei Wu Xian due to him taking in the dark energy from Jin Ling. He offers to carry him on his back, but Wei Wu Xian rejects him. Lan Wang Ji ends up just forcing Wei Wu Xian onto his back.

As the two are making their way back to their inn, Wei Wu Xian asks Lan Wang Ji how he knew about his identity. Lan Wang Ji just replies that it was Wei Wu Xian who told him, but Wei Wu Xian doesn’t recall when he actually said that it was him.

When they arrive at the inn, Nie Huai Sang, who was the suspicious person from earlier, is there. Wei Wu Xian disguises himself as Mo Xuan Yu, and he and Lan Wang Ji question him. Nie Huai Sang reveals to them that the tower is a burial place for the Nie family. He then leaves, and Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji deduce that the sword is trying to tell them something related to the tower. They carry on their investigation and suspect that everything might be connected to the deceased Nie Ming Jue.

They then go to investigate in Mo Village where they hear that both Song Lan and Xiao Xing Chen have gone missing for the past few years.

After entering the village, they stop by a restaurant to rest. They also get news about Xue Yang and how it is unknown if he is still alive or not. As they discuss about Song Lan and Xiao Xing Chen, Wei Wu Xian expresses sadness about the two, and Lan Zhan comments how life is unpredictable. He takes the cup of alcohol that Wei Wu Xian was hold and finishes it, surprising Wei Wu Xian.

Episode 36

After drinking too much from earlier, Lan Wang Ji gets drunk and Wei Wu Xian has to put him to bed.

Wei Wu Xian then leaves to find Wen Ning. When he finds him, he realizes that Wen Ning is not conscious because of two needles on the back of his head. Wei Wu Xian takes the needles and frees Wen Ning’s conscious. The two inquiry about each other’s whereabouts the past few years, but are interrupted by a drunk Lan Wang Ji.

Wen Ning goes into hiding while Wei Wu Xian takes Lan Wang Ji back to the inn. However, they end up getting lost at farm. The drunk Lan Wang Ji causes trouble for Wei Wu Xian and ends up carving “Lan Wang Ji was here” on a pillar. Wei Wu Xian quickly ushers him out of, but also writes on the pillar “Wei Wu Xian was also here” alongside Lan Wang Ji’s writing.

When they arrive at the inn, they are attacked by a masked man who engages in combat with Lan Wang Ji. However, he quickly escapes. Wei Wu Xian then takes advantage of the drunken Lan Wang Ji and asks a series of questions, including why he helped him 16 years ago. Lan Wang Ji reveals that he regrets that he wasn’t able to help Wei Wu Xian and also admits that he has been searching for him for the past 16 years.

The next morning, they both arrive at Yi City where they bump into several other disciples who are on a night hunt. Jin Ling and Lan Si Zhui are among them. They encounter a masked man and Lan Wang Ji gives chase, while Wei Wu Xian stays behind to take care of the disciples who got poisoned.

Episode 37

With the help of Jin Ling and Lan Si Zhui, Wei Wu Xian makes a soup the help cure the poison. However, the disciples drink the soup and complain about how spicy it is. Wei Wu Xian realizes he put too much spice, but shrugs it off and lies that it’ll help with getting rid of the poison. The rest of the disciples then reluctantly drink the soup.

Wei Wu Xian is led outside by a noise and notices a mute girl wandering outside. She quickly runs away. A mysterious figure then approaches and Wei Wu Xian realizes it’s Xiao Xing Chen. However, things go wrong with Wei Wu Xian brings him inside.

Another person appears and it turns out to Song Lan, but he starts attacking Wei Wu Xian and the disciples. Wei Wu Xian and Lan Si Zhui work together to fight against him.

Wei Wu Xian then exposes Xiao Xing Chen as Xue Yang in disguise.

They are interrupted by Wen Ning and Song Lan fighting. Xue Yang and Wei Wu Xian also start fighting, and Lan Wang Ji finally arrives to help Wei Wu Xian.

Wei Wu Xian and the rest of the disciples quickly leave. They bump into the mute girl from earlier and she brings them to a coffin. She ushers for them to open it and Wei Wu Xian opens it to find Xiao Xing Chen’s real body.

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