[C-novel Review] Master Series (师父系列) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香)

This is going to be a special review!!! Master Series is a novel consisting of FOUR short stories featuring Shifu-disciples romances. Even though I’m not a fan of student-teacher relationships, I enjoyed reading these short stories because of how cute they were. Out of the four, I have only found two to be fully translated. One is Master Feels Stifled and the other is Master is Old. Both stories feature the female lead as an immortal who takes on disciples and her romances with them. Usually c-novels are long, but both of these stories are only about 7-8 chapters, so you can easily finish them in about an hour. So, if you want to read something to bypass time, definitely check these stories out!


Title:  Master Series (师父系列)
Author: Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香)
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama, Xianxia

Master feel stifled (父心塞)
A female god accepts three disciples. The first one falls in love with her. The second one falls in love with a demon. The third one is rowdy and uncontrollable. Despite being a powerful goddess herself, she had bad luck with choosing disciples. But she was proud and always adhered to the rules. Never once did she follow her heart and pursued the romance she secretly wanted. And once it was too late to reveal her feelings, she could only push him away and wish him well.

I shoved him once and Qian Gu covered his chest, pain making his face pale, one knee falling to the ground.

“This is the spell of spirits. Qian Gu, remember this suffering. If you simply enter Kong Ling peak again, your body will feel pain even worse than now. Before the calamity I will make a boundary. I’m not worried about your Junior Brother or Sister being able to enter. They don’t have the ability to and they will also not want to rush inside. Only you, Qian Gu.”

I crouched down.

He raised his head to look at me, hard to be hidden pain visible in his eyes.

I rubbed his head.

”I know my own body, on the day of the big calamity, maybe I will…… Don’t come to look for me again. No matter what happens, don’t come to look for me again. After those three lashes of the Biting-spirit whip landed on your body, I already wasn’t your Master anymore.”

Master is old (父年迈)
A female god of war lives in solitude. In the past, she once had a student that she had taken in as a child. She taught him martial arts and even fell in love with him in the process. However, once he became older, he stole her sword and left her trapped alone in the mountains. Heartbroken, the renowned war god distances herself away from the world and lives reclusively. Until one day, another young person comes knocking on her doorsteps and begs her to take him as a disciple….

My heart moved and those bright and cheerful images of a hundred years ago flashed in my mind, piercing my heart, causing it to feel sour and pain as well as something I had not felt for many years – immense anger.

Divine energy billowed out, suppressing the Fairy Maiden’s demonic energy, causing her to freeze. “Wha…”

I turned around, staring piercingly at the Fairy Maiden, “Knowing that you juniors don’t understand things, I have always been tolerant…” My divine sword had been stolen by Qinghan, vanishing along with him in the demonic abyss. Yet even without the sword and my body declining, it did not mean I was a useless person. “But, who permitted you to be so impudent on Misty Mountain?” 

The Fairy Maiden narrowed her eyes, seemingly very dissatisfied at my words while Liu Yue raised his eyebrows, reaching out his hands in an attempt to block me. But before he could take a step, I had already condensed Misty Mountain’s divine energy into a formless sword and before the two had time to react, pressed the sword on the Fairy Maiden’s neck.

It was only when the sword faintly pierced her skin did she finally react, spinning her body to dodge. Without giving her time to rest, I moved the sword again, this time to take her heart.

Barely saving her life, the Fairy Maiden repeatedly took steps back. In the end, no longer able to avoid, she cast a spell in hide her body. Still sensing her aura, I knew that she was here, I stabbed the sword into the ground, coldly speaking, “When I was fighting with your demon race’s saintly ancestor the previous queen, who knew where you were. Just a measly junior, how dare you behave so presumptuously towards this old woman? Looking for death!”


Overall Review

Master Feels Stifled

This one was actually my least favorite compared to the other one. But I quite liked the female lead in this one. I like that she is proud and arrogant. Even though she is merciless towards her disciples, she had no choice. She was in a high position and couldn’t afford to have any feelings towards anyone, especially her own disciple. And, if you haven’t guessed already, the male lead is her first student, Qian Gu. Qian Gu was an interesting character. He was very attentive towards her and always prioritizes her before himself. Even when he was being punished by her, he didn’t flinch. He was more hurt by her rejecting him then her physically punishing him. To him, separating from her was worse than being beaten up.

Anyway, the romance in this drama isn’t really prevalent, but what I liked a lot was how much we got to know about the female lead’s inner thoughts. Obviously, the novel is written in her point of view, but we get to see and hear her thoughts on her disciples and her feelings towards each of them. We get to see what kind of person she is and why she does the things she does. We don’t get to know her name, but we know that she’s someone who bears heavy responsibility. And as I was reading this novel, I was actually confused as to if she truly loved Qian Gu. There are small hints here and there about it, but she never fully admits it until the very end. That’s when I realized that she actually does have feelings for him, despite treating him pretty poorly in the beginning. And, now that I think about it, she kind of reminds me Bai Zi Hua!!! And isn’t it ironic that the male lead is named QIAN GU (*cough*)!!!

Overall, I like this short story. It’s endearing how much Qian Gu loves his master and all he only wants is to be with her. His only wish is for her and he was willing to do anything just to be able to be by her side. And when she falls into a coma, he stays by her side for several hundred years to wait for her to wake up. And, even though she casted a spell on him to torture him whenever he comes close to her or the mountain, but he sufferings through it for all those years just to wait for her.

Master is Old

This one is my favorite of the two stories. I love that the female lead is an older god and she is the god of war! She can kick ass and is extremely powerful. But, at this point of the story, she’s so old that she is actually slowly dying (funny that she’s an immortal and actually nearing her death…). But yeah… The story takes place when a new young man approaches her to ask to become her disciples. His actions makes her reminiscence about her previous disciple, Qing Han, who stole her sword and left her many years ago.

The majority of the story is actually about her recalling her memories of Qing Han. She starts from when she first met him, as a young boy who begs her to take him as his master. She takes pity on him and accepts him as her disciple. She teaches him everything she knows, and she eventually falls in love with him. It’s unclear about how Qing Han feels about her, as it’s all her point of view. But once he betrays her and steals her sword, she is completely heartbroken. He traps her and she is unable to free herself for days because her sword was taken away. Actually, this part was really heartbreaking. You could tell that she truly loved him and she was willing to do anything for him. But his betrayal completely broke her. But, interestingly enough, she doesn’t seek revenge nor does she go after him, she just quietly stays on the mountain and doesn’t ever have any contact with the outside world. And the appearance of the young man who asks her to be her disciple is the first person she’s had contact with since Qing Han left her.

But you must be wondering who the main led is right? Well, I don’t want to go into toooooo much detail. But *SPOILER* I will tell you that the new man is actually Qing Han returning to her. In truth, his family was killed by the Demon King and he became her disciple to avenge them. He left with her sword to get his revenge and was hoping to come back to her, but his fight with the Demon King actually ends up with them both falling into a pit of darkness, which is why the female lead believes him to be dead.

Overall, I really loved this story. I love that they both are devoted to each other. Even though Qing Han did technically “betray” her, he really loved her. He fell into a pit of darkness, but his love for her was so strong that he forced himself to crawl out of it to return to her, even if it’s in a completely new body (^_^).

And that’s it! These two stories are really short and easy to read! Give it try if you need something read it! I guarantee that you’ll find them cute and touching stories. If you want to read Master Feels Stifled, click here. It’s been translated by Potatotranslations. If you want to read Master is Old, click here! It’s translated by Sparlingdawnlights. Thanks to these wonderful people for working hard at translating these c-novels for us to read!

2 thoughts on “[C-novel Review] Master Series (师父系列) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香)

  1. Hi. You said there are four stories. Only two is covered here?
    What are the titles for the other two?

    Another question: Do they have happy endings?


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