Entertainment Updates: Zhao Li Ying’s return to C-dramaland, The Oath of Love, Love and Redemption, Jade Dynasty, And the Winner is Love, Kris Wu dating rumors, Wang Yuan heads off to UC-Berkley, Jin Chen and Jeffrey Tung dating rumors, Victoria Song leaves SM Entertainment, etc…

Yang Mi looking beautiful in Qing Dynasty clothing!!!

Anyone excited to see Xiao Zhan in Jade Dynasty??? I AM!!!

Entertainment News

Yang Mi guest stars in variety show Meeting Temple of Heaven (遇见天坛)!!!

Zhao Li Ying is spotted having dinner with director Zheng Xiao Long (who directed one of her dramas in the past) and confirms she will star in his next drama. The drama is speculated to be about a working woman in modern times.

New romance webdrama Be With You (好想和你在一起) casts Ji Xiao Bing and Zhang Ya Qin.

New legal drama Perfect Evidence (完美证据) reunites Zhang Ruo Yun and Jiao Jun Yan as leads! Bao Bei Er is also part of the cast for the drama.

Zhou Yi Wei and Shu Qi will star in new romance movie Rascal Lovers (痞子爱人).

First stills for modern fantasy My Supernatural Power. Starring Fan Shi Qi and Luo Yu Tong.

First stills for The Oath of Love. Starring Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan. Fans have been following the crew around and there are tons of video clips and pictures all over Twitter that they’ve taken from during filming!

Characters posters of supporting cast for historical romance drama Love and Redemption. Starring Cheng Yi and Yuan Bing Yan. The supporting cast includes Liu Xue Yi, Zhang Yu Xi, Huang You Ming, Bai Shu, Li Jun Yi, Zhou Jun Wei, Hou Meng Yao, Fu Fang Jun, and Yang Xi Zi.

Trailer, MV, and stills for upcoming movie Jade Dynasty. Starring Xiao Zhan, Li Qin, Meng Mei Qi, and Tang Yi Xin. The PR team is really going all out to promote this movie! Who are you rooting for as the main female lead???

Stills of main characters for wuxia drama And the Winner is Love. Starring Luo Yun Xi and Chen Yu Qi. Both of them also recently finished filming for the series!

Qin Lan finishes filming for her modern romance drama We Are All Alone.

Zhang Ya Qin and Ren You Lun finish filming for their upcoming drama Mr Fox and Miss Rose.

Youth drama I Once Remembered that Boy finishes filming. The drama stars rookies from Jaywalk studio including Daniel Zhou, Zhu Lin Yi, Feng Chu Xuan, Feng Wang He, Lu Huan Yu, and Jiang Yi Ming.

Mystery drama Trace with Xu Zheng Xi and Yao Di finishes filming.

Love the Way You Are with Derek Chang and Qi Yan Di finishes filming.

Well-Intended Love S2 has finished filming and releases first stills of Xu Kai Cheng and Wang Shuang.

Modern romance drama Young and Beautiful wrapped up filming. Xu Kai Cheng had already finished earlier, but now leading lady Zhang Tian Ai also finished filming!

My Best Partner with Jin Dong, Lan Ying Ying, and Liu Min Tao wraps up filming. Wang Ou also guest stars in the drama.

Poster and teaser for Sandra Ma and Wallace Huo’s upcoming movie Somewhere Winter.

Trailer for upcoming movie The Climbers. Featuring Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Yi, Jing Boran, Hu Ge, and Zhang Zhe Han.

Aaron Yan participates in Tencent’s variety show Actors Please Take Your Place (演员请就位) and reenacts scenes from Nirvana in Fire. Can you guess what role he plays???

Celebrity News

Kris Wu caught holding hands with a woman! After further searching, netizens have found that she is a student attending Beijing Film Academy and goes by the name of Luna. She is a young internet celebrity and had a small role in Story of Yan Xi. There was also a video leaked of her chatting with Kris Wu on her phone (don’t know how it was filmed, but it was clearly Kris Wu on the phone). However, she has spoken up and denied that they are dating.

Thai actor Push Puttichai Kasetsin gets mistaken by fans as Wang Yi Bo. With Wang Yi Bo and Xiao Zhan holding a fan meeting in Bangkok for The Untamed, many fans who attended mistook him as the C-actor and asked to take pictures of him. It must’ve been a lot because he took it to social media to politely joke about the accident.

Wang Yuan heads off to UC-Berkley with a new haircut.

Young actor Qi Pei Xin gets caught in a messy controversy. He garnered attention after playing Jin Ling in The Untamed. However, just after getting popular, his ex-girlfriend openly accuses him of being emotionally abusive, cheating on her, and even denying being the father of her baby. The actor hasn’t denied anything, but actually spoke up and apologized.

Jin Chen was caught together with Jeffrey Tung, from Idol Producer a few weeks ago. However, despite both sides neither denying or confirming their relationship, Jin Chen recently posted on Instagram that makes netizens think that, if the two were dating, they might have broken up! Jeffrey Tung also commented on the post, too! But nothing has been confirmed yet!!!

Liu Shi Shi shares a picture of her son.

Victoria Song’s contract with South Korea’s SM entertainment recently expired and the C-actress has decided not to renew her contract with them. It’s not surprising since she has been in China in the past recent years doing drama after drama and probably hasn’t stepped foot in South Korea in a while. 10 years ago, Victoria Song debuted in f(x), a South Korean girl group under SM Entertainment alongside four other girls, Krystal Jung, Amber Liu, Sulli, and Luna. The group was very popular, but stopped promoting within recent years. But even though she won’t be a K-pop star anymore, Victoria Song has a pretty successful career in China. She’s always participating in variety shows and her acting career is really picking up.

NRTA recently announced that they are planning to enforce C-dramas to reduce the number of episodes. As C-drama fans, we all know that they can get quite long (up to 70 episodes!). While I’m not usually a fan of NRTA, I actually support this new rule. As a C-drama fan, sometimes dramas tend to get draggy and prolong unnecessary side stories. Hopefully this new rule will help C-drama actually develop better storylines for their dramas.

*All posts are gathered from various C-entertainment sources and do not belong to us. The sole purpose is to inform and share information.

4 thoughts on “Entertainment Updates: Zhao Li Ying’s return to C-dramaland, The Oath of Love, Love and Redemption, Jade Dynasty, And the Winner is Love, Kris Wu dating rumors, Wang Yuan heads off to UC-Berkley, Jin Chen and Jeffrey Tung dating rumors, Victoria Song leaves SM Entertainment, etc…

  1. Yes! Hardworking Yingbao is back again, she’s got 2 dramas lined up already..a costumed drama with Wang Yibo and a modern drama by director Zheng Xiaolong. So excited that we’ll get to see her with something new!


  2. I believe Wang Yuan is attending Berklee College of Music

    As for the NRTA 40 episodes count, think it will work quite well for modern dramas. I do think some production might try to work around it by having multiple seasons…
    For historical dramas, might be a good or bad thing. For a drama that has a storyline like Nirvana in Fire, 40 episodes are not sufficient. However, If you get something like Tribes and Empire, yes please cut the count lol.
    I do worry this will affect dramas that haven’t air yet that fall under the xianxia, wuxia, and palace categories. Production would have to scramble to cut out scenes >.<


  3. Depends on how NRTA enforces episode count. Industry insiders have complained that these “new” censors are party bureaucrats who know nothing about films and TV dramas. If they just go, “Cut this out because it is bad for the youth. Cut that out because it doesn’t depict the correct social values.”, we end up with draggy and incoherent dramas.


    1. Yes, I agree! I also don’t know how strict they are with regulating dramas. So many dramas that have been filmed years ago haven’t even been aired yet. For example, I know the relationship between South Korea and China is very shakey, but it’s affected all dramas that star any K-actors and K-actresses. I would’ve loved to see Braveness of the Ming with Park Min Young and Zhang Han, but who knows when that’ll air.


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